Credible Weather Witness

I know I told John Detro about Michelle in the sixty page report I handed him, because it was her testimony about the wind, that convinced me there was a real cover-up. John was not convinced, and like a dog, brought his chance to be somebody, to Stacey and Jacci, who went to High School together in Fresno. If only HE had called up the most reliable and honest person on the West Coast, and got HER side of The Weather Story. I believe this big blunder by the big blob, hastened his pending death.

“Oh my God! What have I done?”

What was I thinking. The Bronte Sisters would have killed each other for this story. You got the famous house on the craggy coast, with wind-whipped seas! You got the forlorn woman artist in the middle of a divorce! A year later I discover we are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose Godfather wanted Liz and her parents to be part of a International Naval Plan to forever defeat tyrants. Our Rosamond Story is turned into a stick-figure drawing contest. 

John Presco

Royal Rosamond Press

Brontë family – Wikipedia

“A week after Christine was allegedly killed by a rogue wave, I was at her house when she got annoyed with Michelle Neisess a friend of Christine and our father whom she met at dinner over at the Benton home. I asked Michelle about the wind conditions that morning and she said it was very windy. She goes jogging around 9:00 A.M. almost every morning with her good friend, the ex-Chief of Police of Pacific Grove. They have coffee together. She said she will talk to him about his recollections.

“He said it was quite a blow that morning!” Michelle told me on the phone. My investigation was on in earnest.

Rosamond Press

Sharpiegate is all over the internet! Trump is oblivious to the dead in the Bahamas. He has to be right – at all costs!

Drew Benton did not attend her mother’s funeral. A half hour after we were back in Christine’s house, Garth Benton dropped his daughter off. He did not come in, which led me to wonder if he had any scratches on his face.

Garth successfully sued the Gettys for painting over his mural. Vicki had her niece do a quickie work of art – to get in touch with her feeling. What feelings. She and Shamus got back to playing video games. No way would she stop playing with her cousin who came to  visit for a few days. Vicki rendered those stick figures! I recreated Vicki’s drawing in the top imag. Drew was a gifted artist at this age. The Art of Vicki will be my…

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