The Treading Zone

Steven Speilberg struck Meg Whitman a mighty blow, and I am the only reporter who knows it. In my post on sidewalk cracks I make Seth Zachary an ART PIECE. I put his video above the famous Apple commercial. This is beyond prophetic! Artists are Seers – of The Worst Kind. This is why we are hated! This is why we still rule the world.

Spielberg, Apple, and Oprah, crucified Meg Whitman who must have got wind of what Apple was up to. Below is a response from the Mayor’s office about my idea for a Barrel Museum. This is – HONEST!

Apple is going to resurrect Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. Who has been reading my blog? The Treading Zone is my continuance of The Twilight Zone. Note how Steven uses the word BRAND……………….APPLE. BARREL. ROSE. Yesterday I found this.

My historic BARREL is imbedded within the Grandest Illusion – of all time! This the Dance of the Architypes in The Labyrinth of the World!

Seer Jon

Summers, Ashley (MYR) <>
To:John Ambrose
Feb 27 at 2:09 PM

Dear John,

I wanted to respond and let you know we received your email. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Ashley Summers

Operations Manager | Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (MONS)

Office of Mayor London N. Breed

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl. Room 160

San Francisco, CA 94102

I suspect Seth Zachary thinks I am bullshitting him about – he being an Art Piece. What he really wants, is for me to leave him alone.

“Please. Go away. Let us creep in  like fog, and settle into raking up our gold. Oh look! Mega-Meg has a new hand-held hypnotic machine for you!

I want to go to Dog Patch and take photos of cracks in order to show my friend, Stefan Eins, the founder of Fashion Moda, that took over empty buildings in New York, squatted in them, an turned them into galleries.

Fashion Moda was located in a building at 2803 Third Avenue in the South Bronx. The space was established in a former Salvation Army which was ransacked during the 1977 blackouts.[6] The art space was near 147th Street and the Hub, a shopping center.[7] During the time of Fashion Moda’s existence, the South Bronx was a rougher area. The area was stricken by poverty, drugs, and violence. However, during this time, the South Bronx was also an area of intense creativity. The South Bronx location allowed the space and artists who participated in it the freedom to explore the questions “What is art?” and “Who defines it?”. In the area, boundaries were being broken and communities were being untied. The location of Fashion Moda allowed it to be a successful art space for many years

Seth talks a good game about innovation, but, I bid him to get Hermann Nitsch out t Dog Patch to perform his ritualized art piece, where people are crucified. A giant image of Seth will be put on a building, and at night, a image will be broadcast on a wall. Seth is the Real-Estate God. It’s about time we worship him, and, even ritually crucify him – if he proves to be a good sport! It’s time to hold a Public Bohemian Ritual.

“Seth Zachary! Com-on down!”

John Ambrose <>
Feb 25 at 4:22 PM

Dear Mayor and Board;

My great grandfather, William F. Broderick, was a salesman and Director for the California Barrel Company that was located near the Portreo Power Plant that was just purchased for Redevelopment. The CBC got started by shipping Spreckels sugar. Claus Spreckels did business with president, Frederick Jacob Koster, and his four brothers. Their businesses were next to each other.

This morning I found an article about William who was interviewed by a reporter for . He speaks about shipping Malaga Grapes to cities across America – in barrels! Here is a merger with California grapes. Prohibition has just begun, and the cooperage industry is in crisis. Frederick Koster has gone abroad to map ut  market in the Orient. Barrel and sailing ships go hand in hand. What I am proposing is a cooperage museum that would contribute to San Francisco’s tourist trade, and cooper college at the old site. There is a historic building and facade that could be used for this Trade College. The art of barrel making is coming back.

I have seen beautiful Japanese and Chinese packaging in museum. I saw wondrous labels on crates when I worked as lumper in the produce market in Jack London Square. Packaging is an art form, a craft that can give merchants new ideas.

To help fund this college a museum, I suggest quality prints be made of the amazing machinery invented to make barrels. I put a copyright in this book, but, your people may know how to do this. I have found no cooperage college in America.  Meg Whitman purchased the PPP property and founded Qubi. She might want to imitate Alva Spreckels who was give the title ‘The Grandmother of San Francisco. The people around Meg have been selfish with information. Perhaps this is because I copyrighted the CBC name in 2011, and am the owner of

Associate Capital chose this name for a company that is floating around in Business Law World for reasons that are beyond my understanding. I have sent e-mails to several people offering my ideas. I got not response. The way I see it, the People of San Francisco deserve to see their history preserved, and, bring Civic Prosperity – now! Let’s build a dream – today!


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

One of the disciples of good barrel and service to meet the conditions of their customers, is William Broderick, sales manager of the California Barrel Company, San Francisco, Calif. Mr. Broderick attended the convention, stopping off at Chicago en route. Mr. Broderick is a natural born salesman, and certainly has the creative idea in salesmanship which is demonstrated by the fact not withstanding from the loss of business from wine and whiskey operations, the cooperage shops in the country and the manufactures supplying the same have kept busy even in maximum capacity during the past year and  half since prohibition arrived which leads us all to do the same kind of constructive salesmanship. Malaga grapes have always been shipped in kegs and packed in ground cork, but in the last years, California has a become a great factor in furnishing the world with Malaga grapes packed in redwood sawdust. The California Barrel Company, as well as other cooperage institutions on the coast, are making kegs to deliver these grapes seasoned without moisture, to various markets of the world. Bill Broderick is one of the fellows who made this possible by demonstrating to our merchants the value of California grapes packed in the right way, in the right kind of packaging!”

Rosamond Press

At 11:00 A.M. PST, I placed a call to Seth Zachary in New York. If I heard his voice, the first thing I was going to tell him, was;

“Your’re a work of art. Your video on the ‘treading zone’ should be in MODA, a flat-screen hung on the wall with this title ‘The Treading Zone’.”

I left a message, and had a imaginary after-call conversation with my work of art. I asked Seth if he knew Lawrence Chazen, who worked with Newsom and Pelosi to find tax loopholes for the Gettys who collected much of the world’s art with money they got from Black Gold. I would then tell him about Haig and the Bohemian Club, whose statues graced the exterior of the Richfield Oil Tower, that was torn down. The Paul Hastings building was erected on the emptied land. I then googled this building for Haig’s last name…

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