Fake Cowboys For Trump and Jesus

The Great American Argument is over….Who is an authentic cowboy, and who is a fake cowboy. I offer to be Sam Elliots advocate.

Rosamond Press

For seven years I have been posting on the Cowboyism Culture one finds in Red States like Wyoming and Montana. How many death threats has Liz Cheney gotten? Does she feel she is being STALKED by real killers?

The Minotaur is in the Labyrinth! It was put their by Raging Bull Trump, the President with a Thousand Balls, that right-wing women love to fondle. Millions of American Women have helped create a Fertility God. Trump helps them feel safe so they can launch a righteous breeding war to counter those brown people coming over the border – to replace Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Was it eight years ago I began my painting of Rena Easton as Fair Rosamond who was kept in a Labyrinth? Then, Belle appear. Her parents had a Labyrinth Walk in Eugene. Violent Cultists point to my posts on Art and Mythology as proof I am dangerously deranged…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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