Treading Into The Boeing Zone

My man, Spooky Noodles, suggested I get an agent – once again! This time, I believe in myself. I saved Jack London’s ass on several occasions. The Fleming connection to London and Black Mask Authors gives me ‘Unlimited Literary Permission’ that every writer seeks. It comes with the territory.

I’m going to have my agent contact Meg Whitman, and convince her and her QUIBI TEAM OF LOSERS, to back my Bond Adventure, which may be a real loser. But, that’s THE GAG! Just throw some Chump Change my way – good money after bad – and see what you get! I’ve already been ON THE AIR for over three years. This morning I am all giggles as I compose the meeting of Starfish with Seth Zachary, who I tried to contact a couple of years ago so he could warn Meg – she has a real loser on her hands. I was right – as usual!

Time to get paid for being right!

How about a movie on the making of QUIBI. Seth is the best actor in the world. I love everyone of his expressions. Quinton Terrantino will be his secretary, his major domo. Their moments of private conspiring will be a cliché on the worst paranoiac ideas of who controls everything, and why. I want to see jaws drop in the theatre. Starfish is going to get a HUGE hit on Zach. Is this her personal guru at the top of the mountain she climbs?

John Presco

The Royal Janitor

Just before Zachary opened the door to his office, Victoria suddenly turned pale, and excused herself to go to the ladies room. Starfish wanted to tell her that she was suffering from symbiotic morning sickness, and told her so at least a dozen times a day, telepathically,  because she did not want to tell her lover she was pregnant – while moving her lips. This way she could not be accused of keeping a big secret from The One You Love, because she was employing telepathy Victoria was not yet proficient at.

When Seth opened his door, he started to close it again when he saw a hippie Amazon woman nearly six feet tall. This was downtown L.A. Had some crazed person wandered in off the street?  Starfish sensing danger, turned on Zach and gave him a very fierce look.

“Miss Bond!” Zach offered, doing his best to not notice this giant was not wearing a bra. “Would you please come into my office.”

Starfish started to tell this strange man that she was not Victoria, and that she was busy being sick – in her place.

“Stop batting your eyelashes at me. You’re making me feel – odd!”

Zach felt his knees quaking as Miriam walked past him. Perhaps I should call security?

“No need for that. I’m Miss Bond’s bodyguard.”

Seth, all of a sudden, felt – elevated! There was a tingling on the top of his head. He had toyed with the idea people could converse telepathically when he was a teenager hooked on pulp science fiction books. He was not happy when Victoria opened the door, and ruined – their moment!

“Miss Bond, I assume?” Zach rued that utterance, that was a waste of words. Mr. ‘Gift of Gab’ had been transformed, forever. But, once he got behind his desk, Zach hit the PLAY button, and out of him came his….delivery. Miriam leaned forward and was enraptured. She did not blink for six minutes.

Now You See It! Now You Don’t | Rosamond Press

(16) Seth Zachary, Chairman of Paul Hastings: Full-Length Video – YouTube

(16) 10 Screenwriting Tips from Quentin Tarantino – Interview with writer of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill – YouTube

11:38 A.M. I just got off the phone with Seth’s secretary, and, tried to tell her why I think her boss is a work of art. She could not comprehend a word I said. I said that is the point, business-attorneys speak their own language to one another, and, artists speak their special language to each other. She did acknowledge the Richfield building. I mention Haig being the president of the Bohemian Club, and, the President of the California Barrel Company. I told her I am putting a show together and I would like to see it installed at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, or, the Getty Museum!

Zabriskie Point is considered the worst movie ever made. I saw a 3D movie Andy Warhol made that shoves a cow heart at the audience. It was sooooooooooooo bad! Andy is dead, but David Lynch is alive – and treading! Would he make short movies for Quibi? He made a movie out near Zabriskie Point. I see Seth playing himself. My friend ran into Tom Waites in a downtown LA bar, and partied with him for two days.

“He was the worst piano player I ever heard. I almost walked out. I asked the bartender why he puts up with a bum, and he should throw him out!”

The bartender laughed.

“That guy, is famous. That’s Tom Waites!”

Seth Zachary walks into the downtown bar from the Paul Hastings building, and starts talking his bullshit no one understands. Tom always digs Zach, and suggests they go on a joy ride to Zabriskie Point. His grandfather willed him some property, and, he can’t drive because of too many DUIs. Tom always compares Seth to Rod Serling.

“Let’s you and I go get in the Treading Zone you are always talking about!”

The stars of Zabriskie Point were followers of Mel Lyman, who was married to my kin, Jessie Benton, whose father was the famous artist and muralist, Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandfather’s name was removed from a building on the ground of Oregon State, by Ed Ray. I’m still working on Ed’s letter.

When ever Tom visits Sach in his office, he sees the Ghost Building lurking outside, and goes off on a strange diatribe about…………..nothing it would seem. Sometimes his niece, Valkyrie Breevort, accompies Tom. She always recites a unbelievable legal litany that claims most of the land that Greenwich Village was built, belongs to her. No one, fully believes everyone is in touch with reality, and, is telling the truth. The truth is – they are telling the truth! They may never get out of the Treading Zone, and on to solid ground. Do they really want to?

Valkyrie is a disciple of Anna Halprin, and belongs to a very strange and radical dance group that are funded by the Beryl Buck Trust. She also has very dangerous second cousins living in a commune at Zabriskie Point. For a week I have been trying to get Anna’s group out at the Pot Power Plant, doing a circle dance as the moon rises and sits atop the smokestack. If you recall this is vital in preventing another great SF earthquake on the last night the SF Opera plays Carmen.

The reason no one will take Valkyrie’s case, is because she is so goddamn beautiful. Since the utter destruction of the Greek cosmology by advancing Christianity, there is a unspoken rule not to let gorgeous women have any money.

“I am the Helen of California!”

I believe a series of True Art Movies can be made by Quibi.

to be continued

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Play both videos at the same time.

He married Zayda Zabriskie (daughter of Christian Brevoort Zabriskie) in 1911 and they had four children, Frank Henry Buck III (1912-1993), Margaret Ann Buck(1913-), Christian Brevoort Zabriskie Buck (1914-1995) and Edward Zabriskie Elvis Buck (1917-1964). After they divorced, he married Eva Mathilde Benson in 1926,[2] and they had two children, William Benson Buck and Carol Franz Buck (1936-). He died on September 17, 1942, while still in office.[5]

Rosamond Press

I saw this coming in my proposed story ‘The Treading Zone’. Here is proof I can see into the future.

Seer Jon

Seth Zachary walks into the downtown bar from the Paul Hastings building, and starts talking his bullshit no one understands. Tom always digs Zach, and suggests they go on a joy ride to Zabriskie Point. His grandfather willed him some property, and, he can’t drive because of too many DUIs. Tom always compares Seth to Rod Serling.

Let’s you and I go get in the Treading Zone you are always talking about!”

Most countries, including the US, grounded Boeing’s 737 Max 8 aircraft following a second deadly crash two weeks ago. The company has scrambled to address concerns over the plane’s automated flight control system and now says it has a fix ready. It includes both updates to the airplane’s systems and training…

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