The Prussian Kingdom of Jerusalem and California

Trump is talking about implementing Marshall Law. I believe he has been considering doing this in California for a couple of years. He has sent his idiotic advance guard in the form of The Newt and The Hucklehead.

FLASH! Trump’s ‘Patriot Prayer’ group attacked the Oregon State House and two reporters. This is coming from THE President. Never before in history have we had a leader who encourages civil disobedience – and attacks on the press! I am writing a James Bond novel to get my politics and message across – as well as weaken Putin.. A year ago I had Victoria Bond and Miriam Christling become lovers to counter the anti-gay bashing in Russia. San Francisco led the world in Gary Rights. Ian Fleming is kin to all the Gettys. Governor Newsom is being attacked by the religious-right. This is – REVENGE! Are the Trumpites reading my blog?

My grandfather the author was a friend of Dashiell Hammet and taught Erl Stanley Gardener to write. He camped on the Channel Islands with Black Mask writers. My spy novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ should be a SF landmark, a part of the Starter Sourdough.

I showed up dressed as the Anti-Christ at a armed 3% rally in Eugene Oregon that clashed with a Gay Rights rally. This militia promised Biblical stuff – too!

John ‘The Seer’

(1) Patriot Prayer Is Dragging Antifa Into An Unwinnable PR War (HBO) – YouTube

The Black Mask – Writes Again! | Rosamond Press

Two journalists, Brian Hayes of the Salem Statesman-Journal and Sergio Olmos of OPB, said they were assaulted by protesters Monday afternoon.

OSP has identified Jeremy Roberts, 40, as the man who attacked the reporters. Roberts has not been located by officers yet.

Covid US: Anti-lockdown protesters hit Oregon State Capitol building | Daily Mail Online

Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John G. Precsco

Copyright 2020

While Starfish salivated over the target rifle that Admiral William Augustus Lee used when he won his first gold medal, Victoria took in the old map that was hung on the back of the display. She had seen it before. In her work at the Royal College of Arms, she had seen many old maps that were provided as evidence of a royal or Baronic lineage. Claims to land – played a huge role in owning a title and cote of arms!

Pressing her nose to the glass, Victoria was now nine years old. When she read the name Charles Preuss, she went into a deep trance. She had looked at a dozen copies of this map filed in the College to back up claims for large chunks of California. Taking out her cellphone, she googled John Fremont. Preuss went on…

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