Nazarite Judges Ordained By Moses

I would like to give Biblical lessons on why all Jews and Christians should be vaccinated, but I am convinced Casey Farrell is trying to rip off much of my study. I have been telling him I made important discoveries about Jesus, and solved the riddle of why the Jews tried to throw him off a cliff. Because there are real parasites in the world, I can not impart Biblical knowledge – for free. I am forced to publish which means taking time off from reporting. I watched a monster on CNN giving people false information on the vaccine resulting in deaths. I assure you Jesus and God want everyone to get vaccinated.

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Moses tried to judge the multitude in the wilderness, but there were too many for him to listen to personally. Jethro came up with a solution which could be the establishment of a ecclesiastical democracy, where Judges are ordained to be Moses and God’s Representatives so that ALL THE PEOPLE CAN BE HEARD!

This is the old way that John re-established in order to bring God’s Chosen People back to God – and welcome Gentile proselytes to ‘The Way’ . The Sahadrin was being replaced by common people who took the vow – including women who used to be Judges! I believe these Nazarite women were ministering to women, hearing their motherly complaints and needs that were about child rearing, being a good wife, and becoming with child.

What is curious, Moses was tongue-tied and communicated with the help of his brother, Aaron, whose lineage would provide priests in the…

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