Prussian Purchase and Adelsverein

The Prussians made an offer to purchase California. A week ago I talked about forming a new country with the States of California, Oregon, and Washington. We would be spared the divisive nation Trump created, that led to the total humiliation of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Outgoing Presidents traditionally help the Incoming President – especially with important policies they implemented. Our enemies will write – our history this way.

There is a good chance my Stuttmeister and Janke kinfolk knew about the Adelsverein – and the Prussian offer. If I can prove this, then the history of Belmont California is FREED from the closed history it created, on many occasions. So called ‘Historians’ slammed the door in my face, to hide the fact the remains of Carl Janke and his wife, were dug up around midnight – and buried in another city. I believe the trees you see my kindred among, is in Belmont.

Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – Wikipedia

I will highlight the history of the names you find at the end of this post, a day at a time. With my Puritan line to the House of Schwarzenberg of Bohemia, I highly suggest Britain, Germany, and the U.S. form a powerful alliance purged of the Neo-Confederate Evangelicals, who tend to be beer swilling degenerate racists, in love with their guns.

On May 5, 2021 I founded the Belmont School of Espionage. I am asking the backing of all nations who know who our enemies are and want to sound a warning. The New Adelsverein will concentrate on our foreign enemies, and never our domestic enemies.

John Presco

The Belmont Soda Works of California | Rosamond Press

 When Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels inspected the plantation in 1844, he recommended the Verein divest itself of the property, rather than be associated with slavery

Pompeo: US adversaries watching America ‘destroy’ its alliances amid Afghanistan exit (

The Rose of the World Art Gallery | Rosamond Press

How Texas Almost Became A New Germany | What If – YouTube

Duchy of Nassau – Wikipedia

The Prussian Kingdom of Jerusalem and California | Rosamond Press

Prussian Colony In California | Rosamond Press

The Prussian Kingdom of God | Rosamond Press

Prince Frederick William Louis of Prussia (GermanFriedrich Wilhelm Ludwig; 30 October 1794 – 27 July 1863) was a Prussian prince and military officer.



Born in Berlin, Frederick was the son of Prince Louis Charles of Prussia and Duchess Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, later Queen of Hanover, nephew of King Frederick William III of Prussia and stepson of Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover.

Princess Charlotte of Wales was interested in Frederick in 1814 and hoped to marry him. The pair met several times. However, the Prince suddenly got engaged to the daughter of Alexius Frederick Christian, Duke of Anhalt-BernburgPrincess Louise of Anhalt-Bernburg, whom he married on 21 November 1817 at Ballenstedt.[1] The couple had two sons:

Although both of their sons lived to advanced age, neither of them married or fathered any children.

Prince Frederick of Prussia (1794–1863) – Wikipedia

On 17 July 1806, Prince Frederick Augustus of Nassau-Usingen and his cousin Prince Frederick William of Nassau-Weilburg joined the Confederation of the Rhine. Prince Frederick Augustus, the senior member of the House of Nassau received the title of Sovereign Duke of Nassau, while Frederick William was granted the title of Sovereign Prince of Nassau. Under pressure from Napoleon I both counties merged to form the Duchy of Nassau on 30 August 1806, under the joint rule of Frederick Augustus and Frederick William. This decision was encouraged by the fact that Frederick Augustus had no male heirs and Frederick William was thus in line to inherit his principality anyway.

In 1815, at the Congress of Vienna, there was a further territorial expansion. When the Orange-Nassau line received the Dutch crown on 31 May, they had to surrender the Principality of Orange-Nassau to Prussia, which passed part of it to the Duchy of Nassau the next day.

Frederick William died from a fall on the stairs at Schloss Weilburg on 9 January 1816, and it was his son William who became the first sole Duke of Nassau after Frederick Augustus’ death on 24 March 1816.

Duchy of Nassau – Wikipedia


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchLogo of Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas

The Mainzer Adelsverein at Biebrich am Rhein (Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas, “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas”), better known as the Mainzer Adelsverein (German pronunciation: [ˈmaɪ̯nt͡sɐ ˈaːdəlsfɐˌʔaɪn], “Nobility Society of Mainz”), organized on April 20, 1842, was a colonial attempt to establish a new German settlement[1] within the borders of Texas.[2]



The Adelsverein was organized on April 20, 1842, by 21 German noblemen at Biebrich on the Rhine. They gathered at the castle of the German Duke of Nassau, the future Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who was named Protector of the Society.[3] In Germany, the society was referred to as Mainzer Adelsverein after the city of Mainz, where it was officially registered. The society represented a significant effort to establish a new Germany on Texas soil through organized mass emigration.[2] The land for the emigrants was to be purchased by the Adelsverein or secured through land grants from the Republic of Texas.[4]

On January 9, 1843, Count Ludwig Joseph von Boos-Waldeck bought the 4,428-acre Nassau Plantation in Fayette County, Texas, for $0.75 an acre and named it for the Duke of Nassau. Twenty-five slaves were bought to work the property,[5] which initially was considered as the primary base for arriving German immigrants.[3][6] When Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels inspected the plantation in 1844, he recommended the Verein divest itself of the property, rather than be associated with slavery.[5] Gustav Dresel, Special Business Agent for the Adelsverein, sold Nassau Plantation on July 28, 1848, to Otto von Roeder.[7] Von Roeder had been the first settler in Shelby, Texas, in 1841, a year before the Adelsverein was founded in Germany, and three years before the Adelsverein sent its first colonists to Texas. Von Roeder had emigrated to Texas from Westphalia in the 1830s and was not affiliated with the Adelsverein’s colonization efforts.[8] The community of Shelby had been named for David Shelby, one of the Old Three Hundred under Stephen F. Austin.[9] Shelby became the home of many Adelsverein colonists in 1845, but it was not founded by the organization. Because many of its German settlers spoke Latin, Shelby is believed to be part of the Latin Settlement communities populated in Texas at that time.[10]

Prince Carl was appointed commissioner general by the Adelsverein in May 1844 to lead its colony in Texas. Each head of household was required to deposit 600 gulden (300 gulden for a single person) with the Adelsverein to cover transportation and housing at the colony and as credit to draw upon until they made their first harvest.[4] The first Adelsverein-sponsored immigrants arrived in Galveston in July 1844. They traveled from Galveston to Indianola in December 1844, then moved inland to land grants acquired by the Adelsverein near Comal Springs. Prince Solms named the first colony New Braunfels in honor of his homeland.

Henry Francis Fisher and Burchard Miller sold their 1842 land grant to the Adelsverein on June 22, 1844. This grant was intended to provide for more settlements in Texas.[2]Main article: Fisher–Miller Land GrantMain article: History of Fredericksburg, Texas

After Prince Solms returned to Germany, John O. Meusebach was appointed the second commissioner general of the Adelsverein in April 1845. He founded the first settlement on the outskirts of the land grant, and named it Fredericksburg, in honor of Adelsverein member Prince Frederick of Prussia. The land grant was located in Comanche territory, and to colonize, Meusebach first negotiated a treaty between the German Immigration Company (Adelsverein) and the Penateka Comanche.Main article: Meusebach–Comanche Treaty

A separate agreement was made with the Darmstadt Forty, to settle socialist colonies within the land grant.

In 1853, due to a large amount of debt, Adelsverein ended its colonization campaign in Texas.[11]

Darmstadt Society of Forty[edit]

Further information: List of Darmstadt Society of Forty

Count Castell[12] negotiated with the separate Darmstadt Society of Forty to colonize 200 families on the Fisher–Miller Land Grant territory in Texas. In return, they were to receive $12,000 in money, livestock, equipment, and provisions for a year. After the first year, the colonies were expected to support themselves.[13] The colonies attempted were Castell,[14] Leiningen, Bettina,[15] Schoenburg and Meerholz in Llano County; Darmstädler Farm in Comal County; and Tusculum in Kendall County.[16] Of these, only Castell survives. The colonies failed after the Adelsverein funding expired, and also due to conflict of structure and authorities. Some members moved to other Adelsverein settlements in Texas. Others moved elsewhere, or returned to Germany.

Texas settlements[edit]

Fisher–Miller Land Grant colonies[edit]



Founding members[edit]



The German Rose of California

Posted on September 24, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press

appol86 appol90appol68 appol81 appol83 appol85Ursuala von der Leyen lived in California from 1992 to 1996. She born five children in the Golden State, including twins, Victoria and Johanna. She went to Standford which is about six miles from Belmont where my German ancestors lived. These five children are Citizens of the United States of America. This fulfills the prophecies I have made in this blog that have got me titled “insane” by my own daughter.

The von der Leyen family is said to have held the name de Petra, meaning “The Rock”, but this is a princely branch named after the castle that is a citidal atop a rock, that looks like Skellig Michael. Rosie’s ancestors owned three castles. They were silk and cotton manufacturers like the Rosamond family.

Rosie and her husband – are the European Union that came to dwell in the land I was born, and the State my kindred Jessie and John Fremont, wrested away for the Habsburgs. I will be composing a paper to Rosie informing her of our rich German heritage in the Bay Area.

When I found the Stuttmeister tomb in Colma near Standford, I put a coin with the image of an angel insides William’s resting place with the image of an angel upon it.

“The Iron Cross is its official emblem. It is a symbol that has a long association with the military of Germany. The Schwarzes Kreuz is derived from the black cross insignia of the medieval Teutonic knights; since 1813 the symbol has been used to denote a military decoration for all ranks.”

The Stuttmeisters fled to Chile with other Prussian Forty-Eighters. We taught the Chilean Army how to march. I hereby found the California branch of the Teutonic Knights in order to fight the Dark Force.

Jon Presco

n 1977 she became a student of economics at the University of Göttingen, soon moving to Münster and then the London School of Economics. While studying in London in 1978, she used the pseudonym “Rose Ladson”, because she was seen as a potential target for West German left-wing terrorism.[11] “Röschen” (“Rosie”) has been her nickname since childhood.[12] In 1980, she switched to studying medicine and subsequently enrolled at the Hanover Medical School, where she graduated in 1987 after seven years.[13]

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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