Why Didn’t Shamus Tell His Story?

I just found this in the Pinecone link below. It was written in December of 94 as part of the year in review. When I read it weeks after my sister drowned, my life was changed forever. What Vicki Presco is saying, is, Christine PREDICTED HER DEATH while she had her back turned to the sea. Why was this not retold in Tom Snyder’s bio of Rosamond? Is it in the screenplay that executor Sydney Morris approved of – along with the biography? I am sure I filed this in the probate. I did not buy a word of it! How could Morris and Buck? It was high tide. They should have never sold any family story to anyone. No one who is terrified of the ocean sits with their back to it – and then wonders aloud if she is going to get “killed”. Was Vicki sitting with her back to the ocean – and thus didn’t see it coming – too? My eight year old niece – is right there! Is there NO FEAR for her safety?

The visual artist Rosamond 

The sudden death of Christine 
Rosamond Fresco — who signed her 
popular paintings as simply Rosamond 
— shocked this community last March. 

Her Canpel gallery and artistic out¬ 
put kept Rosamond busy. She took off 
one Saturday to enjoy the Big Sur coast 
(near Rocky Point) with her eight-year- 
old daughter. Drew, and sister Vicki 
Presco, visiting from Oakland. 

Rosamond sat on a rock with the low 
tide at her back. Vicki: "She looked over 
her shoulder and said, Tf a giant wave 
came right now, it could take me out to 
sea and I could drown.’ Less than 15 
seconds after she said that, it came. A 
giant wave smashed down.” 

Vicki grabbed Drew from the froth¬ 
ing water. Rosamond was retrieved by 
Coast Guard helicopter, but never re¬ 
gained life’s breath. The gallery remains 
open in her memory. 

John Detro wrote the first extensive report of how Christine Rosamond Benton died. I wrote the second, a long report that I gave the coroner, and, the Probate Court. I sent a copy to the sheriff. Under my special copyright, my report is copyrighted. Here is a fantastic image of the Rocky Point House. Does this look like a place to take a eight year old child to go tide-pooling. Vicki talks about going to town to rent fishing poles, but our father told me they stopped by his house – to borrow his poles on Friday. There was a party planned. Why go fishing? Why wasn’t Dutro told about the party? One of the rescue people told me the wind was blowing hard and you could see whitecaps to the horizon.

  1. Rocky Point CA – YouTube

Move the tabs on the bottom and side to get the complete picture. This may be the last place on earth you would go looking for creatures in tide-pools.

John Presco

California Coastal Records Project – Image 200508596 (californiacoastline.org)

Full text of “Carmel Pine Cone 1994-12-29” (archive.org) 

Rosamond Press

I sent a copy of my report to John Detro who wrote the Pinecone article about Christine Rosamond’s death. I thought he worked for this paper. He was another hired writer. He showed Jacci, and Stacey my report because they are friends. Shamus told me he was in Christine’s home that should have been sealed. Shamus calls me and says I am accusing him of murder. This is not true. THEY had to have read about me talking to the Life Insurance Fraud Agent. Shamus did not give his account in Snyder’s book. Why did he not clear his name? Why is he removed from Christine’s presence, and put all over the place? If Drew told the truth, then Shamus would be guilty of life insurance fraud.

Vicki Presco was in the Navy, thus she knew about tides and sneaker waves. She knew there were no tide-pools at Rocky Point…

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