Belle Burch and I would have made great allies in that we were both advocates for the homeless. That’s my yellow Toyota in the pictures taken at OCCUPY Eugene. I love the child wondering about the make your own sign station. Consider Pan’s Labyrinth…

“There will be signs!”

The gentleman that came up and played is acordian in Kesey Square, approached me a year or so earlier at OCCUPY the market and we improvised a song. Before OCCUPY I came up with an idea on saving the Post Office that would give the homeless a place to sit. Hollis was sitting at a MX station listening to the World Series, when the MX cop told him to move. This is a Vet who had nowhere listen to America’s Game.

What I suggested was putting down a blanket on the Post Office grounds and selling used donated items. This would be a Trading Post, and American idea. I talked to a fellow hippie who made crafts, and he told me he went to court for the right to sell on the street. As long as his items were on the blanket, it was legal. I this video you see an OCCUPY person and Belle talking to a homeless person, or two. We talk to accordion music. There are some photos from Hollis’s memorial thrown in.

Belle and I exchanged e-mails, and she is overwhelmed as I knew she would be the day we met. This is why I ran away from her. We have reached an agreement, and now our story can truly begin. It is fate the accordian player is in our movie. He is a Pied Piper.

What is scaring Belle is she can not believe I am for real. I mean, here is this old dude that looks like Santa Claus giving her a blue bicycle that is almost brand new! What gives?

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    When I met Belle, I was a member of OCCUPY. When we met at the Wandering Goat I showed her the video of me and the accrodian guy singing together, the same guy who was at Kesey Square. I expected Belle to get exited. Why she showed no reaction at all, puzzled me, When she sent me her poem about sleeping downtown and going bar-hopping, she asked me what I thought. She agreed to model for me, which probably would have been nude at some time. If I was a SEXUAL PREDATOR I would not want to blow this chance. But, I did. Why?…..BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE TRUTH. The truth is, it is a bad poem. The truth is, Belle got money from passerbys who saw this beautiful young HOMELESS woman, and stopped to give her money. The truth is, she was not homeless. I suspect she was living at Anand Holitham-Keathley’s house with his son an lover. Both would sleep in a tent to show SOLIDARITY with REAL homeless people. I sent Belle an e-mail asking if those were he hands in the Register Gruard, and she said they were. I asked her why she did not tell me she was a radical members of SLEEPS who had been arrested. I then wrote; “You better not be using monies meant for the homeless to party with. And, I want a rewrite. Your poem was not a poem. It was a report.” I sent another e-mail, and when I got no reply, I sent several more. I called her up, and she hung up. Then Belle called me and insisted I remove what I wrote about her and Ambrose and Anand. I refused. Then I got that evil letter from Alley Valkyrie. When I pointed out to her Belle had never told me not to contact her again, I got an e-mail from Belle. This is not stalking. This is not harassing a young girl. This is about an old fart dressed like Santa who has been playing Big Hippe Radical with gis son and his pretty lover. Its Anand who is the sexist. He allegedly gave up his radical OCCUPY principles for a pretty wanna-be. I did no such thing. I am a real hippie with real radical history. I am going to make sure the real OCCUPY knows of this attempt to destroy a fellow member of OCCUPY – with the help of Krysta Albert. I am done with Belle. My turn to go after those who did much evil to me in their attempt to destroy me and my reputation. I am going to do all I can to take away Anands nursing license for starters. yesterday I called around to see if I could find a non-profit filing by FOE. I was told to call the IRS, which I did. I am still real OCCUPY, and I am doing some real police action for my true radical sisters and brothers. This means, according to Belle, Krysta, Alley, and Ambrose – I CAN BREAK THE LAW FOR THE CAUSE, AND THEY DO NOT GET TO TITLE ME INSANE OR SLANDER MY GOOD NAME! I have no desire to break the law.

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