Tarzan and The Foundlings

“After three hit Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller in the title role and Maureen O’Sullivan as Jane, MGM decided to give a son to the apeman and his mate in Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939). However, he had to be a foundling because, according to the Legion of Decency, the scantily clad jungle couple were not married, and presumably never had sex. “Boy”, as he was named, was played by Johnny Sheffield, who has died aged 79 of a heart attack at his California home after falling off a ladder while pruning a tree.”

Tarzan and Boy are Foundlings. On April 6 1998 I wrote Judge Richard Silver who was handling the probate of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, and declared my family was a Family of Foundlings. With the astounding discovery I made, that Edgar Rice Burroughs was a cousin of my uncle Vincent Rice, I believe I can launch a lawsuit stating my Copyright was violated, and, there was a conspiracy to keep me from finishing and publishing my Recovery Novel, that had a happy ending when my sixteen year old daughter came into my life. I did not know I was a father.

Heather Hanson was lured away from me. He mother disappeared her when she was seventeen – and still a minor. When I met with my daughter to sign papers to make Heather my Trustee after inheriting money from Uncle Vinny, her new lover, and aunt Linda Comstock, prepared to ask me and my sober sister to invest in a Bar&Grill they had in mind. Flip was a bartender and cook. He was prepared to cook at Vicki’s house, and, set up a bar. I told Heather and her mother I was a Nazarite, and my sober auto-biography was going to be about two creative siblings – getting sober! I assured them I was not trying to convert anyone. I told them I began my recovery ‘Bonds With Angels’ two years before Christine died.

I have compared Foundling to the Nazarite Children. Samson kills a lion, while Tarzan befriends one. We do see Tarzan about to kill a lion in a poster. Tarzan has a mate name JANE, and they have a child named JACK which is a form of JOHN. I was named after JOHN THE BAPTIST who was a Nazarite for life, and was a Nazarite while in his mother’s womb. Elizabeth was bid to sustain from drinking. I was bid to find a Higher Power as a member of AA. I declared myself a Nazarite in 1988.

When I met Heather and Patrice Hanson for the first time I brought a copy of Lawrence Gardener’s book to show them what kind of book I was writing. I talked about Grail Bloodlines and genealogies. The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003. Snyder’s bio of Christine was not published in 2000 but in 2001. I end my letter to Judge Richard Silver with this declaration. Proving there was no looting going on in Christine’s home after the funeral, I told the truth…

“This harpy is a damn liar!”

The truth has been made manifest. I was born to author a biography of my family, that would have save the legacy of Rosamond – a name I clearly copyrighted! I have strengthened the FAMILY BRAND. Below are emails I sent Patrice Hanson wherein I mention I sent her the beginning of my first book ‘Bonds With Angels’. My sisters claimed they saw a blue angel standing at the foot of their bed when they six and ten. I filed a Judicial Complaint against Silver. Dan Brown writes fiction. My fight over our Rose Grail Line – is real!

Linda Comstock saw my daughter – as her daughter – until Heather decided to keep her baby she was going to name Lily-Rose, after my mother and her sister. Why not….Roslinda? Linda wanted my daughter to be her Sister-Daughter – and DRINKING BUDDY! Her rich husband, and his rich drinking buddies – were eyeballing my minor child. When Tyler Hunt was born – his father threw him away! I was now both grandfather and father to this – FOUNDLING BOY – that Heather, Patrice, and Linda wanted to give to raging drunk – Bill Cornwall – and his father, because, Bill could not sire a child. I blame Robert Buck, Sydney Morris, and Silver for creating this evil rivalry, when they SOLD my family history and legacy to outsiders, ending all idea of Sober Family Solutions. Indeed, The Buck Team opened up my Rose Line to an invasion of un-related wanna-bes. Wasn’t there a hit show based upon The War of the Roses? There was a Stark clan – and two dragons in The Game of Thrones. Here’s our Stark Line!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2021

“She was a Grail Queen compared to Mary Stuart and Cleopatra by the
Pre-Raphaelite poet, Swinburne, who connects her the type of mystery
we find around Mary Magdalene, where the true ‘Rose of the World’ is
turned into a whore by the false church who is still desperately
trying to keep the lid on her. I find the ‘Net of Coincidence’ to
profound to ignore, or, assign to meglamania, this grandiosity
beloinging to usurper Satan Saul/Paul….’

The Bride of Jesus’.Jon Presco

Copyright 2001


When You Close Your Eyes: Snyder, Tom: 9780972517508: Amazon.com: Books


I direct you to the bottom of the page ‘Bonds with Angels’ to read all links to Swinburne and Rosamond. I am convinced we are looking at a present-day spiritual block to understanding the the symbols of the
Magdalene, the innitian in the Labyrinth, the Red Thread of Ariadne – severed!

ACT I. SCENE I.A Prospect of Woodstock-Park, termina|ting in the Bower.Enter Queen and Page.Queen.

WHAT Place is here! What Scenes appear! Where-e’er I turn my Eyes, All around Enchanted Ground And soft Elysiums rise: Flow’ry Mountains, Mossie Fountains, Shady Woods, Chrystal Floods With wild Variety surprise.

Tarzan Finds a Son! – Wikipedia

After three hit Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller in the title role and Maureen O’Sullivan as Jane, MGM decided to give a son to the apeman and his mate in Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939). However, he had to be a foundling because, according to the Legion of Decency, the scantily clad jungle couple were not married, and presumably never had sex. “Boy”, as he was named, was played by Johnny Sheffield, who has died aged 79 of a heart attack at his California home after falling off a ladder while pruning a tree.

In the Tarzan films, the fact that the orphaned offspring of a British couple killed in a plane crash in the jungle had an American accent was never explained. Neither Tarzan, whose dialogue was limited to grunts and monosyllables, nor Boy bore much resemblance to the original characters as conceived by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose novels portrayed both the apeman, Lord Greystoke, and his son, Jack “Korak” Clayton, as cultivated and articulate. Burroughs, however, complained all the way to the bank.

Tarzan – Wikipedia

Tarzan (John Clayton II, Viscount Greystoke) is a fictional character, an archetypal feral child raised in the African jungle by the Mangani great apes; he later experiences civilization, only to reject it and return to the wild as a heroic adventurer. The character has been variously depicted as articulate and sophisticated as in the original novels, and as a noble savage with limited language skills such as in the films featuring Johnny Weissmuller.

Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan first appeared in the novel Tarzan of the Apes (magazine publication 1912, book publication 1914), and subsequently in 23 sequels, several books by Burroughs and other authors, and innumerable works in other media, both authorized and unauthorized.


As an 18-year-old, Tarzan meets a young American woman named Jane Porter. Her father, others of their party, and she are marooned on the same coastal jungle area where Tarzan’s human parents were 20 years earlier. When Jane returns to the United States, Tarzan leaves the jungle in search of her, his one true love. In The Return of Tarzan, Tarzan and Jane marry. In later books, he lives with her for a time in England. They have one son, Jack, who takes the ape name Korak (the Killer). Tarzan is contemptuous of what he sees as the hypocrisy of civilization, so Jane and he return to Africa, making their home on an extensive estate that becomes a base for Tarzan’s later adventures.

Feral child – Wikipedia

an infant that has been abandoned by its parents and is discovered and cared for by others.

Johnny Sheffield obituary | Movies | The Guardian


A plane flying to Cape Town, carrying a young couple and their baby, crashes in the jungle. Everyone on the plane dies, except for the baby who is rescued by Cheeta, Tarzan’s chimpanzee. Tarzan and Jane adopt the child and name him “Boy”. Five years later, a search party comes looking for Boy, because he is the heir to the Greystoke family fortune worth millions. The search party is led by the Lancing family, who are distant cousins of Greystoke. Tarzan and Jane claim the child is dead and that Boy is theirs, but the elder Lancing, Sir Thomas, recognizes Boy’s eyes. The younger Lancings suggest leaving Boy and taking the inheritance. When Sir Thomas objects, they say they will take him back and, as legal guardians, still control the inheritance. Sir Thomas says he’ll tell Tarzan, but the rest of the party imprison Sir Thomas in a tent and plan to abduct Boy. Tarzan overhears them plotting; he steals their guns and throws them into a deep lake. Jane arrives the next day and learns what has taken place, and admits that Boy is Greystoke. She persuades Tarzan to retrieve the cache of guns, without which the search party can’t survive. Tarzan retrieves them but Jane drops the rope so that Tarzan is trapped.

Jane, convinced it’s the right thing to do, goes with Boy and the rest of the Lancings toward civilization, but Sir Thomas convinces her that the younger Lancings only want Boy for his money. Sir Thomas tries to sneak away, but they shoot him. Thinking Jane is trying to fool them, they ignore her directions and fall into the hands of the Zambeli, known for mutilation of captives. The white people are held in a separate hut while the tribe begins to kill and preserve the native bearers. Jane is wounded while helping Boy to escape through a fence. Boy finds Tarzan and is aided by chimps and elephants to free him. Tarzan reaches the Zambeli village and uses the elephants to drive away the natives. He saves two of the search party, and he and Jane decide to keep Boy with them in the jungle.

Tyler Hunt – The Foundling

Posted on July 5, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

Two years before Heather came into my life I rendered the cote of arms for Braskewitz, also, Prescowitz, also, Braschwitz, a named that means “immortal”. Two weeks before Patrice Hanson called me and told me I had a sixteen year old daughter, my angel revealed this truth in a dream. She showed me my hidden daughter, Heather Hanson, in a dream. Patrice is into angels and thus she claims it was one of her angels that came to me in a dream. This is not so, for Patrice concealed the truth I had a child for seventeen years. She HID my child from me, the same way Heather HID the fact she was pregnant with my grandson, Tyler Hunt. But, Tyler is the child on my family cote of arms, he cradled in two angel wings. I found this image in a book on heraldry under Abrosius, the meaning of the name BRASCH. In the Jewish book of names ‘The son of Rabbi’ and male name beginning with S.

Below this child is written LAMED DE NAZIR which means ‘Teaching of the Nazarites’. Above this child is the Hebrew letter L which stands for “learning” L has been titled ‘the king of kings’ in the Jewish alphabet. It is associated with a serpent. The first god of the Jews was a sea serpent, called EL, or, GOD-L. Yam was the son of El, and may be the source of the name Samuel – YAM-EL – who was a Nazarites, son of Hannah. The boat on the rocks is the Sea Peoples of Noah.

The letter S is a serpent. This is the serpent in the Tree of Life that has been demonized by Christians because it connected Jesus with knowledge of the Divine Woman and her Son. Jesus was crucified as the Nehushtan, the serpent. He was a Nazarite, and like all Nazarites he went into the desert after he took the Nazarite Vow so he could resist the temptation of Satan, and be consecrated to God, be a Son of God.

I took the vow of the Nazarite in 1989. My grandson has been tempted by Big Drinkers of Alcohol who empowered themselves by making SecretS. For this reason I reveal once again that I am a Lamedvavnik who was to remain hidden, but, when I died and came back, who I am, was revealed.

For the reason my child and grandchild have been stolen from me, even purchased by Big Ignorant Drinkers of Alcohol, my hand is forced – God’s hand is forced. For it is God these BD hide, and it is God they hide from. To hide behind my offspring, will not do. To blame a six year old boy for the sins of Big Drinkers – is pure evil!

I hear the beat of seventy two wings in Heaven. Bring me the Swinging Sword that Sound the Singing Words from the Song of Songs!

Merlin was named Ambrosius as a boy of nine. He was a Foundling. Tyler’s father, Ryan Hunt, did not want a child, and was not there when my grandson was born. I, a Nazarite Tzadikim, claimed this child. This white bearded Nazarite Prophet came to behold his son. I lifted him up – to the clouds. I raised him under the sign of the Dragon, for I was born during a starshower that pour out of the eye of the Dragon. I have seen God! I have been freed from the witches’ imprisoning amber.

Janke the Nazarite

Copyright 2012

My Rose Grail Line

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is the evidence that I was authoring a Grail Book, that established My Rose Line – years before Dan Brown came out with ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I sent some of this evidence to the Judge who oversaw the probate of my late sister, Christine Rosamond. Some letters may have been filed in the Supreme Court of Monterey. There is evidence my daughter’s mother, Patrice Hanson, wrote letters and sent e-mails while pretending to be my daughter, Heather Hanson. This is why Patrice favored Tom Snyder over me. I suspect her sister, Linda Comstock, and her attorney husband, were advising Patrice to get as close to the outside handler/caretakers of the Rosamond Legacy, surmising this is where the money is via the book and the movie – that Sydney Morris approved of, in regards to Stacey Pierrot. Heisinger, Morris, Rose, and Buck – backed a real loser!

I talk about Fair Rosamond, who I have connected to Sir Walter Scott, a good friend of Washington Irving, who was a good friend of Henry Brevoort, who is the ancestor of Robert Brevoort Buck. This is deeply profound. Because my sixteen year old minor child was led astray, I forgive her. I already forgave my aunt Lillian for betraying me to Tom Snyder, who devious employed Lillian’s desire to be a Movie Star against her.

Christine Rosamond gave me credit for her success. She acknowledged I was her mentor. I turned her on the Pre-Raphaelites. No writer has ever been more oppressed – in history! To lure a minor child away from the father in order to get him to give up his books – in despair – is made more chilling by the fact many around my late sister considered her a sure bet to take her life. Christine WAS a commercial artist. Today she is part of an art and literary movement. I have raised her up – and our family!

I am a poor man who has performed a miracle. I do not have time for the usurpers, the whiners, the pretenders. This Rose History I have gathered, is above you all. It will consume you for generations to come! Note the dates on my letters and e-mails.

Weeks before my seventeen year old Heather Hanson, was disappeared from my life, she sent me a handwritten card asking me to provide her with my family history. This puzzled me because her mother said our daughter was reading all the e-mails I sent them. Then, aunt Lillian let it slip that she saw a photo of Heather at the gallery re-opening. She told me Stacey sent it to her. I had just refused to contribute to their biography of Christine. I now believe MY daughter was being used to apply sugar to me, and get me to change my mind. I believe Patrice filled Tom Snyder in on my private affairs with a minor child. This is much more than STALKING! They made me out to be crazy, all this talk about King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Did they tell MY child I was deluded?

Some authors alleged Dan Brown and his wife were lurking on our yahoo.groups years before ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was written – and the movie made! Heather is not a reader, and being a child, how could she comprehend all this?

Adults used a minor as a Spy in order to get information from me, and manipulate my information for their own good. They never cared if we owned a REAL BOND. This is CHILD ABUSE – for starters! The Holy Grail thing was very new to most people. I should have had a book on the shelf – years ago!

Wake up Heather! You are only half awake! You must know both parents, love both parents. Know your father’s work. My enemies knew your were the ending of my book, thus, they kidnapped you and our miracle. They got you to betray your father, but, this is how the best stories go.

Look! There go two of Dark Mark’s Sniggering Darklings. Up the trail from the sea they go to Lillian’s humble abode, with their poison apple.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

The real meaning of the last message is that the Grail is buried beneath the small pyramid directly below the La Pyramide Inversée, the inverted glass pyramid of the Louvre. It also lies beneath the “Rose Line,” an allusion to “Rosslyn.” Langdon figures out this final piece to the puzzle; he follows the Rose Line to La Pyramide Inversée, where he kneels before the hidden sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene, as the Templar knights did before him.

By the time they arrive at Westminster Abbey, Teabing is revealed to be the Teacher for whom Silas is working. Teabing wishes to use the Holy Grail, which he believes is a series of documents establishing that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and bore children, in order to ruin the Vatican. He compels Langdon at gunpoint to solve the second cryptex’s password, which Langdon realizes is “apple.”


The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is currently preparing their latest exhibit: Love is Enough: William Morris and Andy Warhol:


Henry Brevoort, and Sir Walter Scott, corresponded. They discussed the writing of Washington Irving. Scott wrote about Woodstock and Fair Rosamond who is the subject of the castle Singer built on an island. Churchill grew up in Blenheim Palace were Rosamond’s Labyrinth was located. A lake was named after her. Here is The Fair Lady of the Rose and Lake.



“Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano.

I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of
view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.
But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We
can talk about it more.

Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive
of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you
with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velchanos
Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
Subject: Another thought

My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
Heather¡¯s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
Linda, my sister said, then we¡¯d have confirmation on paper and if
anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It¡¯s been 10
years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?

Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don¡¯t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don¡¯t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
Heather, based on what is true and real

Part of my sister, Linda¡¯s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother¡¯s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
does need you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
that she will make wiser choices.


My Sacred Rose Line

Posted on March 31, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press


What is the Roseline, or Rose Line according to several authors? Philippe de Chérisey a surrealist help create a hoax that made Dan Brown rich. I believed this linage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was a hoax but could not ignore my grandmother’s name:

Mary Magdalene Rosamond

Then there is Mary’s four beautiful daughters, and Christine Rosamond, a world famous female artist. If this alleged Rose Line is associated with the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci, why not apply these two words to a famous artist – surrounded by Rose Names?


Rose Line is a fictional name given to the Paris Meridian and to the sunlight line defining the exact time of Easter on the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice, marked by a brass strip on the floor of the church, where the two are conflated, by Dan Brown in his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.[1] Brown based this on material found in the Priory of Sion documents of the 1960s, where neither the Zero Meridian or the sunlight line in St Sulpice are called Rose Line.

Philippe de Cherisey in his 1967 novel Circuit claimed his girlfriend “Roseline” (Roseline Cartades, described as “A Machiavellian Virgin”) was killed in a car crash and was buried in a beautiful tomb by the Zero Meridian.[2] The Zero Meridian was not called “Roseline” in Circuit, nor was it called that in the 1967 Priory of Sion document Le Serpent Rouge, that deals with the Zero Meridian being conflated with the sunlight line in St Sulpice.


I am a real master cryptologist and symbolist. It is said Dan Brown eavesdropped on the yahoogroups I belonged to where I unveiled my Rose Line – my family! In April of 1996 I filed a letter in the Probate of my sister, the Artist – Christine Rosamond – the granddaughter of Mary Magdalene! I was mocked! I threatened to turn my study into a Historic Romance after ‘Pharamond’ by de Costes de la Calprenede. I was insulted and banned out of fear my approach was the only one that was real. My daughter and her family deserted me in order to be in the rival biography about my late sister – that they could not give away.

Joseph Addison dedicate his opera ‘Rosamond’ to the Duchess of Marlborough – the ancestor of Princess Diana ‘The English Rose’. Sarah owned Blenheim Palace where Rosamond’s Labyrinth was built. Belle is of the Labyrinth. I found her in Ken Kesey Square while a troubadour sang, Saint Stephen’s Rose. I went in search of her. Whatever stratagem she owned after our meeting, is Null & Void. She has been trumped by a Rose Master descend from the Swan Brethren.


I own the greatest Historic Romance ever written, starring Belle Burch who asks after my name, AMBROSE, which is forbidden, it lying all but dead in the catycombs of the Superior Court of Monterey. For eight years, I waited for someone to free me – and the truth! I languished in rags down in a dank basement, while this pretender takes his banker to lunch! Enough! These games are at an end! I own all the right symbols in this chess game – and beauty is on my side! She has no choice! Catherine Van Der Turin is %100 percent behind my story – from beyond the grave! Did Belle’s mother and father read ‘The Da Vinci Code’?

The Da Vinci Code is a 2003 mysterydetective novel by Dan Brown. It follows symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris, when they become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ having been married to Mary Magdalene.

Rosamond and Female Line begot Franks

The male line from Pharamond to Merovee is traced from
Rosamond/Argotta and her daughters. Rosamond was an heiress, the
daughter of the Frankish King, Genobald. That the heiress, Jeanne de
Rougemont, one of four daughters of Ulrich de Rougemont, begot the
Habsburgs, and from Rougemont comes the name Rosamond, is profound,
as Jesus’ mother has been titled the ‘Rose of the World’. Some
authors claim the Habsburgs descend from Jesus’s brother,
James/Jacob the Nazarite, who I claim were a ‘race of prophets’.
This puts the name Rosamond at the apex of the Grail Rose Line.

“note: the first three Frankish kings, Faramond, Chlodio, and
Merovee, were NOT father, son, & grandson, as they appear in
traditional genealogies, but rather each came from different
families, and are connected by marriages and/or female-links. the
Salic Law was not introduced until the time of Clovis I “The Great”,
from whom all succeeding Merovingian kings sprang. the traditional
genealogy of his descendants, the Merovingians, should be re-edited
to show that Thibert I, King East Franks 534-548, & Thibaut, King
East Franks 548-555, were NOT father and son, but brothers. too,
another side-bar, Caribert II, King West Franks 629, was father of
Chilperic (d632), father of Childebrand, father of a son, Clodulphe,
Duke of Austrasia (d718), &, a dau, Chalpaida, 3rd wife of Pepin II,
Major Domo of France.

Let the opera begin! We have reached the point of no return! Time to Tango! Time to get published!

Awake Fair Rosamond, my Sleeping Beauty – awake and greet your destiny!

In such an endless Maze I rove,

Lost in Labyrinths of Love,

My Breast with hoarded Vengeance burns,

While Fear and Rage

With Hope engage,

And rule my wav’ring Soul by turns.

O Rosamond, behold too late

And tremble at thy future Fate!

Curse this unhappy, guilty Face,

Every Charm, and every Grace,

That to thy Ruin made their way,

And led thine Innocence astray:

Beneath some hoary Mountain

I’ll lay me down and weep,

Or near some warbling Fountain

Bewail my self asleep,

Where feather’d Quires combining

With gentle murm’ring Streams,

And Winds in Consort joining,

Raise sadly-pleasing Dreams.

Jon Presco

Don Juan

Copyright 2016

Greg 1975 Christine
Marlborough Maze at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK



Saint Stephen with a rose
In and out of the garden he goes
Country garland in the wind and the rain
Wherever he goes the people all complain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxrllF9ea4c belle






He returned to England at the end of 1703. For more than a year he remained without employment, but the Battle of Blenheim in 1704 gave him a fresh opportunity of distinguishing himself. The government, more specifically Lord Treasurer Godolphin, commissioned Addison to write a commemorative poem, and he produced The Campaign, which gave such satisfaction that he was forthwith appointed a Commissioner of Appeals in Halifax’s government.[2] His next literary venture was an account of his travels in Italy, which was followed by an opera libretto titled Rosamund.


-OriginalArrivalTime: 12 Feb 2001 21:35:39.0866 (UTC) FILETIME=[BE896BA0:01C0953B]
Content-Length: 9068

DANGEROSE, is Queen Eleanore of Aquitaine’s mother. Her great grandmother is
surnamed ROCHEFOUCAULD after FOUCAULD DE LA ROCHE (Sire De La Roche) also
spelled DE LA ROSA, as ROCH is ROZ and ROSE. Diana’s mother is FRANCIS
ROCHE, descended from SIR JOHN DE LA ROCHE. I suspect Queen Eleanore is the
mutliated statue of a Knight Templar at the family chapel built at ROSLYN.
This is WILLIAM DE ROS. A DE ROS married a SINCLAIR. Princess Isabel of
Scotland, and Queen of Jerusalem, married ROBERT DE ROS. Another Robert
marries another Isabela of ALBINI. ELIZABETH DE ROS married LEWIS CLIFFORD
(Sir Knight of the Garter. The ROSAMOND name and ancestry hover around this
ROCH and ROSE. Is it any wonder Princess Di was called DE LA ROSE DE ALBION
Many of the Queens of England adobted Rose badeges. The ROCHE family crest
consists of three fish, and represents a ROSE, ROCK, and RAVEN.


Has anyone posted anything on the Kingdom of GOTHA, a plan to Unite all of
Europe in the 1800’s? If Di’s lover was descended from the Ptolomy family,
then this would be a great threat, as the Windsors have no blood ties to
them as they claim – and this is so very key! Here are some links to these




The Unicorn of the British Royal Arms, is armed with King Arthur’s Sword,
the one he drew from the Obelisk Stone, and is the white, spiral horn of the
Narwhale, the same horn/sword that come out of the white haired,
goat-bearded, Angel’s mouth in Revelations 12:16. And with a voice like a
trumpet/horn, he says, “I am Alpha and Omega.”

He is Attis, the Zenith of Obelisk and Five Season Solar Year of the
Boilbel-Loth Alphabet. He is Dionysus Sabius the original (Alpha) Jehovah of
the Passover. He is Baal, Bel, and Helios, the Sun God. He has arisen from
the Four Sacred Halls to the top of the obelisk, climbing the spiral
staircase within (ladder of Jacob) to the Crown of the Sun. The horn is
centered in the Dog-days, and is a symbol of power:
“I will exalt your horn.”

The Four Halls make up the base of the Obelisk and is the Swastika, the
prime symbol in Minoan Crete. Either alone, or enclosed in a circle, it was
reserved for the Moon Goddess and her Royal Son, the King. The arms of the
Swastika are four sevens, equaling twenty eight, the number of days in the
months (moons) of the five season year. Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set and Nepthys
make up this sacred hall and its zenith. In the worship of Kali, they are
Siva, Kali. Vishnu, Surya, and Ganesa. In the coronation of an Indian king,
he is invested with a sacred mantle called
‘The Womb’. In this ceremony of rebirth, he is given five dice, the priest
saying; “Thou art master; may these five regions fall to thy lot.” The five
regions are the four quarters of the earth and the zentih.

Consider the construction of a Jousting tent, like the one young Arthur
entered to look for Kay’s sword. One does not rule by braun alone. Surely
Merlin taught his charge the secrets of the Kabala.
The two mysterious orders of the Essenes, the Sampsonians and the Helicaens,
were adepts in the calnedar mysteries and were named after Samson “like the
sun” the sun-hero, and the the Helix, or cosmic circle. An Essene who wished
to meditate, would insulate himself from the world by drawing a circle
around himself in the sand. Jesus does this while meditating in the
wilderness, and before he is ready to judge the men stoning the harlot to
death. Samson the Nazarite, was the first Judge of Israel. Samuel the
Nazarite, was the first to annoint a King of the Jews “He has risen!” the
A-lpha, to the Z-eneth!

Jon Presco

“Christine worked almost exclusively from photographs and
figures she cut from magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and
Glamour,” Garth recalls. “That’s why the women in her middle period
were so exquisite – the inspiration for them came from elegant
magazines that set the standard.”

[This rendering is perhaps preferable to that of Stowe (“Annals,” 1631), which

In any case the epitaph must be accounted a libel in one respect, for Leland, the Antiquary to Henry VIII, records that, on the opening of Rosamond’s tomb, at the dissolution of Godstowe nunnery, the bones were found to be encased in leather, surrounded by lead, and that “a very swete smell came out of it.”

Of a widely different nature was the version published in 1729 by Samuel Croxall in his “Select Collection of Novels,” Vol. IV. “The Loves of King Henry II and Fair Rosamond.” Here the attitude assumed is one of learned contempt for popular credulity. “What have we in this Story,” says Croxall, “but a Copy of Ariadne’s Clue and the Cretan Labyrinth?



By the early 1960s Philippe de Chérisey met Pierre Plantard, and together they developed an interest in Rennes-le-Château. From the mid-1950s local hotelier Noël Corbu circulated a story to boost trade, that the 19th century priest Bérenger Saunière of Rennes-le-Château had discovered the treasure of Blanche of Castile. The author Robert Charroux published Corbu’s story in his 1962 book Trésors du Monde.[2] In a letter dated 2 April 1965 to his girlfriend, de Chérisey wrote: “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll be setting out again for four days in the Pyrenees with Plantard to see if we can get any closer to Mary Magdalene.”[3] A mixture of de Chérisey’s humor and surrealism can be identified within his activities relating to the Priory of Sion hoax, Gisors and Rennes-le-Château, contained in his correspondence as well as in his documents that he deposited in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.


During the early 1960s de Chérisey forged two parchments, photocopies of which appeared in the 1967 book L’Or de Rennes by Gérard de Sède.[4] De Sède’s book adapted Corbu’s story to fit-in with Plantard’s claims about the Priory of Sion. The parchments hinted at the survival of the line of the Frankish king Dagobert II, that Plantard claimed to be descended from, as well as attempting to verify the existence of the 1000-year-old secret society, the Priory of Sion. The two “parchments” were later used as source material for the 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which was itself used as a primary source for the 2003 bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. Other documents, containing fake genealogies, were planted in the French National Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Pierre Plantard and Gérard de Sède fell out over book royalties when L’Or de Rennes was published in 1967, at the same time Philippe de Chérisey announced that he had forged the “parchments”. De Chérisey elaborated about this in his 1978 unpublished document L’Énigme de Rennes, claiming they were originally made for his friend Francis Blanche, as material for a French radio serial entitled Signé Furax.[5] A second document by de Chérisey entitled Pierre et papier (“Stone and Paper”) provides a more detailed explanation, giving the more complicated decoding technique to one of the “parchments” by using a Knight’s Tour 25-letter alphabet, omitting the letter “w”, the knowledge of which can only be


“That which I was obliged to tell you of the beauty of Rosamond, in
recounting to you what fashion she appeared to the eyes of my master,
hindered me from extending something upon that of Albisinda: but I
may tell you with truth, that if Rosamond were not in the world,
perhaps there would be nothing more beautiful then that Princess; and
that next to Rosamond, she has those particular charms, which nothing
can withstand: she has without doubt has less splendor and Majesty
than the Princess of the Cimbrians.”


In 1677 de Costes de la Calprenede is said to have written the first
historic romance novel when 1668 he compiled the history of the
Merovingian Frankish Kings in his monumental work ‘Pharamond’. Within
we have an account of Pharamond’s love for Rosemonde, the Cambrian
princess whose tribe, the Cimri, are mentioned in the Bible, they
associated with the Royal Scythians and the people of the ‘Prince of
Rosh’ that Ezekiel prophecised against in chaper 38. They are the
horseman of the Russian Steppes who would form the Celtic peoples
when they moved west. The ancestors of the Merovingians are kin to
the Cimri, who they chased into Asia, all the way to Ceylon India.
The union of Pharmond and Rosamonde will create the Sicambrian
Franks. Gardener says this union brought together to Grail

Gauthier dedicated ‘Pharamond’ to the Dutchess of Albemarle who
marired Christopher Monck, the son of George Monck the Duke of
Albemarle. Albemarle is the orignal name of the city of Charelston
which was a city founded by the The Lords Proprietors. George Monck
was instrumental in restoring the Stuarts to the throne.


The opera of Rosamond, though it is seldom mentioned, is one of the first of Addison’s compositions. The subject is well-chosen, the fiction is pleasing, and the praise of Marlborough, for which the scene gives an opportunity, is, what perhaps every human excellence must be, the product of good-luck improved by genius. The thoughts are sometimes great, and sometimes tender; the versification is easy and gay. There is doubtless some advantage in the shortness of the lines, which there is little temptation to load with expletive epithets. The dialogue seems commonly better than the songs. The two comic characters of Sir Trusty and Grideline, though of no great value, are yet such as the poet intended. Sir Trusty’s account of the death of Rosamond is, I think, too grossly absurd. The whole drama is airy and elegant; engaging in its process, and pleasing in its conclusion. If Addison had cultivated the lighter parts of poetry, he would probably have excelled.


John Churchill died at Windsor in 1722, and Sarah arranged a large funeral for him.[71] Their daughter, Henrietta, became duchess in her own right. Sarah became one of the trustees of the Marlborough estate, and she used her business sense to distribute the family fortune, including the income for her daughter Henrietta.[72]

Sarah died, in the words of Tobias Smollett, “immensely rich and very little regretted, either by her own family or the world in general”,[86] but her efforts to continue the Marlborough legacy cannot be ignored. Because of her influence, Sarah managed to marry off members of her family to England’s greatest aristocratic dynasties. Among the more famous descendants of the Marlboroughs are Winston Churchill[a] and Diana, Princess of Wales.[b]


Joseph Addison’s mediocre opera of 1707, Eleanor considerately uses a sleeping potion, not poison, so that Rosamond can be dispatched to the nunnery without a fuss and Henry and Eleanor can be reconciled.  It was a failure, needless to say.  The theater-going public wants blood and excessive displays of passion or they won’t show up.  It was also around this time that Woodstock disappeared.  The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough tore it down in 1704 to build their new palace; apparently the Duchess was not a sentimentalist and Blenheim Palace now sits on the spot.  For the rest of the 18th century, the story was neglected, though a few narrow-minded moralists used it to attack licentiousness.The Lost Symbol[edit]In The Lost Symbol, Robert Langdon has an adventure with the concepts of Freemasonry in Washington D.C. Tricked into visiting the nation’s Capitol, Robert Langdon spends twelve hours racing through the monuments and buildings of the USA’s forefathers, searching for the truth about the secret society of the Masons. Behind new doors lie secrets that promise to change the way people view science and politics, now threatened by Zachary Solomon, the renegade, estranged son of Robert Langdon’s friend, Peter Solomon, who has himself been kidnapped by Zachary, now going by the name Mal’akh. Robert Langdon is the last line of defense. With help from Katherine Solomon (Peter’s younger sister), Warren Bellamy (the Architect of the Capitol) and Inoue Sato (the director of the CIA).Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 16:59:12 -0000
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Subject: [Rennes-le-chateau] God-speakIn reading ‘The White Goddess’ I began to understand the God we don’t
see in the Bible is an Alphabet God whose knowlege comes to us via a
calendar mystery, as God had to be the Creator of all things,
including the days of our lives, or, they were from the other source –
chaos itself. To say the text of the Bible is aligorical, just
touches the surface of a genius at work here, that came to amaze
those who worked with the Word and the Name, they finding the human
language had a life of its own. I am sure the Scribes, Prophets, and
Bards had the same realizations we are experiancing here in the
computer age, that there exists an infinite wisdom and relfection
that we are bid to come meet full-face, but because knowlege is
infinite, we understand we are placed in a narrow cleft of a rock
(Sion) we only allowed to see the Great Project pass by from our
narrow window – and then only the backside of it, as in the White
Rabbit going down its burrow, and Einstein’s creation, big-bang
theory.It is also apparent, those who made these word discoveries were just
as keen to protect their discoveries, and thus we have riddles and
codes, a maze that protects the conclussion and the source. In doing
this, it was only a matter of time that someone built a maze to get
to the maze, and thus claim the whole maze. I recognized Paul ‘The
Pharisee of Pharisees’ had done this, he replacing Mose’s, Gods, and
Jesus’s laws and teaching a weird, shame-based dead end. Paul was
more then likely employed by the Herodian family to give them more
legitamacy after Queen Berenice married Titus Flavius, thus ensure
the future of the alliance the Maccabees made with Rome in order to
protect Israel from the Greek Selucids.Latin then went through a counter-word anti-revolutionary alteration,
aimed at destroying the Jewish-Greek union in a new alpha and omega
alphabet. For world conquerers to overcome the world, and then have
the conquered speak the language of a old rival, a confederacy
of ‘Sea Peoples’ would not do, as this kept Rome from being the sea
power it longed to be, the Phoenucians and Carthaginians – and the
Franks and Jews, claiming this Atlantian Kingdom. I am sure the
Frankish pirates adobted the Skull and Crossbone as the symbol of
their piracy, they cheated out of a sea-treaty no doubt. To see
Jesus, or John, as a Sea-savior of a watery kingdom is the lost
picture here, one that goes directly to the feet of Mark Anthony and
Cleopatra at Alexandria.The ‘Enthroned Man’ appears to be the key to the word-puzzle, he the
ancient computer made manifest. The scribes or teachers of the EM
would overcome anyone who learned this new alphabet, especially of
there is a new and ancient cosmology attached to it. Graves says this
about that revolution;“I am suggesting, in fact, that the religious revolution which
brought about the alphabet changes in Greece and Britain was a Jewish
one, initiated by Ezekiel (622-570 BC) which was taken up by the
Greek-speaking Jews of Egypt and borrowed from them by the
Pythagorians.” “The Name must have come to Britain by way of southern
Gaul where the Pythagoreans were establsihed early.”“The ‘Enthroned Man’ is not God, as might be supposed: God lets
nobody see his face and live. It is God’s likeness reflected in
spritual man. Thus, though Ezekiel retains the traditional imagery of
the unchanging Sun-God who rules the apex of a cone of light over the
four regions of the round universe- the eagle poised above the four
beasts- of the ever-changing bull-calf. Celestrial Hurcules, he has
withdrawn Jehovah from the old Trinity of Q’re (sun), Ashima (moon)
and Anatha (Ishtar) and redefined him as the God who demands national
perfection, whose similitude is a holy Being, half Judah, half
Benjamin, seated on Levis throne.” The ‘Lion Throne’?Here again is the horn of the narwhale as a beam of cone shaped light
upon which the ‘Entroned Man’ stands with a rainbow around him, the
four regions being the swastika (sun) eclipsing the “round” moon, of
the five seasons, this Prismatic Man giving birth to the five vowels,
now represented by five colors – purple being the fifth color?
Thus, the EM “wore the purple”? This is the Unicorn formula that
Arthur (who sought national perfection) may have deduced in his
studies as a young boy, as Merlin’s apprentice, who was more then
likely a Pythagorian Jew from Narborne, which I am curious to know,
means “narwhale born”. Anybody?JonOriginalArrivalTime: 12 Feb 2001 21:36:46.0465 (UTC) FILETIME=[E63B9F10:01C0953B]
Content-Length: 4302You are speaking of the Morrow family who I believe is also the
MacMurroughs, these names both stemming from names that mean ‘Mermaids’ and
Mermen’. I have the original spelling somewhere. They might be on my URL
under articles ‘Mysteries of the Priory De Sion’. Murry, is also a Mermaid,
and the Murry Clan badge depicts a Mermaid beholding herself in a mirror.
She is a hairdresser, but she is not holding a comb, but rather a……that
is used to pluck the harp – the Irish Harp, that you will find on the Rose
Clan badge. You will find the Morrow Family Tree on my domain, along with my
mother’s maiden name, Rosamond. An article about MacMurrough is there, who
is also mentioned in the Roche Family History I recently posted. In my essay
I discuss the ‘Palmers’. Robert Graves mentions them in his ‘White Goddess’
on page 396. They are key to my next post. The Palmers worshipped ‘Mary Gyp’
who is ‘Mary of Egypt’ who is’The May Bride’ who is the source of the name
‘Merry England’- and ‘Lady Miriam’. To quote Graves:“When the Crusaders invaded the Holy Land, built castles and settled down,
they found a number of heretical Christian sects living there under Moslem
protection, who soon seduced them from orhtodoxy. This is how the cult of
Mary Gipsey came to England, brought thrrough Compostella Spain by poor
pilgrims with palm branches in their hands, copies of the Apocryphal Gospels
in their wallets, and Aphrodites scallop shells stitched in their caps-the
Palmers celebrated in Ophelia’s song in Hamlet. The Lyre-plucking,
red-stockinged troubadors, of whom king Richard the Lion-Heart is best
rembere3d in Britain, estactically adobted the the Marian cult.”As well he should, as this cult begat the legend of Robin Hood, who
protected Richard’s interests – but more then that, his mother, Eleanore,
was ‘Queen of the Troubadors’ of Narborne, from wence this cult cam so long
ago – as you will see in my next post! from this line of Seers and Palmers
would come Rene De Anjou, also in the Morrow Tree, his very psychic mother,
Iolando? who might have sponcered Joan of Ark from the beginning, she
learning of her gifts. Nostradamus is descend from the De Anjous.My late mother, Rosemary, and my late sister, Christine – and myself, were
very psychic, we proving to each other time and time again we didn’t need to
use a telephone. I would like to – talk to your Marrows. What frequency do
they tune their harps to?Jon PrescoDate: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 17:58:29 -0000
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Subject: [Rennes-le-chateau] El and ‘The Sea Servant of Man’The ‘Red Dragon’ in Revelations 12 is El the Sea Serpent, Sea-beast,
or Whale that swallowed ‘The Messenger’ and spit him put of his mouth
like a stream of water on to the shores of a foreign land, he coming
up from the sand as the ‘Son of man’ carrying the Nehushtan on his
Rod, his Staff, its seven-heads, seven-crowns, and ten-horns
representing the seven sea kingdoms of the seven seas of the sea
peoples who came down to the shore to hear the servant of the sea
serpent speak about founding a new kingdom called Septamania (land of
seven) in the South of France! Now that was easy for me to say! But,
what does God-El say? He says this in Exodus 20:3“Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto
thee any graven images, or any likeness of anything, that is in the
heaven above, or that is in the the earth beneath, or is in the WATER
under the earth. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve
them:” BUT FOR NEHUSHTAN? Read John 3:12-15 again;“If I have told you of earthly things, and ye not believe not, how
shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no man hath
ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the
Son of man which is in heaven.” (Meaning he is in heaven as Jesus
speaks) “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even
so the Son of man be lifted up:”Did Jesus, a Nazarite devotee of John the Baptist, prepare the way
for the return of the “greatest prophet born of woman” as Jesus put
it? Did Jesus raise John, and not Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus is
another form of the name Eleazur the third son of Aaron and his
succesor to the office of the High Priest, the preisthood of Aaron
usurped when Abithar was dismissed.This tenth Commandment has been tampered with, it written after the
fall of the temple and the casting out of the Hellenised Jews, and
the Creten Nazarites who had come to reign in it, they for sure
honoring Alexander the Great as a Second Moses, of the SEVENTY-two
elders of the Septuagint! The Danes of the Danite Judges wearing the
Cross-let of the Tetragrammation, are the Levi Knights of the Rose
Cross, who raised the Sea Dragon from the Sea, and it was the Ensign,
and the End Sign of an old kingdom about to rise once again from the
Sea, as Rhodes the daughter Poesidon once did.“I God El am a jealous God! Thou shalt not make for thy selves any
other God but Nehushtan to go before thee and offer unto you my gift
of divine protection.”Take the word NEHUSHTAN, contract it, and you get the name NETHAN,
or, NATHAN which means “gift of God” JONATHAN means “gift of Jehovah”.
Thus, in beginning of Revelations the Servant coming out of the Sea
is the ‘Son of man’ who is John the Baptist, who was with God in the
beginning and with God in the ending of – the greatest story still to
be told….waiting in the wings to be revealed unto you!Have a blessed day, knowing God’s protection is with you!Jon PrescoCopyright 2000Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 17:42:15 -0000
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Subject: [Rennes-le-chateau] ‘Brightness of God’The symbol on the ephod could have been a swastika (seraph) within a
circle like the one the Samsonian and Helicean sect of the Essenes
drew around them on the ground they entering this circle to meditate
as Jesus does while in the wilderness for forty days and nights be
tempted. These two sects were adebts in the clandar mysteries, this
ENCOMPASSING circle representative of Asherah, the moon of the five
seasons of 28 days, turned into the Sun with the 4 sevens that make
up the arms of the swastika, more then likey a divine Star-son born
(aleph) to earth during a total eclipse of the sun as we see in
Matthew 27:52. The Essenes stopped worshipping at the temple when the
homage to the rising sun was done away with. The ‘Enthtroned Son of
Man’ is depicted at the apex of a conal-shaped ray (nrwhel horn) of
light falling into a circle, much like the image of God holding
calipurs, the HAND of God upon these calipars, the FIVE vowels of the
Annointed one, the FIVE days left over in the five season year that
are sacrificed when the sun begnins to wax on December 23, Benjamine
and Dagoberts day….THUS, the symbol on the ephod is a Masonic
symbol, as the Comacine Masters knew how to five-finger-speak, the
root of the five fingers the five vowels that make of the FOUR halls
of the swastika containing YHWH – the FIFTH space rising within the
obilysk stone the “builders rejected” when they rejected the sun-
worship of the Samsonian, Helicean, Essenes. Jesus was taken to this
obilysk after he was born, to be in the shadow of ‘Cleopatras Needle’.I will keep doing this formula, no matter how many times it is
rejected!Robert Graves suggests the ‘Berserks’ also ingested ‘Ambrosia’ the
food of the Gods and the Centaurs, which are mushrooms. The
Merovingian Franks were ‘Berserks’, Morton Snith suggesting the first
Chruch was based on a mushroom cult. Alice Kehoe has discovered that
Egyptian mummies have traces of coca and tabacco leaves in them,
evidence of trips top the New World. Consider the Incan Sun Calendar.
I have little doubt that the Judaic/Egyptian relgion planted it’s
root in the New World.I have posted the autobiography of my late sister, the
artist ‘Rosamond’ with links to the Pre-Raphaelites who wroshipped
Fair Rosamond, second wife of King Henry the second son of Godfroi de
Bouillon, she descended from the Danites and three Flavian emperors.
She was a Grail Queen compared to Mary Stuart and Cleopatra by the
Pre-Raphaelite poet, Swinburne, who connects her the type of mystery
we find around Mary Magdalene, where the true ‘Rose of the World’ is
turned into a whore by the false church who is still desperately
trying to keep the lid on her. I find the ‘Net of Coincidence’ to
profound to ignore, or, assign to meglamania, this grandiosity
beloinging to usurper Satan Saul/Paul….’The Bride of Jesus’.Jon PrescoCopyright 2001http://members.nbci.com/velchanos/Bonds%20with%20Angels.htmI direct you to the bottom of the page ‘Bonds with Angels’ to read
all links to Swinburne and Rosamond. I am convinced we are looking at
a present-day spiritual block to understanding the the symbols of the
Magdalene, the innitian in the Labyrinth, the Red Thread of Ariadne –
severed!ACT I. SCENE I.A Prospect of Woodstock-Park, termina|ting in the Bower.Enter Queen and Page.Queen.WHAT Place is here!What Scenes appear!Where-e’er I turn my Eyes,All aroundEnchanted GroundAnd soft Elysiums rise:Flow’ry Mountains,Mossie Fountains,Shady Woods,Chrystal FloodsWith wild Variety surprise.

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