You Got The Wrong Man Deputy!

I’m going to write a play (someday) called ‘Cowboy Golf. It will be The Last Round-up in perfect existentialism.

Synopsis: Four golfer tee-off at Fidler’s Green…Mark Gall, Sam Elliot, Zalensky, John Presco….Two Jews and two Gentiles. On the second hole my late friend, Alberta Hurt, appears and reminds The Four Amigos its almost time for Cowboy Church. Zelensky gets a call on his cellphone. “Shit! That fucker just blew down my T,V. tower!” “Bummer!” “You’re up. I’d use a three wood here!”

This is my ‘Waiting For Gadot’. There will be a old ragged tree up against the barbed-wire that keeps the sheep away from the golfers. The smell of feces and urine is powerful. Coming back from Cowboy Church at sundown I told Alberta we are in the movie ‘The Misfits. She had lived on a Hippie-Jesus farm outside Springfield. They were young, and soon moved away. Needing a work force, she got prisoners to come out to the farm on work furlough. 

“Weren’t you sacred?”

“Sure I was. Some of these guys were tough and mean. I prayed to Jesus allot!”

I wish we had run into Sam Elliot. We would take him to our regular bisquet and gravy 

“You’re up John. Hurry it up before Alberta does another time-check!”

“I’m waiting for our professor to stop analyzing his last shot – aloud!”

Alberta took me for a ride into the country to see her burial plot. Then she pointed to some ground next to her ground.

“This is for sale. I want you buried next to me!”


Folks will ask to playthrough because we four are locked in a very interesting conversation. One group are….The Bundy Boys!

“We are a Nation of Misfits and Troublemakers, Aunt Bertie. We are just two of them.”

Rosamond Press

It’s official…..I am a proven prophet! My tormentors and accusers are guilty of getting the wrong man. Consider Barrabas!

“Give us Barrabas!”

Study these photos of myself and the little old lady next door off to Cowboy Church, with Jon Mellis who is using a stick to jab at the exposed neck of Capitol Police.

Barrabas means ‘son of the rabbi’ and denoted Jesus before the anti-Semitism of Paul. Joseph was probably a rabbi who took his son to be examined by the elders when he turned thirteen. They were astounded by his knowledge of the Torah. Jesus was part of the Jubilee Insurrection. There was no tradition of releasing a prisoner.

In this video made in August of 2019, I announce to a Pagan Queen I am the Anti-Christ in Revelations come to fulfil Christian Prophecy. Watch how the armed 3% ers push women from the back as they…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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