The Brevoort-Buck-Rosamond Family

The battle over my attempt to author Christine and my SOBER BIOGRAPHY is epic. Both our attempts to TELL OUR STORY has been viciously attacked by people at the very top, and the very bottom. If I was running for the Dog Catcher of Springfield, Kim Hafner, and her main accomplice, would have done all they could to bring me down.  They thought their evil work was going to be that much easier when I titled myself a ‘Prophet’ and, perhaps the Second Coming? Why not ‘America’s Messiah’?

What is going on in the Democracy, is evangelical leaders have turned Jesus into ‘Your Personal Muse’. If you have no talent or brains, just throw King Jesus at your perceived enemy, who has to be a intellectual, a reader of secular books, a painter of non-religious objects, and a hater of Saint Paul (my requirement in order to be a true Bohemian.) In other words The New Dark Age is here!

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

That I descend from the Rosenberg family, who were allies of John Dee, puts me and my sister – and those related to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor –  in one of the most special categories America has ever known. It is THE ROSAMOND CLAN that will carry on J.R. Tolkien’s, and Ian Fleming’s battle against the Extreme Religious Right, for with Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church in the mix, the enemy is no longer a godless Communist spies pushing a world without Jesus. Bond battling a world – with too much Jesus! Evangelical Grunt Fockers of Springtucky hate Frodo and the Hobbits. Any diversion must be wiped out. One must bow down to The Giant Hog Women of Springtucky, or, they will rag on your ass, talk about you behind your back, and make up lies about you. These Gossiping Hog Women are the most feared species on earth. I dare take them on1

“Know thy enemy as thy self.”

Evangelical Leaders are embracing Putin. So are very wealthy Republicans who are waiting for another HEFTY TAX CUT from the Messiah of Israel. George Orwell rises from his grave. He was a ‘Secular Prophet’.

John Presco 007

“Well before special counsel Robert Mueller started investigating possible illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, American evangelicals had formed an odd alliance of their own with leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church. American evangelicals are led to make common cause with Russian Orthodoxy—and with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin—because of a deep and shared suspicion of Western liberal elites.

Evangelical leaders in the United States and Orthodox hierarchs in Russia have accused the Western liberal establishment of being secular, antireligious, and committed to undermining traditional religious and moral values. In recent years, Barack Obama’s comments about “bitter” people “who cling to guns or religion” and Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of the “deplorables” backing Trump have added fuel to the flames. Sexual and gender politics have generated the most heat, but “traditional values” have also included patriotism, respect for the military, and the celebration of historic religious national identities, as in “Christian America” or “Holy Russia.”

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945.[1][2] According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.[3] Orwell, a democratic socialist,[4] was a critic of Joseph Stalin and hostile to Moscow-directed Stalinism, an attitude that was critically shaped by his experiences during the Spanish Civil War.[5] The Soviet Union, he believed, had become a brutal dictatorship, built upon a cult of personality and enforced by a reign of terror. In a letter to Yvonne Davet, Orwell described Animal Farm as a satirical tale against Stalin (“un conte satirique contre Staline“),[6] and in his essay “Why I Write” (1946), wrote that Animal Farm was the first book in which he tried, with full consciousness of what he was doing, “to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole”.

The original title was Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, but U.S. publishers dropped the subtitle when it was published in 1946, and only one of the translations during Orwell’s lifetime kept it. Other titular variations include subtitles like “A Satire” and “A Contemporary Satire”.[6] Orwell suggested the title Union des républiques socialistes animales for the French translation, which abbreviates to URSA, the Latin word for “bear”, a symbol of Russia. It also played on the French name of the Soviet Union, Union des républiques socialistes soviétiques.[6]

Orwell wrote the book between November 1943 and February 1944, when the UK was in its wartime alliance with the Soviet Union and the British people and intelligentsia held Stalin in high esteem, a phenomenon Orwell hated.[7] The manuscript was initially rejected by a number of British and American publishers,[8] including one of Orwell’s own, Victor Gollancz, which delayed its publication. It became a great commercial success when it did appear partly because international relations were transformed as the wartime alliance gave way to the Cold War.[9]

Time magazine chose the book as one of the 100 best English-language novels (1923 to 2005);[10] it also featured at number 31 on the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels. It won a Retrospective Hugo Award in 1996 and is included in the Great Books of the Western World selection.

Del Monte Aviation & Buck Inst.

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Robert Buck owns the law firm that stepped into to be the Special Executor of Rosamond’s creative legacy after Vicki Presco refused to serve. Robert is connected to the Buck Trust and Institute that is right out of a science fiction novel in regards for searching for the Fountain of Youth.  Robert also owns Del Monte Aviation that flies in professional golfers to play at Pebble Beach. This beats anything Thomas Pynchon could dream up. This is what Heather,  the sixteen year old daughter ‘The Gold Digger’,  was after, Fame, Fortune, and an unending fountain of booze. Heather’s ambition was the be the Most Popular Girl in the World. This is why Linda Comstock told my minor child to un-invite me to her High School graduation. Linda and Flip had major plans for this minor.

I kept telling my daughter; “All’s well, that ends well!” As it turns out the Buck Trust established Alcohol Justice because the Buck family suffered from alcoholism. In Rosamond’s probate are pleas to Morris to respect the family miracle of sobriety, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The end of Christine and my story is Flip toasting Tyler Hunt in a bar.

“Truth is stranger than fiction!”

Jon Presco

The organization has an entire “library” of alcoholic products it believes targets youth. Some feature bright colors or animated characters. Others resemble popular juice boxes or energy drinks.

Alcohol Justice receives about $1.2 million of its $1.3 million annual budget from the Buck Trust as part of funding that dates back to a 1987 court case. The other two agencies that receive a significant portion of the trust’s yearly allotments are the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, which receives about $6 million a year, and the Buck Institute for Education, which receives about $1 million a year.

Thomas Peters, president of the Marin Community Foundation — which oversees the Buck Trust — said Alcohol Justice’s aggressive stance has delighted him and others at the foundation.

“Their mission to expose the duplicity of the alcohol industry in its marketing campaigns to teenagers and younger is a real community service,” Peters said. He noted that the nonprofit buys just enough stock in alcohol companies to get itself into annual shareholder meetings and ask pointed questions.

Because the Buck Trust will fund the nonprofit “in perpetuity,” the organization has the freedom to be more outspoken than other groups that rely on individual donations and grants, he said.

“We can have them as a voice of advocacy and also a voice of honesty,” Peters said.

Alcohol Justice’s aggressive campaigns haven’t made the nonprofit popular with everyone.

The group’s Wikipedia page has been repeatedly altered with erroneous information, and after a recent initiative, someone hacked the company’s network, debilitating email for four days, Livingston said. After its recent name change, the nonprofit bought the new domain name — as well as every incarnation of the domain “alcoholinjustice” — to keep critics from purchasing those sites.

“The alcohol industry does not always appreciate our work,” Livingston said, adding with a smile, “I always sort of expected a beer truck to come through the window.”

Del Monte Aviation is rich in history. For some, the name “Del Monte” may be reminiscent of canned pineapples. However, the name “Del Monte” is also considered an important part of the history of the Monterey Peninsula. The name often was used over the years as the peninsula became known as a hot spot to visit for luxurious and professional services, not to mention golf in a spectacular landscape!

For example, in 1880, Monterey’s grand and most opulent hotel was called the Hotel Del Monte (now the Naval Postgraduate School).

Then, in the 1890’s , as the game of golf made its journey west, the Hotel Del Monte attached the name to its new golf course (now locally known as the “Old Del Monte” course). Old Del Monte is considered to be the oldest golf course in continuous operations west of the Mississippi.

Del Monte is considered Monterey’s Finest Full Service Executive Air Terminal, with over 16 acres of ramp space, a luxurious lobby and all the amenities your passengers or crews will need to make their journey a great one. The entire staff of Del Monte Aviation welcomes you to stop by and visit and see how we will make your trip a first class travel experience.

Charge For Harm

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I just discovered Alcohol Justice tried to get a bill passed that would tax companies for damage done by pushing alcohol. Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoed this bill that was aimed at PlumpJack Wines. Newsom and Lawrence Chazen are partners in PlumpJack as are several members of the Getty Pelosi family. Chazen tried to get appointed the Special Executor of Christine Rosamond’s Probate, and went up against my niece, Shannon Rosamond, whose lawyer said;

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

When I told Heather and her mother how badly Shannon was treated, they could care less. I’m sure Linda was thrilled as well.

The Charge for Harm campaign supported various bills in Sacramento and the San Francisco “Alcohol Cost Recovery Fee” ultimately vetoed by PlumpJack wine-distributorship owning Mayor Gavin Newsom in September 2010.”

Alas, I got these frauds all in the same boat, and up against Alcohol Justice who has to be on my side! That two sober autobiographies have been suppressed, is an outrage!

Below is the e-mail I sent Belle Burch after she sent me her poem that names the bars she drank in while living in a tent in downtown Eugene. I asked her to sign a non-disclosure statement. A couple of days later I got those threats from Alley Valkyrie. alcoholism amongst the homeless contributes to most of the problems they suffer.

I am launching a campaign and counter-attack against those who did all they could to defame me and destroy me. My daughter called me an insane parasite. Alcohol Justice will beg to differ after I show them how my grandson, Tyler Hunt, was used as the poster child by destructive drunks who hate my twenty-eight years of sobriety. This amounts to a usurption by the Drunken A-Team.

That’s Gavin Newsom’s partner under the black balloons at the Rosamond Gallery reopening. The world-famous SOBER ARTIST, and her troublesome program of recovery, is out of the picture. These parasites have convinced each other the waning sales of the Beautiful Rosamond Women, will be cured with the DEATH of a famous artist, her artwork surely to increase in value, and the idea the public wants to own a touch of immortality. Chazen was Christine’s partner in her first Carmel gallery. No doubt he gave his opinion on Charge For Harm to his PlumpJack partners.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

Getty owns 49 percent of the concern that manages all the PlumpJack businesses; 96 percent of the winery; 96 percent of the partnership that runs the Squaw Valley Inn; and more than 80 percent of Newsom’s real estate development firm (recently, Getty and Judge Newsom bought him out, Newsom says). Getty has a smaller stake in the other businesses, but he’s still the lead outside investor in most.

Getty declined to be interviewed for this story. In response to written questions, he said he treats Newsom like a son and invested in Newsom’s first business because of that relationship. “After that,” he said, “the reason for my further investments was the success of the first.”
Getty’s son Billy also invested in five businesses, and other Gettys, including Gordon’s wife, Ann, own stakes in some.

Other investors represent a slice of upper-strata San Francisco: a firm associated with Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi; high-society plastic surgeon Jack Owsley; even TV newscaster Ross McGowan, whose morning news show has often showcased Newsom the politician.


Members of Gavin Newsom’s wine, restaurant, bar, resort and real estate partnerships since 1991:

Kevin & Bronwyn Brunner, John Burton, Casey and Michelle Cadwell, Bob and Barbara Callan, Frank Caufield, Donna Chazen, Lawrence Chazen, Joe & Victoria Cotchett, Michael & Hilary Decesare, Philip DeLimur, Don Dianda, Gretchen Dianda, Edward Everett, Richard Freemon, James Fuller, Stanlee Gatti, Robert Gerry, Andrew Getty, Ann Getty, Anna Getty, Chris Getty, Gordon Getty, Mark Getty, Peter Getty, Ronald Getty, Tara Getty, William “Billy” Getty, Robert Goldberg, Florianne Gordon, Stu Gordon, Gordon Goletto, David Goodman, Arthur Groza, Richard & Martha Guggenhime, Tony and Anthony Guilfoyle, Shelly Guyer, James & Shea Halligan, Bob & Jill Hamer, Erin Howard, Thomas Huntington, Isolep Enterprises (Paul and Nancy Pelosi family personal investment company), Peter Jacobi, Gaye Jenkins, Jeffrey Kanbar, Chad Kawai, David Lamonde, John Larson, Rob Lavoie, Leavitt/Weaver interior designers, Marc Leland, Maryon Davies Lewis, Anne McCutcheon, Chris McCutcheon, Ross McGowan, Rich McNally, Robert & Carole McNeil, Paul Mohun, Robert Mohun, Jeff Morin, Sara Moughan, Terry Moughan, Brian Mueth, Bob Naify, Marshall Naify, John Nees, Barbara Newsom, Brennan Newsom, Catherine & David Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Patrick Newsom,
Tessa Newsom, William Newsom, John O’Hara, Jack Owsley, Pacific Design, Matt Pelosi, Robynne Piggott, James Samuel Powers, Elizabeth Rice, Jeremy Scherer, Paul Scherer, Gary Schnitzer, Steve & Theresa Selover, Steve Siino, Trevor Traina, Chris Vietor, Francesca Vietor, Kenneth Weeman, Nicki West, Justin & Aridne Williams, Kevin Williams, Thomas & Kiyoko Woodhouse

Buck Institute Resuscitation Device

I am perplexed! How did it come to be the Buck Institute for Education gets to use monies from the Buck Trust, to help un-poor people own successful lives? Beryl Buck was surrounded by successful folks. Why didn’t she found a trust that catered to rich people only? Why didn’t this childless woman leave her fortune to her kinfolk’s children – so that they will be that much richer – and SUCCESSFUL?

At the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), our highest priority is to help teachers prepare students for successful lives. We do this by showing teachers how to use Project Based Learning in all grade levels and subject areas. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, BIE creates, gathers, and shares high-quality PBL instructional practices and products and provides highly effective services to teachers, schools, and districts.

For teachers, BIE offers professional development on how to design, assess, and manage projects that engage and motivate students. For schools, BIE helps bring coherence to PBL practices across grade levels and subject areas, and supports the creation of school-wide processes and structures to support PBL. For districts, BIE offers unrivaled service and expertise in creating and sustaining district-wide PBL initiatives. The exponential increase in demand for its services and products speak to BIE’s ability to help educators around the world provide a better education for all students.

It just so happens that my ex-friend, Mark Gall wrote the definitive book on how to educate educators. He refused to serve as my second-named executor after my daughter called me a parasite because I get SSI. Also, I was not invited to his son’s funeral because I appear to be anti-Christian. So what? A true anti-Christian is someone who ignores everything that has to do with religion. I on the other hand am a self-taught theologian who has solved several Biblical mysteries. After asking way too many good questions, I have concluded Jesus was engaged in the Resuscitation cult that Saint Paul and his Pharisees were pushing, thus this is probably an interpolation.

Jesus preached to non-believers. For the reason Buck Trust monies are being used to prolong the lives of rich people, at the expense of the poor, I am proposing the building of a Resuscitation Device near the rusty Quonset hut I will humbly dwell in, so I can befuddle un-motivated students on the Pontius Pilate dilemma in regards to sealing Jesus’s tomb. Here’s an oldie but goodie many bright minds have not contemplated for awhile!

Perhaps there is real life after death, but, as usual, the Greedy and Selfish got their hands on it. Who knows, maybe that white shiny building on the hill contains The Lost Lazarus Device that Pilate stole, and took to Rome. Thus, slavery will never die. Poor people make the best slaves. Why is that?

Yet again, the head of the Buck Anti-Aging Program, emerges from Pei’s building, and announces;

“I have sad news. We have failed once more. But, do no lose faith!”

A big black limousine pulls into the underground garage, and out steps another Russian billionaire to get his booster shot. He was too busy to get the ones given atop Trump Tower. How old is Melania? Ask for the IDs of those beauty contestants. I suspect some of them are Buck Grandmothers…………’Buck Beauties’.

Buck Foundation and The Rose of the World

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Chapter One

‘Liberty and Justice for all!”

There is a name carved upon the tree in the painting of Fair Rosamond. At one time Justice used to be a Fair Lady. The Rosicrucians  tried to gift humanity with the next Enlightenment, but, this gift was intercepted by ‘The Imposters’.

“The same record that shows the denization of Peter Rosemond also contains the denization of John Baptist Rosemond (Jean Baptiste de Rosemond) who went through the denization process on the same day as Peter Rosemond. The fact that they bore the same surname and their denizations were apparently processed together would indicate a familial tie between these two men. Some of the current researchers of the Rosamond family history consider Jean Baptiste de Rosemond as the most likely prospect to be Sergeant Rosemond.” 


My name is Jean-Baptiste de Rosemond de Beauvallon. I am a walk-on. I am the ancestor of John Gregory Presco, who was born October 8, 1946 during an amazing star-shower. His mother, Rosemary Rosamond, believed it was the Day of Atonement, and thus, named me after John the Baptist. The stars opened a closed door.

This morning, they came to me, and took me atop the ‘The Mountain of the Sleeping Maiden’ where we beheld a gathering of the Brother and Sistehood who now see themselves as ‘The Children of Beryl Buck’ who did not born a child, and thus, left millions to ‘The People of Marin’. We are the New Enlightenment!

They say one’s probate is a lawsuit brought against yourself. The law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck – was supposed to be on Christine’s side, too!

May there be JUSTICE FOR ALL!

As a Frenchman I fought a famous duel over a game of cards. But, I was insulted in the presence of a very beautiful woman. Let it be said;

“What Lola wants, Lola gets!”

The man I bested, and shot between the eyes, like myself, was a ‘Lover of the Free Press’. Women love words. They are seduced with words. They expect brave men to whisper words in their ear when you make love to them. We came close to breaking the banque at the Trois Freres plying Lansqurenet. But, she, was a notorious heart-breaker. If she were alive today, in some shape, some astral form, she would dance the Bolero on the grave of the man I put to rest.

Now come the mountain of legal papers! Alexandre Dumas made an excellent witness against me. However, he wavered from the truth – for Lola! We all wanted Lola Montez – ‘The pretender’ ‘The Rebel without a Cause. They put me in a foul prison, in isolation, so that I would never win her hand. But, I had her. I took her, in a passionate fit. It is my child she carries in her womb, the pitiful womb of a very famous widow. All dressed in black, alas she owns the credentials she longed for. Pretenders are never punished, while men who seek the truth, are tortured every minute of the day. I was the living proof of this, until my dying day. The truth shared the cell next to mine. Then, I was set free.

I was now the epitome of obscurity. The youth I ran with were either killed in foreign wars, or died of a mysterious disease. Most drank themselves to death because they let their sights be lowered, their one chance delegated to winning an an old score, an argument sustained by scoundrels and wiccans who were, and still are, expert liars and witnesses to almost everything that went on in a cruel world, that they kept cruel for great and petty monetary reasons. This is why we gents of means and leisure love to play the horses, the roulette table, any game of chance, lest we are forced to face the truth – the dull ungifted ones control everything. In their fixed game, all the cards are marked. We were her fools.

She was ‘The Scarlet Lady’ that got all the attention. Everything is Temptation! Even going to war. But, there is no greater allure than the limelight, and the front page. We journalists had created a monster! She was the reverse side of ‘The Rose of the World’. Her beauty had captured us. She was the creditor of our free wills. Behind the curtain, she owned us.

He was a bad shot. He fired too soon. I knew he had no intention of killing me. He was not the man for the job. So, after I expertly dispatched him, the crowd that gathered, whispered;


The sun is setting as I make more words again. I am pleased to see that fate is on my side, and, perhaps I own a maginficent destiny. For I am in the middle of the greatest legal battle over a Legacy – of all time –  that was waged in the probate of Christine Rosamond Benton/Presco. In her corner, was Heisinger, Morris………….and Buck. This is, the War of the Roses…………..all over again!

Dance! Lola! Dance!

He was ‘The Press’ and I was ‘The Globe’ . We dueled to see whose pages she would bless. It became a matter of money. We lost our way, and Lola fled to America with the Forty-Eighters.

I salute all Patritots who lay their life down for ‘The Free Press’ for Washingtom and Lafayette. My Rosamond ancestors, were patriots, here, and in France.

Justice for all! Beware of false frogs. Why has no one compared Darth Vader to the Phantom of the Opera? That Pierrot’s ghost writer could produce no worthy villain, other than the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ herself, is the greatest literary travesty of all time, that renders Tom Snyder a Yellow Journalist of the ‘Dark Kind’.

Jean-Baptiste de Rosemond de Beauvallon

President and True Owner of Royal Rosamond Press

Defending, and Promoting the Buck Foundation

I am in a extraordinary position of promoting the Buck Foundation is a stellar manner. I have traced the first Christian church made up of Nazarites, to the Kurds.

Because I find myself up against billionaires, and armed men, I am reviving the Knights Templar of Rougemont. I made this video on September 29, 2014. Rubar Sandi and I were destined to cross paths. I am going to fulfil the Last Wishes of Beryl Buck, and found a new religion that will launch a new enlightenment. History is on our side – and how! I will bring the Mona Lisa to Marin.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’ 

The bodyguards Rubar assigned to me were Kurdish from the Northern parts of Iraq. Whenever a shot was heard, or a bomb exploded nearby, I would find myself being covered by my bodyguards who would always place their bodies in the way of any harm that may come to me. These guys were dedicated and faithful to the man who had provided them their sustenance, Rubar Sandi. He told them to keep me safe. They did.
I admire Rubar and I continue to call him friend. I also became very close friends with his brother Bayar. I consider these men as my own family members right to this day.

Even after everything seemed to be going wrong in Iraq, Rubar Sandi has kept his presence known in Iraq and continues to employ as many Iraqis as he effectively can and assist in the development of business opportunities and even programs to address women’s issues. He is a great American and humanitarian who greatly loves the place he was born and the people who live there.

Brevoort and Smithsonian

This morning, following a hunch, I made the most profound discovery of all time. It will turn the literary world on its head, and guarantee a first rate history book. I dare not publish my finding lest the Gruntfocker Leaches pounce upon it, and squeeze and crush more roses to get to the money-juice. The Brevoorts are the Caretakers of much of America’s History. Their gifts – are stellar! They were patrons of the Arts and Literature. They built the Smithsonian’s first building that was titled ‘The Castle’. The Rougemont-Rosamond family came over with William of Orange. We corresponded with the Great Erasmus. There are letters.

I was evicted from several Templar-Priory de Sion groups for suggesting any lineage born of the union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, would be recognized for their stellar contributions to Human Culture. Thanks to the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck, I can point to a great example. Jesus would found the City of New York, too. is this Son of David the real King of Manhattan? Did he wear magical wooden shoes when he walked across the water? Who knows – until someone – looks!

Please, take time to watch this short video on the Glorious Revolution. Defy Hairy Von Gruntfocker ,who loves and promotes, stupid people.

Jon Presco

he accompanied his uncle, James Renwick, one of the commissioners on the northeastern boundary survey. In 1838 he went abroad as private secretary to Washington Irving, U. S. Minister to Spain.

His middle son, James Renwick, Jr., was a noted Gothic Revival architect, designer of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and the Smithsonian Castle in Washington, D.C., among many other buildings.

Membership consists of male and female descendants in the direct male line of an ancestor who lived in New Netherland before or during 1675.[2] Notable members include Cecil B. DeMille, Humphrey Bogart, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who also served as a Trustee of the Society during his tenure as Governor of New York.

The Holland Society hosts an Annual Banquet in order to honor contributions made by an individual of Dutch descent. Past honorees include Henry Fonda, Gloria Vanderbilt, astronaut Jerry L. Ross, and Theodore Roosevelt, among others.

Before Langdon – I Am!

I am a pioneer of social networking. President Trump is a presidential pioneer of social networking. I believe the rumors are correct – the Browns did eavesdropped on our eGroups and Yahoo.groups where we discussed the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, and the Freemasons. I introduced the cryptic study of Robert Graves, and thus I was Langdon before there was a Langdon. 

I was posting back in 1997. There were many young women speaking their mind. I introduced Christine Rosamond to the them five years before Snyder’s ‘Guy Book’ was published. Tom and Scott were neighbors in Ventura, and lived next to Lillian. Tom depicts Scott as Rosamond’s Knight in Shining Armor – that she treated like shit! Shame on her! I bet that plummeted sales of prints! I place my late sister next to Washington Irving via the Buck Brevoort family link that I found. Below are posts from my Templar Art that I founded in 2001.

Above is a pic of me with my daughter and grandson who came back to me after the Snyder biography – bombed! If Bob Buck had suggested I apply for a grant at the Buck Foundation, then my daughter would have thought more of me. She is not a scholar. Nor does she read books. She loves to text!

Jon Presco

A social networking service (also social networking site, SNS or social media) is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social networking services currently available online introduces challenges of definition; however, there are some common features:[1]

  1. social networking services are Internet-based applications[1][2]

In a 1982 review of the book for The Observer, novelist and literary critic Anthony Burgess wrote: “It is typical of my unregenerable soul that I can only see this as a marvellous theme for a novel.” Indeed, the theme was later used by Margaret Starbird in her 1993 book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, and by Dan Brown in his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.[19][20]

Jon Rosamond – The Atlantean

The author of the Oera Linda books, is not known – for sure! However, it is said a murderer revisits the scene of his/her crime, and, a clue is left behind. In this case let us look at the two main protagonists of this Atlantean tale, Jon, and Rosamond. Now, combine the names. Is this too easy?

A man married to a woman with a Rose name, can assume the name Rosamond. My mother was Rosemary Rosamond. Several of her kindred assumed the name of Francis Marion, ‘The Swamp Fox’ who Samuel and James Rosamond fought under in the War of Independence  – from the royalty of Britain – where the Maze of Blenheim Palace is found.

A week ago I found Rosamund Jane Frances Spencer-Churchill. Her mother named her after Fair Rosamond who was kept in the Maze at Woodstock. Follow the Clue of the Red Thread………….Henry Brevoort, Washington Irving, and, Sir Walter Scott.

I am the Great Sleeper from the past – and future! I, Jon Francis Marion Rosamond, designed Atland – that has risen, as I have risen! I have come to show you the Lost Way! I am looking for a great attorney of law so that I might come to own the 1.7 billion dollar fortune gathered in the Beryl Buck Foundation – that I know she wants me to own, so we, can build our dream!

Isaac Singer was an actor in plays. His son, Paris Singer was Isadora Duncan’s lover. The president of Singer built Fair Rosamond’s castle on Dark Island. Very wealthy people associated with the Vanderbilt’s, have been constructing the Frisian Atlantis – and they know not what they do! Only the Master Builder can bring all the pieces together! My blog is my book, and The Project. I am a Genetic Architect.

I found my kindred soul in the video below. Frisians and Swan Brothers. The Rosamond family fought alongside William of Orange, and came to Canada and the United States where we lived in Appalachia and adopted Hillbilly names. Bennett Rosamond was the Grand Master of the Orange Lodge in Canada.

Jon Francis Marion Rosamond

Copyright 2017

Red Thread Clue & Orange Lodge

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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