Prussian Purchase and Adelsverein

I declare Harry and Meghan representatives of their Prussian and Stuart Ancestors in California.

I believe my great grandfather, Carl Janke, was a member of the Prussian movement to colonize Northern California, and was oppressed because he made his plans known. 

I envision a Puritan Reformation on both coasts. The purging of the subversive Baptists, and the authoring of a New Constitution that Frees Slaves, and give All Peoples the Right to Vote, will no longer be an Amendment. 

John ‘The Nazarite’

Mille Fleurs | Rosamond Press


Prussia, alone among the contenders for California, had no colonies of its own. All but without a navy of its own, and the weakest and smallest of the European great powers, its position as a candidate for the vast state of California upon the other side of the world can seem unlikely at first. Friedrich Ludwig von Roenne, the German ambassador to the United States, was a vigorous proponent of colonies, and wrote the following to Christian von Bunsen, the Prussian ambassador to the United Kingdom, as follows:

I fully agree with you that now is the moment, under the rule of our excellent King, who has a genuine German mind and heart, which beats aloud for everything that is noble, to lay the foundations of the greatness of our beautiful German Fatherland, in a political as well as in a commercial sense. England will always, as you say, see in us an awkward rival, but the time has arrived when we must act in a bold and independent way, and this can only happen if we are united as if we have a Navy and colonies. What a country Germany could become in such circumstances! She would be the equal of any other . . .

Your idea of purchasing California is an excellent one. I would never have thought of doing such an audacious thing, but, nevertheless, as early as the year 1837 I already had the notion, for when I reported on the condition of immigrants- especially with regard to the question of establishing a penal colony- I called attention to the possibility that Mexico might agree to give up a piece of land in California. The idea of buying all California deserves in every way to be preferred to this. The many Germans who go there yearly from the United States very soon cease to be Germans; they adopt local manners and customs and are entirely lost to Germany. On the other hand, a completely German colony, even long after migration, would retain for our German manufactures a permanent market and yield all the profit to the Mother Country. The possession of such a colony would also provide a good training-ground for our army and offer innumerable other benefits.

Upper California- which alone can be considered- if one can trust the many descriptions of it which which have been produced- the [latest] is I believe that by Alexander Forbes,12 published in 1839 in London- is one of the finest countries in the world, and on account of its happy position between the tropical and northern zones, is capable of bringing forth all the products which are suitable for exchange with the Mother Country, and which also would even be sought after by Mexico and the South American states. It is only necessary that it should be in the possession of an active, industrious and energetic people, and who would dispute these qualities to our German countrymen? These are the qualities whereby they earn so much respect here in the United States. No people on earth are better as cultivators of the soil than the Germans.

Rosamond Press

The Prussians made an offer to purchase California. A week ago I talked about forming a new country with the States of California, Oregon, and Washington. We would be spared the divisive nation Trump created, that led to the total humiliation of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Outgoing Presidents traditionally help the Incoming President – especially with important policies they implemented. Our enemies will write – our history this way.

There is a good chance my Stuttmeister and Janke kinfolk knew about the Adelsverein – and the Prussian offer. If I can prove this, then the history of Belmont California is FREED from the closed history it created, on many occasions. So called ‘Historians’ slammed the door in my face, to hide the fact the remains of Carl Janke and his wife, were dug up around midnight – and buried in another city. I believe the trees you see my…

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