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Gwendolyn Maeve Iris is a member of OCCUPY and SLEEPS, who are lurking in the background of this movement to take over Ken Kesey Square, Downtown Arts and Performance, and now – Eugene Politics. With the announcement the Democratic Party of Lane County has gotten involved in the Kesey Square dispute, along with a call for a Center for the Arts, threatens to completely restructure the status quo, which in my opinion will be the death knell for the Bohemian Arts & Culture, that OCCUPY trespassed upon, when they created the OCCUPY CHURCH OF HOMELESS DESPAIR.

Below are articles that describe how OCCUPY got mired down with helping the homeless to the point they own no solutions to the homeless problem. Is this why Gwendolyn no longer champions the homeless in the many media accounts of her efforts to Save the Square? She held a soap box event in the square, but did she get on it an preach about our responsibilities to her beloved homeless people? And where was Alley Valkyrie? She could have made a guest appearance, gotten a resounding round of applause – in front of the television cameras – that would pan to Alley’s crowd, her monsters and bums who harass women they don’t consider one of them, but instead see them as marks, as sources of funding for drugs and alcohol.

What will not do, is the sales pitch that OCCUPY & SLEEPS are great promoters of FREE SPEECH, and thus they really deserve the support of everyone – but me! They refused my support. They have conspired to silence my voice, and take away my FREEDOM of the press. Their threats have kept me away from City Council Meetings, and Art Walks. I avoided Kesey Square for two years. This amounts to conspiracy and slander. I can successfully sue OCCUPY and members of SLEEPS – and win! However, this would not produce any monies to buy food for Hungry Children, which is my aim. To this end, I occupy OCCUPY, and declare myself the First Leader of OCCUPY. I was elected by total EXCLUSION! Many member of the Church of OCCUPY preach about being all-inclusive, but, take delight in EXCLUDING me. You can not have it both ways without losing your integrity and credibility and, without becoming YOUR ENEMY!

Is that Gwendolyn in the red dress sitting at the table looking at me dressed like Uncle Samaclaus ‘The Saint of the Socialist Giveaway’?

I have explained how this exclusion elects the Messiah of the Jews. As a enlightened theologian, I will now establish The True Church of OCCUPY. I will prove to the world why all Christians should be inclusive of everyone. It is my aim to take over and occupy Christianity as we know it. I will take away the homeless from the doorstep of the poor artist, and place them inside the churches of the very rich! We will OCCUPY the most beautiful cathedrals in the world where there are bathrooms. We will sleep in the pews. I will give you the church – on a silver platter!

Jon Presco

Presdient of OCCUPY

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What the Occupy Wall Streeters are beginning to discover, and homeless people have known all along, is that most ordinary activities are illegal when performed in American streets.


As Occupy Wall Street has grown, the kitchen has had to contend with people who aren’t committed to the cause. Marlisa Wise, a volunteer chef, told the Huffington Post that the kitchen plans to use the next three days to “take a deep breath and reevaluate where we’ve come from,” in order to devise a plan to continue to serve free food, while also sustaining the movement.

Rafael Moreno, another volunteer, told the New York Post that “we need to limit the amount of food we’re putting out” to keep away the people who may be freeloading.

But striking a balance in participation among the homeless and the protesters has sometimes proved challenging, even in cities, like Portland, that have long with a friend to the homeless.

Though Occupy Wall Street Portland protester Kat Enyeart told the Associated Press that “we’re here to spoil each other,” some have expressed uncertainty about the level of security and the outbursts of violence among the homeless.





Welcome to the Free Speech Parking Lot?

If you wanted to exercise your right to free speech this week on Lane County property then you would have found that the Free Speech Plaza was shut down. No problem. The county provided a 71-by-73-foot square in a gravel parking lot off 6th Avenue for free speech use from 6 am to 11 pm from Sept. 6 to 10.

The area was denoted by white lines in the gravel, barricades and a notice from Acting County Administrator Alicia Hays that read, “Any speech activity taking place in the Temporary Free Speech Area shall be contained within the designated 71’ by 73’ painted area.” The county did not send out a press release letting people know about the alternative area. Lane County used a surveyor’s measuring wheel to measure off a spot that spokesperson Anne Marie Levis says is the dimensions of the county’s “actual free speech area.”

Gwendolyn Iris, who has been active in Occupy Eugene and with homeless rights group SLEEPS, walked by the area, which lies between Oak and Pearl downtown, after she had heard rumors of a “Free Speech Parking Lot.” Iris says, “I think it is a complete joke and believe that people within the county government are trying to dodge a lawsuit by providing this temporary free speech zone.”

The county set up the space after it shut down the Wayne Morse Terrace and what has been called the Free Speech Plaza by the public and in county documents. It cited health and safety concerns in regard to the SLEEPS homeless protest camp in the area in front of the county building. The County Commission voted 4-1 with Commissioner Pete Sorenson voting against shutting down the area. Sorenson says, “I think the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza should be open to free press, free speech, free exercise and free assembly. These are important constitutionally protected rights and should not be discarded because some in the community disagree with the content to the speech being advocated.”

The last time the county shut down a SLEEPS protest in the free speech area a Municipal Court Judge ruled in favor of the protesters who argued the shutdown violated their constitutional rights.

Levis says the temporary location “was chosen for proximity to the current free speech area.”

A type of free speech area known as a free speech zone came under fire during the George W. Bush administration when small areas were set up for protesters far from the media and politicians. Bush was criticized for trying to keep dissent invisible.



In reflecting on the concept of “free speech”, it occurs to me that the efforts of Occupy Eugene to monopolize (and “despoil”?) the Wayne Morse Terrace (or any other area designated for open expression, for that matter) could themselves be ruled illegal since they deprive other interests the right to use those same spaces to “speak out” on other topics. There is also the question of whether occupation (i.e., as in a “place in which to reside”) qualifies as “speech” or “peaceable assembly” as intended by the First Amendment. Of course, such legalistic inquiry ignores the broader issue of how to deal with the horrors of homelessness in a fair, compassionate, and practical manner. My point is that this whole matter needs to be examined more dispassionately in a different, constructive forum where people come together as solution seekers, not preachers.

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    First off, it wasn’t Occupy Eugene. SLEEPS is a different organization. Yes, there are people in SLEEPS who were involved with Occupy, but activist circles are small in this town. Second, they neither monopolized nor despoiled the free speech plaza. They moved for anyone wanting to use it, as was shown on Saturdays when they moved for the vendors and drummers. And they left it cleaner than they found it. And their actions have been ruled as “speech” many times. They set up there in the first place after a local judge’s decision that their protest was indeed speech.

    And yes, you’re right in that all the nitpicking over the protest itself is a great way to distract from the real issue – the fact that there are thousands of people living in our community that have no safe or legal place to sleep.

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      Thanks for the clarification, Alley. I am an ex-Eugenian who now lives near Boulder, Colorado – and have seen none of this first hand – only through the eyes of the Register Guard which, as we all know, has its blind spots, and the Eugene Weekly. In any case, “truth” (as with in Syria today) probably has as many facets as there are observers to report it.

      Which takes us back to that bottom line of finding solutions to real problems that cause real suffering. Do you think that the essential SLEEPS agenda has a significant chance of stimulating progressive problem solving? If you are involved in such an endeavor, I wish you the very best.

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