The Bohemian Hubris

This may be my kin. Karel Schwarzenberg saw the Nazis march into Bohemia, the Czech Republic, and then here come the Russians – who are poised to invade the Ukraine. Putin warns the United States to stay out of this fight – for it’s own good! We Bohemian, Peacenik, Hippies warned our government to stay out of Afghanistan – for our own good! Our President has announced the day of our – final defeat! Like the Russians – we lost there! Here is an article suggesting the U.S. lost its HUBRIS in Afghanistan. What I have been looking at, and blogging about, has the Bohemian Lifestyle lost its HUBRIS? This is why I made my Bond characters kind of Hippish. This is why I looked at Belmont as the location of another Bohemian Hotspot – after I looked at Crockett, where my Bohemian grandfather lived on a houseboat.

(16) Karel Schwarzenberg documentary, Deutsch English subtitles – YouTube

There is a good chance Karel knew, or heard of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Then there is my ex-friends Stefan Eins and Christine Wandel, the latter becoming a rabid Trump Lover and racist. Stefan is from Austria. Lately, I have wondered if Chinese and Russian agents aren’t studying my blog, just to see if The Last Bohemian is going to be completely humiliated. Perhaps The Last King of Bohemia – will end his miserable life! Then, the powerful propaganda machine of our enemies – will play it that way – and ignore the Bohemian hubris.

Here is another very prophetic post where I suggest Thomas Pynchon be employed by Meg Whitman to save QUIBI – even though Tom had his hubris moment in the making of ‘Inherent Vice’. I think QUIBI should make propaganda movies on par with Casablanca. To bet a billion dollars on young people not wanting to know anything, and thus they want to watch ten minute movies – was the GREATEST DISASTER in entertainment history! Young people want to study about the best way THEY CAN REBEL! They want to watch a FULL LENGTH rebel movie! They want to enjoy every erotic minute of it. Your typical Donna cries for Rebel Tommy scene takes six minutes. To throw them a bone – is to declare the AGE OF REBELLION is over.

Here are news-clips of David Seilder and Richard Farina rebelling at Cornell because the Dean made a rule declaring a female had to be accompanied by another female while in the room of a male student, who is plying her with drinks. This is before refer madness really took off. There was a 2,000 person march to the Dean’s house – with torches! This is ANIMAL HOUSE! Is the College Boner – DEAD!

“Rules – won’t replace us!”

This is the reproduction imperative! No one tells me how to fornicate!

I love Karel! His dry wit, is perfect. He takes the film guy to his family church, then shows the hunting trophies his mother bagged, saying;

“She was very strict. Best not to contest her.”

Well, this is what he did. It’s traditional. He got drunk at the infamous Bohemian hot-spot, shot the shit with fellow Bohunks, then got pretty women in bed! Have Putin’s soldiers been brought up differently? Best they stay home – if they know what is good for them!

I’m sorry! I am a big fan of Tik Tok where I see young goddesses throwing the bird – because they want to! In China, not one of the two billion citizens – ever throws the bird! They learned what is good for them.

John ‘King of the Bohemians’

Thomas Pychon Meets Quibi | Rosamond Press

Prince Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃvartsn̩bɛrk], born 10 December 1937) is a Czech politician, former leader of the TOP 09 party and was its candidate for President of the Czech Republic in the 2013 election. Currently, he serves as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies (MP).

From July 1990 to July 1992 Schwarzenberg served as the chancellor (director of the presidential office) to Václav Havel, while he was president. He went on to be elected as Senator for the municipal district Prague 6 from 2004 to 2010 and to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic from 2007 to 2009 and again from 2010 to 2013, originally as a non-partisan minister nominated by the Green Party. In May 2010, he was elected as a Member of Parliament for the newly founded pro-European centre-right party TOP 09, gaining the largest number of preference votes. He was candidate for President of the Czech Republic in the 2013 presidential election, and qualified for the second round, finishing as runner-up, with 45.19% of the votes.[3][4] Schwarzenberg is noted for his pro-European views.[5]

Schwarzenberg has been the head of the House of Schwarzenberg, a formerly leading family of the Habsburg empire, since 1979. He is related to Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg, a statesman of the Austrian Empire.[6] From 1948 to 1990, he lived in Austria, where he was known as Karl Schwarzenberg, and was involved in politics for the Austrian People’s Party and became a noted critic of human-rights violations in the eastern bloc, chairing the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. Following the fall of communism, he became a close adviser to Václav Havel and relocated to Prague.

Hubris Comes From Ancient Greece

English picked up both the concept of hubris and the term for that particular brand of cockiness from the ancient Greeks, who considered hubris a dangerous character flaw capable of provoking the wrath of the gods. In classical Greek tragedy, hubris was often a fatal shortcoming that brought about the fall of the tragic hero. Typically, overconfidence led the hero to attempt to overstep the boundaries of human limitations and assume a godlike status, and the gods inevitably humbled the offender with a sharp reminder of his or her mortality.

Afghanistan became the graveyard of American hubris (

Bohemian Love – At First Sight

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

When we were thirteen, Bill and I bought pipes and designated a café as our Bohemian getaway. He was Jack London. And I was George Sterling. We took the right path.

When I met Marilyn Reed, it was love at first sight. I can not report on why she should win ‘The Bad-ass Bohemian Babe Award’ for what she is going through at this moment.

Karl and I are Bohemian Brothers. I was hoping Reverend BoBo would get – locked up – so the Quest for Bohemian Freedom in America, can prevail. But, this is the lesson I receive in this video………

“We are at our best in our outdoor cafe, watching the latest goose-stepping moron and megalomaniac march down the street in his victory parade. Know your history!”

I am grateful I met the wondrous and beautiful Bohemian women who dare own the courage to snub the likes of Doomsday Bobo, and focus on what is earnest.

John ‘The Bohemian’é_Hawelka

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There’s power in cliches, even if they may not always be true. In recent years, myriad commentators have invoked the old saw about Afghanistan as a “graveyard of empires,” a land where the designs of mighty powers fall into ruin. The expression is so oft-quoted that it’s not even clear who first coined it. It conjures a tidy, if simplistic, history: Waves of hubristic foreign invaders found their comeuppance in the country’s mountain redoubts and arid wastes, foiled by its rugged terrain, its inhospitable climes and its indomitable tribesmen.

Plenty of empires thrived in what’s now Afghanistan, but our modern memory is shaped by a narrative of disaster. Over the space of almost a century, the British launched three variously ill-fated incursions beyond the Khyber Pass, bloody expeditions and short-lived occupations mostly remembered outside the country, if at all, as colonial storybook adventures of the original “Great Game.” The grueling, decade-long Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s became the miserable coda for the entire project of the U.S.S.R. — a quagmire, deepened by the supply of U.S. aid and weaponry to the Afghan mujahideen, that preceded the end of the Cold War.

And then there’s the experience of the United States. President Biden announced Wednesday that the United States would unconditionally withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 — exactly 20 years after the events of 9/11, hatched by al-Qaeda on Afghan soil, provoked a U.S. invasion to topple the then-ruling Taliban. The initial punitive mission might have succeeded, but it turned into America’s longest war, a Sisyphean exercise in counterinsurgency and state-building that has seen more than 2,300 U.S. soldiers die, more than 20,000 wounded in action and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians perish.

“We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan hoping to create the ideal conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a different result,” Biden said. “I am now the fourth American president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I will not pass this responsibility to a fifth.”

Pynchon Wittgenstein and Cornell Grouping

Posted on March 20, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Today is the most momentous day in my life. All my hard work has paid off. Ludwig traveled to Ithaca and hung with Cornell philosophers. My cup runneth over. I am so overjoyed that my grandparents can be put in a group of writers and thinkers – forever! I can remove my sister Christine from the literary hell she was thrown in hours after she died. My relationship with the woman I married, is redeemed. We believed in each other.

John Presco

Wittgenstein’sVisittoIthaca.pdf (

Pynchon and Philosophy radically reworks our readings of Thomas Pynchon alongside the theoretical perspectives of Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno. Rigorous yet readable, Pynchon and Philosophy seeks to recover philosophical readings of Pynchon that work harmoniously, rather than antagonistically, resulting in a wholly fresh approach. Pynchon and Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno (9781137405494): Eve, Martin Paul: Books

Martin Paul Eve
Chapter in Profils Américains: Thomas Pynchon
Edited by Bénédicte Chorier-Fryd and Gilles Chamerois

Pynchon and Wittgenstein: Ethics, Relativism and Philosophical Methodology
Perhaps the strongest rationale for a philosophico-literary study intersecting Thomas Pynchon
with Ludwig Wittgenstein is that, in the writings of this philosopher, the very nature of philosophy is
reflexively questioned. Within his lifetime Wittgenstein published a single text, Tractatus
Logico-Philosophicus, influenced by the logical atomists in which he claimed, initially, to have “solved
all the problems of philosophy” (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus x). However, in 1929 he resumed
lecturing and, following his death in 1951, the world was presented with the unfinished product of
these intervening years: the Philosophical Investigations. While many early studies, and indeed this
biographical overview, present a seemingly bi-polar, bi-tonal Wittgenstein, who enacts a retraction of
the Tractatus in the Philosophical Investigations, a closer examination of Wittgenstein’s notebooks and
intermediate remarks reveals that the latter owes its genesis to a critique of the former and was
developed through an accumulation of thought and a gradual transition.

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