Angry Witch of a Neighbor

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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

“When I tried to help you once!”

“No one cares about your book!”

My neighbors are egregious liars! Sue Haffner and her husband went to Reseda High with my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton, who is famous for his murals. He is in my book. Garth successfully sued Ann and Gordon Getty when they painted over his mural. I used Kim as a model for my detective series I am going to try to sell to Netflix. But, she wanted to be the make-believe Head Psychiatrist of McKenzie Meadows.

Kim Haffner is employing her skills she acquired when she worked on the Johnson Unit for many years. She informs the invisible group that THEY are not interested in my famous sister’s biography, and, I should take my meds and go back to my room. Why is management allowing this abuse of a author writing about famous people of Oregon? I have talked with City Manager, Neil Laudati and sent him numerous e-mails. He and the Mayor want Springfield to be seen as a Creative and Progressive City. My European friends on facebook, see their old Dark Age alive and well where authors are harassed and mentally tortured.

I have been here for about fourteen years. The woman above moved in five years ago. I do not know her name, nor did I have a clue what her daughter’s name is. She lives here off and on. I saw them throw out a fold-out bed a couple of months ago, and she has not been back. She is good looking. When I see her, I say to myself….Kept by a witch.

Then there is the mother and daughter who moved downstairs around the same time. Not a clue what they are called. Then there is the Wild Bird Woman above me that was throwing glitter all over the stairs and walkways. We had a contamination of glitter. It was everywhere in our house. Wild Bird will talk to you, but you can’t understand her very well. I have strange letters she has left me.

Then there is Krista (?) and her live in lover. Not a clue what their real names are, and they’ve been here six years or more. As reclusive as I am, I have gotten to know my neighbors – and the stray cats. Not this with this bunch. Yesterday it occurred to me these ingrates are defrauding HUD. This is a theory. I have exhausted all other explanations as to why they treat me like a subhuman – before Kim Haffner moved in. If I don’t know their names, I can’t report them.

When Haffner said; “WE are going to get rid of that cat!” I understand now she in their beloved Nurse Ratched who is here to protect her Coven Brood from me. McKenzie Meadows is a Psycho Ward. No stray cats allowed. If you got one without Haffner’s approval – she will kill it? But, perhaps she is threatening these poor animals – in order to get me to keep my mouth shut?She did borrow the evil threats of Alley Valkyrie. Here is Dog Woman Val exercising her right to free speech by lecturing the Eugene City government on human feces in Kesey Square. The Right To Shit On The Sidewalk.

Note the trail of urine on our walk put there by her nasty yapping wiener snapper. I complained about the smell and management asked her to take her dog out back to shit and piss. This is why El Lardo went after our cats. What a lawless fucking ugly pig. If I rat out Alley and Bird Seed Woman, would I rat on tenants who are defrauding HUD. I get to look at – MOTIVE!


“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

FLASH! I just had a FB Chat with my niece, Shannon Rosamond, who came to believe I was married to my psychiatrist. It was quite a let down when I told her the truth – until forty minutes ago when I gave her a name. Lena von Schwarzenegger. Shannon also gave me my alter-ego when she called me Hairy Baiter! Perfect! Shannon loves the actor Jimmy Stewart who stars in the movie ‘Harvey’ about a giant invisible rabbit. Mr. Hairy Baiter and Lena von Schwarzenegger attend the function at the Art Center in Des Moines Iowa.

Shannon wanted my address so she can come here and rescue me. Her comments over my reluctance – is priceless. Vic Presco carried around a report of the Sherriff of a small town in Mexico, the night of the full moon when Shannon summoned the She-devil. I am afraid she will get into a Sorcery Contest with my neighbors after coming out of mourning her Gothic Mother and her sister, Victoria. We are kin to Shakespeare thus our women can be quite The Drama Queen. She just wrote me this an hour ago. It is best read by Gothic New Age Music.

What’s wrong with you?

A Gothic Poem


Shannon Rosamond


You know I denied suggested and didnt confront

what should have been any family person actions

as far as loyalty even mere humanity

and lowest example of respect

could not be even referenced to your actions.

I forgave never sought out to even considered

filing what is considered a federal offense!

not just one count either .

The scary thing is you do not process the gift of light

rather the dark

you are no more a Christian

not to even compare to a born again.

you would first have to face the reality of your sins


Meet Erin. She painted the stars over the rainbow in the Creamery Mural.  I found this out when I talked to my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren of yogurt fame who I ran into at the dedication of the Kesey Mural. Erin knew Baigent and Leigh who sued Dan Brown.

Check out the pic of the late Ian Sinclair who is a fake Knight Templar. we argued on the internet for years. I was about to publish my book on these matters, when my sister died. There are charming and interesting Nuts in the world, and then there are bloody bores like Kathy? If management is going to keep renting to people who are incapable of conducting elementary socializing, then the Sane Ones will be driven out – and replaced. For Kathy? to lie her ass off about trying to help me with MY PHONE BOOK while her Handler undermine my credibility and MY FAMILY BOOKS is extremely ironic. The Dumbing Down of America begins with…..the mentally ill who need to be locked up in a psycho ward.

Dan Brown lawsuit[edit]

Some of the ideas presented in Baigent’s earlier book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, were incorporated in the bestselling American novel The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.[15]

In The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown named the primary antagonist, a British Royal Historian, Knight of the Realm and Grail scholar, Sir Leigh Teabing, KBE, also known as the Teacher, in homage to the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The name combines Richard Leigh’s surname with ‘Teabing’, an anagram of Baigent.[16]


My aunt and uncle were friends of the Keens and had them over for dinner. Mark and I helped Jim Bigalow remodel Crucians of Berkeley where there was a Walter Keene on the wall. It looked like Margaret who it turns ut did these famous paintings. Jim own Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiberon. When the Presco Children had Christmas dinner at the Bigalows, my uncle showed me another Keene he owned that was a gift. I was thirteen. Jim heard I was an artist and asked me my opinion. I told him this was not real work, and was commercial art. He was pissed. Christine was sitting right there. Why didn’t she speak up and give her arty opinion. According to her third biographer, Christine Rosamond Benton had been hiding in a closet with a flashlight dins she was four, rendering masterful works of art. That fake flashlight has been gaslighting me since Mommy Dearest came out.

Below are exerts from the chat my niece and I have been having about Garth Benton, and Vicki Presco working with hired ghost writers to tell the story of a world famous woman artist – that was more popular than Margaret Keene. There was an old Iranian man doing Rosamond imitations who went by the name Sara Moon. Fans of Moon thought I was Sara. No way wouldn’t Sue Haffner not want to read the bio written by Ghost Writer N0.2. I was shocked to learn Shannon had in her possession a bi written by Ghost Writer No.1 – Sandra Faulkner. When we were friends I told Sue and Kim Haffner there is at least on screenplay out there about Garth and Christine – and Shannon! They claimed they were kin to Jack Webb.  Garth went to the same high school Sue and her husband went to – at the same time! It is totally untrue that Kim did not read the Rosamond biography. How about Sue? Who else?

I am now concerned The Kimites are authoring THEIR bio. Kim had done volunteer work as a gleaner and delivered food to Whoville. Did she contact them, and thy asked her to keep up THEIR harassment. I suggested to the FBI this may be going on. Does Kathy know for sure? Would she tell the truth on the witness stand?

Click on the arrow to see this video of Kathy who is claiming she was just trying to help – when she is picking a fight with a senior her neighbors are calling a lunatic. Whey would she out her young daughter at risk. I ma down the street opened fire on the fire department after he claimed his neighbors were tormenting him. We are seeing lawbreakers attacking the police and calling for no law and order. Kathy knows I have gone to management several times about Cheryl Walton. Does Kather and her daughter have someting to hide, and, wished I would – just move out?

Every year we get free phone books that most throw away. They are placed on your stoop. I took mine inside. Then appear three or four more place between our doors. Why? Do my neighbors think this old man wants more than one? Why don’t they throw them away? I took in another and threw two away. That left one that Kathy put in front of my door – after four days! I kicked over to her welcome mat. She picked it up and leaned it against my box. I knocked on her door and asked (gruffly) why she keeps violating my space, and how she knows this book is mine? In the video THIS WITCH LIES knowing Haffner is listening. Kim has just claimed she did not read the bio, and the dogeared pages must have come like that – because I got it at Goodwill. How did she know that? I suspect the Haffner’s ordered a new book and were going to give me the undamaged book back, but, after a month, I was done waiting. That this free phone book becomes the central focus – is insane!

My mother claimed Carrie Fisher was contacted about writing my sister’s bio. She did not know we are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who is kin to Carrie. What we have is a case of STALKING! Kim wanted to be Info Central. She employed our mentally ill neighbors to this end.

Note the long line of dog piss put their by Snapper The Cat Killer. If you are recognized as a member of The Coven, it pees with glee at seeing you. All other are treated to ear-splitting barks that sent me to the ear doctor.

Below is a video of my neighbor Sande and I going up the Mckenzie. The homes I point out may be gone. Haffner told me;

“WE are going to get rid of that cat!”

Is Witch Kathy a member of “WE”?

In looking for a motive I am now wondering if Kathy’s daughter was allowed to live with her. I saw them throw out a fold-out couch a couple of months ago, and I’ve not seen her since. I saw her come and go for years. Same with the daughter of No-Neck who I have seen for a year or more. I will contact HUD about them and Krista who got an inheritance and may no longer be eligible to life here. I told the manager wondering if this was a MOTIVE in going after me because we never had a conversation. Is the dude that lives with a legal tenant? Are we looking at FRAUD? Were they told I was close with management when they moved in.

Kim acts like she the real manager. Her dog is like a guard dog that barks at everyone – everyone! To be accused of barking at, and abusing Kathy – is Christians telling lies! I found another video of Cheryl’s BAMBOO BOMBS! How could she have missed so much rubble that I now know she forced down on my deck. I am now thinking this is CONSPIRACY to move me – and the cats – out of here, because those daughters were forced to move.

Will was the big Christian around here, and formed the unruly kids into the “God Squad”. We went to Moe’s to read and rap with Kenny Reed. I have gone to at least six civic meetings on plans for our hood. I am a model citizen.

The video I made reading from my famous sister’s bio shows what care I took in handling it – before I gave to Haffner to read. I am using markers. There were no dogeared pages. Below is a pic of my childhood friend with Ken Babbs the owner of the bookshelf that ended up in the Kesey mural. Nancy Hamren knew Christine since she was twelve. She lived with us in a famous commune in San Francisco. Why in God’s name would anyone believe I have nothing better to o them to fuck around with a bunch of ugly losers! Not once did Kathy introduce me to her daughter who lived with her. We had one conversation in four years, She said she reads a lot. She will read about her ugly witch mother whose claim to fame will be the fight she started over a fucking PHONE BOOK! How ironic!

Here is the blog I was working on when I saw Haffner attack Clark. She was in a rage because her No-Neck friend had to move, and, there are others.

On ‎Monday‎, ‎September‎ ‎10‎, ‎2018‎ ‎02‎:‎18‎:‎39‎ ‎PM‎ ‎PDT, Alisa D <> wrote:

Hi there,

I can assure you that what you sent me and nothing you & I communicated about when any further; that was just between the two of us.  It was not of my place to pass anything along to anyone else.

I hope all goes well for you during your endeavors.


Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 8:41 AM

Alisa…On July 23,2017 I sent you an e-mail informing you there exist a biography about the Bentons. I have come to suspect there is a rival biography being written. If so, and you are aware of it, I inform you all the information I shared with you is protected by my Copyright. My character has been defamed by Kim Hafner, the daughter of Sue and Jack Hafner, who are alumni of Reseda High. This slander will be applied to any rival biography in a legal manner.

John Presco

Launched in 1920 as a watering hole for railroad workers, original owner and namesake Sam Vella bypassed Prohibition until its 1933 repeal by smuggling whiskey through trap doors under the building.

Vella ran the restaurant and bar for 40 years. He sold the property and business to Tiburon resident Eugene Wheary, who sold the business a year later, in 1961, to James Bigelow of Character Restaurants.

Bigelow ran the restaurant until Sears and Wilson, along with a group of limited partners, purchased the business in 1978. The Wheary family owns the property.


Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon, one of the Bay Area’s signature outdoor locales for food and drink, owes its success as much to a veteran management team steeped in tradition as it does to its unique dockside dining deck with stunning San Francisco skyline views.

“It’s the kind of place where people who have out-of-town guests, they bring them to Sam’s,” said co-owner Steve Sears, 59, of Tiburon.

The upscale restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in twin dining rooms with full bay views and a huge deck with a see-and-be-seen atmosphere.

Diners are greeted with a front bar full of dark wood charm, historical photos on the walls and popcorn machine for snacking

The local institution with an 86-year history didn’t always pack ’em in as it does these days.

Sears and co-owner Brian Wilson, 57, of Mill Valley, brought the restaurant and bar back from the brink when they took over the business in 1978.

“It had kind of gone downhill for a number of years,” according to Sears.”Some days with nobody coming in.”

“Over the years we upgraded the floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, d}cor, cleanliness, service and the food,” he said. “Business started picking up immediately. For the first three to four years we pretty much doubled our business from the previous year.”

Sears appreciates when customers who haven’t stepped foot in the place “for years and years come in and say it’s the same.”

“That’s our goal,” he said. “To upgrade it without making a change. It looks the same for the past 20 years, but the only thing that is the same is the actual bar itself. Everything else is new.”

A key attraction is the variety of ways one can arrive. Private boats can use one of the restaurant’s two 100-foot-long public boat docks. The restaurant is about 50 yards from the town’s Blue and Gold ferry dock.

“We do a pretty big business of people coming straight off the water,” Sears said. “The docks are full pretty much all weekend long.”

Although many people only associate Sam’s with its 2,500-square-foot outdoor deck, the 5,500-square-foot restaurant has almost as many tables (44) inside as it does outside (40). An outdoor bar larger than the cozy spot inside provides the perfect sunny hangout.

“We are utilizing more of the space, but almost all the space was here and in the same configuration from 1978,” Sears said.

Not surprisingly, business is linked to weather. “On a nice weekend day we do about five times more business than we do on a rainy day,” he said.

Spring and summer weekends are often accompanied by a two-hour wait to taste the surf ‘n’ turf fare at an outdoor table.

Lunch patrons can select from a menu, which includes a traditional hamburger for $10.95, a $14.95 eggs benedict and seafood fare under $20 such as crab louie, and a seared ahi sandwich. Sam’s Ramos Fizz, a $6 favorite, has been supplanted in recent years by the popularity of Sam’s Smoothie, a $7.50 concoction.

Bar manager Chip Pyron estimated Sam’s entertains an average of 10,000 people on a typical weekend, with about 2,000 meals served daily. Mid-week dinner service runs about 150 to 200 meals for diners wishing to enjoy their bayside views behind glass.

A dinner menu altered four times a year to match seasons currently includes a $21.95 grilled wild salmon, roast free-range chicken under $17, Niman Ranch New York steak for $26.95, a skewered tofu vegetable brochette for $15.95 and Hog Island oysters at $2 a piece.

“We feel like we are a pretty successful restaurant with sales right up with the top restaurants in the county.”

Sam’s bucks the transient employee trend in the industry.

The management team includes the same office manager for 26 years, Pyron’s 22 years behind the bar and a kitchen staffed by the same chef for 20 years as part of a 100-employee workforce with an average tenure of 10 to 12 years.

“We create a nice working environment for people. We are fair and try to take care of them,” Sears said. “We think that’s good for business.”

The same can be said for the owner’s attentiveness to its customer base, according to hostess Lauren Huggett, 24, of Tiburon.

“They do a really good job of making it an enjoyable experience for every different type of person,” she said. “Whether it’s a business lunch, tourists, elderly folks inside, weekend patio people in their 20s, date night or families, they take good care of them.”

“It’s an institution,” said Realtor George Brewster, 57, of Belvedere. “It’s almost two entities.” he said. “The (indoor) bar is one scene. The deck is another. The tourists come more for the scene.”

He preferred the patio for his mid-week lunch with Alexander Vucetich, 83, of San Francisco. Vucetich has been coming to Sam’s since the 1950s, often by sailboat.

Although Sears noted a majority of his customers are from San Francisco, Tiburon residents such as Kevin Sandstrom see it as their local hangout.

“I just love the convenience,” said Sandstrom, 39, a regular since 1990. “It’s like our backyard patio. You always meet somebody.”

“One of the fun things about operating Sam’s is that eventually everybody comes here,” Sears said.

Launched in 1920 as a watering hole for railroad workers, original owner and namesake Sam Vella bypassed Prohibition until its 1933 repeal by smuggling whiskey through trap doors under the building.

Vella ran the restaurant and bar for 40 years. He sold the property and business to Tiburon resident Eugene Wheary, who sold the business a year later, in 1961, to James Bigelow of Character Restaurants.

Bigelow ran the restaurant until Sears and Wilson, along with a group of limited partners, purchased the business in 1978. The Wheary family owns the property.

Sears and Wilson met in the mid-70s managing the Refectory Steakhouse in Bon Air Center in Greenbrae.

Current ownership continues the flamboyant Vella’s traditional garb of brightly colored Hawaiian shirts.

“That’s part of the deal, the Hawaiian shirt,” Sears said. “It’s part of the fun of it.”

The years haven’t dampened their enthusiasm.

“They’re very active,” office manager Jackie Attabit of San Rafael said. “Brian started in the kitchen, his level of expertise was on the cooking side and Steve’s expertise was more on the floor. It’s really a good pairing of their energy and strengths.”

Sears said the partnership has evolved over the years.

“We’ve both worked the front of the house over the years,” Sears said.

Wilson is the restaurant’s Web site guru. Years before it became common, he installed an online Sam’s Cam for a virtual view of the patio scene.

Attabit said the location has never lost the feeling that “its been around for a long time.”

“We’ve changed the paint colors but the whole feeling of the place is a very comfortable environment,” she said.

Two sepia-toned photographs of St. Patrick’s Day gatherings in Sam’s bar hang side by side. Although taken 40 years apart – 1949 and 1989 – one would be hard-pressed to tell the difference in the makeup of the bar or the joyous patrons pictured.

Attabit said the menu of seafood, steak, pasta and burgers has followed the industry trend toward lighter offerings.

“A lot of foods that were comfort foods were not healthful,” she said. “Now everything is light and fresh and more on organic greens.”

Restaurant staff even turned the lone unpleasant aspect of open air dining on its head with the ‘seagull pin’ award a dozen years ago.

“It’s sort of a crazy honorarium,” Attabit said. “If you’ve been hit by one of our seagulls, we try to lessen the blow, as it were, with this little enameled seagull pin. Everybody thinks it’s hysterical.”

Pyron of Novato said that with the hard work and long hours comes a “real sense of satisfaction knowing that the majority of our customers go away happy and will be back.”

He still tends bar up front on weekend nights “because I have a lot of fun pouring drinks, DJing and watching people dance and have fun.”

“They will tell their friends about Sam’s in Tiburon,” Pyron said.

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