The Prussian Kingdom of God

The Windsors are a German family. They have been hiding their German ancestors. King George was close with his Cousin. The Germans in America fought against Germany and thus are – guilt free! My vision of a all black army an navy in California – has come to pass! I am a Great Seer!

Seer Jon

Why are the royals STILL hiding their German past? | Daily Mail Online

(3) Chile Military Parade, with Chilean Commentator – YouTube

It was 1916, in the middle of World War I, when Britain’s fortunes against the enemy in France were at their lowest ebb.

Lloyd George’s disdain for the ‘German-ness’ of the Royal Family was echoed throughout the aristocracy and the governing classes, based partly on the unendearing character of the King himself, but also upon the understandable xenophobia of a nation at war.

Cousins: George V (right) ¿ in his German military uniform ¿ with Kaiser Wilhelm in 1913

Cousins: George V (right) ¿ in his German military uniform ¿ with Kaiser Wilhelm in 1913After all, George was a German, though he lived the life of an English gentleman.

His father was descended from two separate strains of German blood, the family surname — rarely used — being Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

His wife, Queen Mary, though the first consort for 400 years to speak English as her mother tongue, did so with a guttural German accent.

Rosamond Press

The Kingdom of God is born this day! This kingdom is found within the entire Northern and Southern Continent. Prince Georg Frederich of Prussia is working hard to restored the Hohenzollern to the Throne. I claim the castles of the Schwarzenbergs, and restore the Kingdom of Bohemia. I suggest we compare our DNA. Only subjects of these United Kingdoms will know the Kingdom of God. Repent!

“Come unto me!”

For ever two thousand years Royal Families have backed Christianity with their blood and fortune. Jesus is very grateful. The false claim that Jesus approves of, and backs any Democracy, is false. President Trump said he has done more for Christianity – than Jesus! His lawyers are doing away with the Letter of the Law – as I type! All evangelical followers of John Darby – are cast out! Any Christian who votes for Trump – will not see the Glory…

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