I have Found a Grail Lineage

Adversity plays a big role in life. Belle Burch and I were destined to act out on a ancient stage.


Rosamond Press

rosegraveroundtab2This morning I found the missing piece of the puzzle that proves a linaege of royalty tried to tie the Grail Legends to their family in the twelfth century. This attempt was overt and extensive. I know I have a book that will make me a famous Grail scholar. I will consider if I will keep my discovery a secret, for now. It knocks all the Sinclair claims off the mountain, and blows their juggernaught out of the water. They got close to the truth, but, no cigar. Sinclair sites in the web link their name to the Holy Grail but offer no evidence. Roslin is a variation of the name Rosemary and Rosamond.

Jon Presco

“Merlin designed Camelot with a rose at its apex, and over the Round Table he placed the “Subrosa” (or Rose) that may very well been a suspended sword, or Chalice of Blood.”

“Although this…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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