Message From The King of California

John Wilson descends from men who have Templar in their name. Stacey Pierrot did not honor my copyright, nor did Executor, Sydney Morris.


Unholy Bloodline

Posted on November 8, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press




Here is a letter I found written to Stacey Pierrot in 1999, a year before her fantastic tale about a world famous woman artist was written. I inform Stacey (on left) I am authoring a book about Jesus begetting a lineage of artists via Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown came out with his fictional borrowings four years later. I could have had my book out if not for the truth my writing was oppressed. I suspect Sandra Faulkner knew Christine was a suicide, and, once they got her to sign a contract to finish her book, they fired her after she signed a NDA. She will be interviewed by a Life Insurance agent, as will Raphael (on right). Alas, we will get the truth out of Drew Benton who was forced to live in a alternative reality thanks to her money-grubbing father and my ungifted siblings who threw me away.

I talk about my fight with the Flockulators, the Christian-right, and their war with homosexuals.  I share Laurence Gardner’s book with my daughter and her mother and they hated my interest in it. They wanted to get in Garth and Stacey’s Book of Fantastic Lies which falls into the ‘alternative history’ genre. Of course they suggested to my seventeen year old daughter I was a lunatic. As people go to jail, I will get my credibility back. I will get my grandson back in my life!

John Presco

Tyler Hunt Is Historic Heir

Posted on November 6, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Laurence Gardner was a prominent author and speaker in the “alternative history” genre of research and writing, whose eight published works presented often controversial revisionist theories, challenging orthodox views of world history.

He was born Barry Laurence Gardner in Hackney, London, in 1943 and worked at first as a stockbroker in the City before turning towards the arts in general and to writing in particular. His first alternative history work, Bloodline of the Holy Grail (1996), developed ideas that had emerged in Holy Blood and Holy Grail (Baigent/ Leigh/Lincoln, 1982) and in turn provided some of the inspiration for the development of Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code (2003). Here, Gardner advanced the idea that Jesus had not died on the cross but had instead married Mary Magdalene, fathered children and created a bloodline of descendants which existed through to the present day.

Rosamond Press


There is a petition going round in France to make Obama their next President! I am all for this! Let us make the European Union stronger than ever before. Let us bring this Union to America.

It is becoming evident Donald Trump did not want to become the President of the United States, as much as Steve Bannon wanted this for his alleged boss. When Trump walked out on stage the night he won, you can see he was preoccupied.

“Let’s see. What did Steve tell me to say?”

Donald Trump needs to be grilled by the Senate, asked these questions.

“Did you, or did you not want to be the President of the United? Did Bannon want this for you more than you wanted this for yourself?”

It was Bannon who did a victory lap at CPAC. However, is he a true Conservative after announcing he wants…

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