No Battleship For Bozo

The Christian Clown Car keeps rolling! The Christian-right keeps sending VERY WEAK messages to our enemies, telling them our prayers – and votes don’t work. Our Navy did not want to be used to make God look good, they reasoning – He doesn’t want their help, and, He is still good to go with Mr. Bozo! To prove this is so, God bid Gaetz to declare he will nominate Bozo to be the Speaker of the House, after God takes back Congress. I guess it’s O.K. to say these are GOD’S PLANS. Why keep it a secret any longer. God wants His Loyal Ones to line up behind China and Russia and attack the President of the United States and his party.


Trump rally at Battleship Park nixed after political concerns raised | WPMI (

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on Saturday told a crowd of Trump supporters that he’ll nominate the former president to the House Speaker role. 

“After the next election cycle when we take back the House of Representatives, when we send [current Speaker] Nancy Pelosi back to the filth of San Francisco, my commitment to you is that my vote for Speaker of the US House of Representatives will go to Donald J. Trump,” Gaetz, a Republican representative from Florida, promised at a Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida.

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Kremlin says ‘provocations’ like UK warship episode demand tough response (

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Matt Gaetz Promises a Crowd He’ll Nominate Trump for House Speaker (

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WPMI) — NBC 15 News has learned an event featuring former President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker that was being planned for this Saturday at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed after park commissioners became wary.

“After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,” commission chairman Bill Tunnell.

Tunnell says commissioners sought an opinion from the attorney general’s office in late May. NBC 15 News obtained Attorney General Steve Marshall’s June 16th response, which notes their letter was dated May 26th , postmarked June 11th and received June 14th. “Due to the imminence of the date of the proposed event, my Opinions Division is unable to timely respond with an official position,” Marshall wrote. But he went on in the letter to cite case law that says parks may be used for political events provided access is “available for all political parties and candidates on an equal basis.”

The state park has been used for political events previously. In 2012, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum used the park for a rally.

Trump rally at Battleship Park nixed after political concerns raised | WPMI (

“Rick Santorum was the, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And that’s when the commission went to the no partisan politics open to the public,” said Tunnell.

“I’ll be honest, I feel some people just didn’t want it, not just it but President Trump,” said local Tea Party activist Pete Riehm.

Riehm, who was familiar with the behind the scenes discussions of the event, says what happened raises free speech concerns.

“If people can’t assemble in public places. Where can we assemble?” said Riehm.

The chairman of the Alabama Republican PartyJohn Wahl told NBC 15 news that Donald Trump had committed for Saturday night, was excited to speak to the Port City and he’s disappointed the event is not moving forward.

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