I am The Son of Mary Magdalene Rosamond

My Rose Grail Line is filed in the Superior Court of Monterey.


Rosamond Press

An hour ago I called Marilyn Reed nee’ Godfrey. She did not pick up. I asked her to author three pages about her fanasy she owned, that I was Jesus to her Mary Magdalane. I told her to read what I just posted. Then, it came to me……..I AM THE JESUS THAT WAS NOT!

How can my daughter not be my daughter, but the daugher of – HER BARREN AUNT! Why is Heather Hanson alright with this impossible idea?

Then it came to me……Jesus and Mary Magdalene did not have a daughter – THEY HAD A SON! This is the forbidden secret! This is the impossible thing, because it means, Jesus was not WHO HE IS MADE OUT TO BE. Who would know this better than anyone? Mary Magdalene! No one on these egroups, after they published many books, ever suggested Mary Magdalene had a son. I now understand –…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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