Merlin, Nurse Ratched, British Israelism

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I have been a student of British Israelism since 1997. This is one reason why I took over Herbert Armstrong’s Radio Church of God. Armstrong used Pirate Radio to invade Britain and other European Nations. He played a huge role in the British Invasion of America in that he aired British bands on his show that may have fizzled out – before they became popular in the United States.

In 1999 I e-mailed by childhood friend when I heard Ken Kesey was taking further to England in search of Merlin. I told her he is here in Eugene, and I am him. I now suspect Ken was inspired by Armstrong, and listened to his show on KORE that was purchased by Fox Sports. Consider the (Fox) Simpson mural in downtown Springfield. The muralist did the Kesey mural.—Fox-Sports-Eugene-1050-s34553/

In writing ‘Bonds With Angels – The Arrest of Jesus’ I made an amazing discovery that may prove British-Israelism contains many hidden truths that I will present in my books, first! I believe Royal Rosamond Press will be the foremost religious newspaper in the world. My battle with my abusive and ignorant neighbors, and the Alley Gang, will be famous.

Like most new religions, the founding prophet has his/her distractors. I saw Krista all in a huff (as usual) talking to Kim Haffner who was in her parked car. I never met, or saw, such a furiously self-righteous person who is angry with everyone she looks down her nose at. What makes her think she is a somebody? I will treat Krista to diner at Farr Mann’s if she gives me a BIG SCOOP!

The book ‘The DaVinci Code’ has British Israelism at its core. This is because it is based upon the ideas of Baigent and Leigh who wrote ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’. Merlin knew Grail secrets. I offered this all to Neil Laudati. I will be attending a Springfield Council meeting and ask that my good name be cleared.

John Presco

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KORE (1050 AM) is a radio station in Eugene, Oregon, licensed to Springfield and Eugene. The station is owned by KORE Broadcasting, LLC.[2]

KORE is Eugene’s oldest radio station. It originally signed on from Portland in 1927 but moved to Springfield a few months later. Originally a full-service radio station, it switched to country in 1970 and adopted a Christian format in 1973.

On June 15, 2016, KORE went silent. On November 23, 2016, KORE resumed broadcasting as Sports-Talk with programming from Fox Sports Radio.


Herbert W. Armstrong was the world’s leading televangelist and one of the most prominent religious leaders of the 20th century. In 1953, his radio program The World Tomorrow began airing on Radio Luxembourg. It marked the beginning of a significant work in Britain and Europe.

In autumn 1954, Mr. Armstrong conducted his first public appearance campaign in Britain in order to speak directly to his radio listeners. About 3,000 traveled to hear him speak. In 1955 he opened the first Worldwide Church of God office outside of America in London. In 1956, after holding two weeks of public meetings, the wcg’s first congregation inside the British Isles began in London.

Mr. Armstrong was unhappy with The World Tomorrow’s broadcast schedule: The best time Radio Luxembourg offered was 11:30 p.m. Monday night, a poor time for attracting regular listeners. Radio Luxembourg’s signal was also weak and patchy in much of Britain. The Church’s growth was steady, but slow.

Then, in 1959, the Church purchased a building for a small college in Bricket Wood, near Watford, just north of London. Then the work surged. Mr. Armstrong advertised in Reader’s Digest, and the work hired three extra staff members to cope with the response. Public campaigns added many new Church members. In autumn 1960, Ambassador College-Bricket Wood opened with 33 students. The following school year, 67 students were enrolled. The year after that, the student body exceeded 100.

Finally, in 1965, a door opened for the broadcast to go out daily, at a good time slot and on a radio channel easily accessible by most of the country. Mr. Armstrong called it “the biggest news that ever happened in the history of this work.” The broadcast went out on Radio London, a “pirate” radio station off the coast of southeast England. Soon, more of these “pirate” stations were added. Mr. Armstrong estimated that 7 to 8 million people were listening to the program via these stations.

The college helped the work expand to Europe. During the 1960s, offices opened in several countries including Germany, France and Switzerland, with staff largely made up of Bricket Wood graduates. Advertising campaigns were conducted across Europe.

But Mr. Armstrong’s time on daily radio was short-lived, lasting only 2½ years. In 1967 the British Parliament outlawed these “pirate” radio stations, and the World Tomorrow broadcast stopped.

In July 1971, the wcg began the newsstand program. Plain Truth magazines were distributed on stands for people to pick up and read, first in England and then across the world. By the summer of 1972, 70,000 copies of the Plain Truth were going out each month on newsstands. By 1973, more than 400,000 people in the UK were receiving the Plain Truth.

Due to costs and other considerations, however, the Bricket Wood college campus had to be closed. The last-ever Bricket Wood class graduated in May 1974. The newsstand program across Britain and Europe was canceled. The sudden disappearance of the Plain Truth from newsstands across the country was so dramatic that the British press wrote about it.

Later, however, Mr. Armstrong revived the work in Britain. Plain Truth subscription hit a new peak in 1984.

Do you remember the work of Herbert W. Armstrong? The Philadelphia Church of God has picked up the mantle that was dropped after his death in 1986. The Trumpet reports on world news in light of biblical prophecy, using the Plain Truth as its model—but with greater urgency because of the shortness of the time. In the Key of David program, presenter Gerald Flurry follows in Mr. Armstrong’s footsteps (visit Herbert W. Armstrong College has just opened a new campus in England to resume the labor that ceased with Ambassador College-Bricket Wood’s closure. There is much work to be done in a short amount of time!

British Israelism and Orange Order

Until I read in Timothy about Paul dismissing and degrading endless genealogies, my verdict on British Israelism, was not rendered. I suspect these genealogies were of the Levites that born Moses and Aaron, who Satan-Paul is out to destroy – along with John and Jesus – who appear to be born of Aaron. Then there is the burning a these small scrolls, in jars. Consider the small scroll in Revelations. I have long wondered if this scroll was the Book of Jonah, whom God tricks into going to a strange land, in order to convert the inhabitants to the Word of God – but they already own the Word of God! This land was Tarshish, that I suspect was Cornwall in England, where Phoenicians dwelt. Did these Phoenicians bring Levite Priests to Britain to establish a Judaic Temple?I suspect John and Jesus were calling to the Lost Sheep of Israel, and their flocks, to come home and do battle with the degenerate Roman Slavemaster that are alive and well amongst the evangelical neo-Confederates in the Red States of Satan. The war for God’s Temple – was a world war! The Children of God lost that war – but will not lose the next one!

Queen Beatrix and her family are of the House of Orange and the only folks now allowed to be Swan Brethren. My kindred, Sergeant Rosamond, rode with William of Orange, and his kin, Bennett Rosamond, was Grand Master of the Orange Order in Canada! He descends from members of the Swan Brethren.

Below is an essay by former Orangeman that puts down the Orange Lodge, but, reveals much.

Jon Presco

Bennett Rosamond (May 10, 1833 – May 18, 1910) was a Canadian manufacturer and politician.
Born in Carleton Place, Upper Canada, the eldest son of James Rosamond and Margaret Wilson, Rosamond was educated at the grammar school in Carleton Place. He was president and managing director of the Rosamond Woollen Company and vice-president and managing director of the Almonte Knitting Company. He was Reeve and Mayor of Almonte. He was first elected to the Canadian House of Commons in a 1891 by-election for the riding of Lanark North. A Conservative, he was re-elected in 1896 and 1900.

In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a
gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home. The Rosamonds were
staunch Protestants. James, aged 20 (born 1805) and his brother Edward, aged
15, attempted to protect their mother. A shot was fired by Edward and a
youth was dead. The boys fled to Canada. James went to Merrickville where he
worked for James Merrick as a weaver. Edward, still fearing arrest, worked
his way eventually to Memphis, Tennessee.

Merry Pranksters journey
Further to UK

LONDON, Aug 6, 1999 — Ken Kesey and his psychedelic troupe of jesters, the Merry Prankster’s, took their historic intredpid journey to England today . Their magic bus “Further”, which had been shipped several weeks ago from San Francisco, safely navigated the Atlantic ocean and arrived for the first time on the European continent.”The Search for Merlin Tour,” the Prankster’s official agenda while they will travel England and the British Isles for the next month, is a remarkable continuation of a legacy which began with the first bus trip in 1964 – a legendary journey that spawned the “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests” and was at the heart and soul of a psychedelic revolution.

The tour is being sponsored by Channel Four Films in London, which is producing a TV speries looking back on the Summer of Love. Two of the segments will focus exclusively on the Prankter’s travels in UK.

Kesey and the Prankters arrived into Gatwick airport and were pleased to find the bus Further waiting for them. Pictured at left is Prankster Roy Seburn, nicknamed “Secretary of the Interior” as it is his job to keep the interior of the bus tidy and organized.The bus, and two locally hired passenger vans, will carry the Pranksters and guests — an entourage of 46 people — from London to the town of Penzance on the tip of Cornwall where the Pranksters will view — along with an expected 4.5 million people — the last solar eclipse of the millenium.

During the eclipse, scheduled for 11:11 a.m. on August 11, the Pranksters will perform a pegeant titled “The Knights of the Not So Round Table” at the Minack Theatre outside of Penzance. According to Kesey, its scriptor, the pageant will “summon the spirit of the ancient wizzard Merlin” who, according to legend, is expected to make an appearance before the millenium.

Arriving at Gatwick airport were Ken Kesey, right, and his wife Faye. They had flown all the way from Eugene, Oregon.Also traveling on the tour are Merry Prankster originals, Ken Babbs, George Walker, Mike Hagen, “Anonymous X”, and “Mountain Girl,” the former wife of Grateful Dead founder Jerry Garcia. Also attending are two of her daughters Sunshine and Trixie. Also on the bus is John Cassady, son Beat legend Neal Cassady, who drove the Further bus on the original 1964 journey.
At left, George Walker, one of the regular drivers of he bus, inspects under the hood to see how Further’s insides survived the long ship ride from San Francisco. Everything seemed fine, though George said that the International Harvester engine would need a new alternator. “Fortunately we brought a couple of those with us,” George said.Kesey’s brother, Chuck Kesey, and his nephew, Kit Kesey, arrived in country several days earlier than the main group to pick up the bus from the frieghter “Chung Yao Success,” which arrived around August 1st into the port Felixstowe. Kit said that the bus may need a new water pump and borrowed one of the mobile phones of the Channel Four film crew to place a call back to a mechanic in Eugene, Oregon to have one shipped to England.
Once all was detirmed well and good, Kesey gave the thumbs up and Kit sounded the bus’ airy, “aah-ooga” horn and the Pranksters were off down the road to Brighton.Hear the sounds of the bus travelling down the road. (.wav format, 2.2 MB download)


Herbert W Armstrong   BioChurch of God

Born: July 31, 1892
Died: January 16, 1986
Member Since: 1928
Ordained: 1931
Office: Apostle

Herbert W. Armstrong founded the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1930s, as well as Ambassador College in 1946, and was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, originally taking to the airwaves in the 1930s from Eugene, Oregon.

Chapter IX


   WE are ready, now, to search out the actual location of the lost tribes of the outcast House of Israel. We know they exist today as a nation, and a company of nations, powerful, looked upon as Gentiles. And when we find them, we shall find the throne of David!
Many passages of prophecy tell of these people in these latter days. Prophecies not to be understood until this “time of the end.” Prophecies containing a Message to be carried to these people by those to whom God reveals it! first, fix in mind these facts:
The prophet Amos wrote, in the days of the 13th of the 19 kings of the House of Israel (Amos 1:1): “Behold the eyes of the Lord are upon the sinful kingdom [House of Israel — Judah had not yet sinned], and I will destroy it [the kingdom, or government, not the people] from off the face of the earth … For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the House of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth” (Amos 9:8-9).
This prophecy usually is applied to the scattered condition of the Jews. But it has nothing to do with the Jews, or House of Judah, but refers to the ten-tribed House of Israel — driven to Assyrian captivity, then migrating from there and scattering among other nations before the Jews were taken to Babylon. This prophecy says that Israel, (not Judah), was to be sifted among other nations — these Israelites losing their identity — yet God has protected and kept them — “not the least grain shall fall upon the earth.”

A New Homeland

   It was during this time that the children of the House of Israel were to “abide many days without a king” (Hosea 3:4). That these people did sift through all nations is clear. Many New Testament passages indicate this. Although many of them still were scattered among various nations in the first century, A.D., a portion of them had become established in a definite location of their own by Jeremiah’s time — 140 years after their original captivity.
But these Israelites who possessed the Birthright eventually were to come to a new land of their own. The Eternal says, in II Samuel 7:10, and I Chronicles 17:9: “Moreover, I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them [Jeremiah was commissioned to do the planting of the throne among them] that they may dwell in a place of their own and move no more” The context of the whole passage shows this refers, not to Palestine, but a different land where these scattered Israelites were to gather, after being removed from the promised land of Palestine, and while that land was lying idle and in possession of the Gentiles.
Notice carefully! After being removed from Palestine, being sifted among all nations, abiding many days without a king, losing their identity, they are to be “planted” in a faraway strange land now to become their own. And, note it! — after reaching this place, they are to move no more! That is, of course, during this present world.
While other prophecies indicate these Birthright holders were to become a colonizing people, spreading around the world, it is plain that the spreading out must be from this appointed place, which must remain the “home” seat of government for David’s throne.
Mark this clearly! Once this “place of their own” was reached, and the throne of David planted there, they were to move no more. Therefore, the location of this people TODAY is the place where Jeremiah planted David’s throne more than 2500 years ago!
Therefore prophecies pertaining to this day, or to the location of this people just prior to Christ’s return, will tell us the location of Jeremiah’s planting. The House of Israel is yet to return, at Christ’s coming, to Palestine — yet to plant grapes in Samaria, their original country. Prophecies telling where they shall, in that future day, migrate from, will reveal the location of “lost” ten-tribed Israel! The two succeeding “overturns” of the throne, too, must be located in this same general locale.

Lost ISRAEL Located

   Without further suspense, let us see where prophecy locates these Birthright holders, now possessing the throne of David and having received earth’s richest national blessings.
Remember they are distinguished from Judah — the Jews — by various names, “Ephraim,” “Joseph,” “Jacob,” “Rachel” (the mother of Joseph), “Samaria” (the former home), “Israel.”
According to Hosea 12:1: “Ephraim followeth after the east wind.” An “east wind” travels west. Ephraim must have gone west from Assyria.
When the Eternal swore to David to perpetuate his throne, He said: “I will set his hand [sceptre] in the sea” (Psalm 89:25). The throne is to be “set,” planted, “in the sea.”
Through Jeremiah the Eternal said: “Backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah. Go and proclaim these words toward the north and say, Return thou backsliding Israel, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 3:11-12). Israel is clearly distinguished from Judah. Of course Israel was north of Judah while still in Palestine — but when these words were written by Jeremiah, Israel had been removed from Palestine more than 130 years — and had long since migrated, with the Assyrians, north (and west) of Assyria’s original location.
And in these last days messengers are to go “toward the north” (of Jerusalem) in order to locate lost Israel and proclaim this warning. So the location, we now find, is toward the north, also west, and in the sea.
The 18th verse, same chapter, says: “In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel [margin, to the House of Israel], and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers.” At the future Exodus, at Christ’s coming, they are to return to Palestine out of the land of the north!
After saying, “How shall I give thee up, Ephraim?” the Eternal, speaking through Hosea, says: “then the children shall tremble from the WEST” (Hosea 11:8, 10).
Again : “Behold, I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts of the earth” (Jeremiah 31:8). This prophecy is for consideration in the “latter days” (Jeremiah 30:24; 31:1), and is addressed to “Israel” (verses 2, 4, 9), to “Ephraim” (verses 6, 9), and “Samaria” (verse 5). Here is added another hint — “the coasts of the earth” — evidently they are dominant at sea, and indicating they have spread abroad widely by colonization.
Referring to the House of Israel (not Judah) in Isaiah 49:3, 6, God says: “Behold these shall come from far: and lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim” (Isaiah 49:12). In the Hebrew, the language in which this was originally inspired, there is no word for “northwest,” but this term is designated by the phrase, “the north and the west.” It means, literally, the northwest! The Vulgate renders “Sinim” as “Australi,” or “Australia.” So we now have the location northwest of Jerusalem! And even spreading around the world.
Hence, Israel of today — Israel of the day of Jeremiah’s “planting” of David’s throne — is located specifically as northwest of Jerusalem, and in the sea!
Let us locate this land more specifically!
The same 49th chapter of Isaiah begins with this: “Listen, O Isles, unto me.” The people addressed, Israel, are called “O Isles” in the first verse and “0 Israel” in the third verse. This term “isles” and “islands” is sometimes translated “coastlands.”
The 31st chapter of Jeremiah, locating Israel in the “north country” says: “I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn. Hear the word of the Lord, O ye nations [Ephraim, Manasseh] and declare it in the isles afar off…” (Jeremiah 31:9-10).
Again: “Keep silence before me, O islands… thou, Israel, art my servant Jacob whom I have chosen” (Isaiah 41:1, 8). In Jeremiah 31:7, the message to be declared “in the isles afar off” (verse 10), is to be shouted in “the chief of THE NATIONS.”
So, finally, today, as in Jeremiah’s day, the House of Israel is in the isles, which are “in the sea,” the chief of the nations, northwest of Jerusalem! A coast-dwelling, and therefore sea-dominant people.
Certainly there can be no mistaking that identity!
Take a map of Europe. Lay a line due northwest of Jerusalem across the continent of Europe, until you come to the sea, and then to the islands in the sea!
This line takes you direct to the British Isles!
Of proof that our white, English-speaking peoples today — Britain and America — are actually and truly the Birthright tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh of the “lost” House of Israel, there is so much, we shall have space for but a small portion in this book.

Britain’s Hebrew Names

   A most interesting fact is the Hebrew meaning of the names of the British people.
The House of Israel is the Covenant People. The Hebrew word for “covenant” is benyth, or berith. After Gideon’s death, Israel followed the false pagan god Baal. In Judges 8:33, and 9:4, the word “covenant” is used as a proper name coupled with the name “Baal.” This is quoted in the English text, Authorized Version, without being translated, as “Baalberith,” meaning (margin) “idol of the covenant.”
The Hebrew for “man” is iysh, or ish. In English, the ending “-ish” means “of or belonging to (a specified nation or person).” In the original Hebrew language vowels were never given in the spelling. So, omitting the vowel “e” from berith, but retaining the “i” in its Anglicized form to preserve the “y” sound, we have the Anglicized Hebrew word for covenant, brith.
The Hebrews, however, never pronounced their “h’s.” Many a Jew, even today, in pronouncing the name “Shem,” will call it “Sem.” Incidentally, this ancient Hebrew trait is also a modern British trait. So the Hebrew word for “covenant” would be pronounced, in its Anglicized form as brit.
And the word for “covenant man,” or “covenant people,” would, therefore, be simply, “beit-ish.” And so, is it mere coincidence that the true covenant people today are called the “British”? And they reside in the “British Isles!”
The House of Israel not only was to lose its identity, but its name. It was to be called by a new name, since they no longer were to know their identity as Israel, as God said plainly in Isaiah 62:2, referring to these latter days, and to the millennium.
To Abraham, God said, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called,” and this name is repeated in Romans 9:7 and Hebrews 11:18. In Amos 7:16 they are called “The House of Isaac.”
They were descended from Isaac, and therefore are Isaac’s sons. Drop the “I” from “Isaac” (vowels are not used in Hebrew spelling), and we have the modern name, “Saac’s sons,” or, as we spell it in shorter manner, “Saxons!”
Dr. W. Holt Yates says, “The word ‘Saxons’ is derived from the ‘sons of Isaac,’ by dropping the prefix ‘I.'”
Many confuse the Anglo-Saxons with the German or Old Saxons who still live in Germany. The German Saxons derive their name from an Old High German word, Softs meaning “sword” or “knife.” These sword-carrying Germans are an entirely different people from the Anglo-Saxons who migrated to Britain.

Dan a Serpent’s Trail

   As the Eternal intended that “lost” Israel was to be located and found in these last days, we should expect some kinds of signs or waymarks to have been left along the trail by which ancient Israel journeyed from Assyria, the land of their original captivity.
Speaking to Ephraim (verse 20), the Eternal says in Jeremiah 31:21: “Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps; set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest.” In Scripture we find the “waymarks,” or highway signs which they set up along the road they traveled.
In Genesis 49:17, Jacob, foretelling what should befall each of the tribes, says: “Dan shall be a serpent by the way.” Another translation of the original Hebrew is: “Dan shall be a serpent’s trail.” It is a significant fact that the tribe of Dan, one of the Ten Tribes, named every place they went after their father, Dan.
The tribe of Dan originally occupied a strip of coast country on the Mediterranean, west of Jerusalem. “And the coast of the children of Dan,” we read in Joshua 19:47, “went out too little for them: therefore the children of Dan went up to fight against Leshem, and took it… and called Leshem Dan, after the name of Dan their father.”
In Judges 18:11-12, it is recorded that Danites took Kirjath-jearim, “and called that place Mahaneh-dan unto this day.”
A little later the same company of 600 armed Danites came to Laish, captured it, and “they called the name of the city Dan, after the name of Dan, their father” (verse 29).
So notice how these Danites left their “serpent’s trail” by the way — set up waymarks by which they may be traced today.
Remember, in the Hebrew, vowels were not written. The sound of the vowels had to be supplied in speaking. Thus, the word “Dan” in its English equivalent, could be spelled, simply, “Dn.” It might be pronounced as “Dan,” or “Den,” or “Din,” or “Don,” or “Dun” — and still could be the same original Hebrew name.
The tribe of Dan occupied two different districts, or provinces, in the Holy Land before the Assyrian captivity. One colony lived on the seacoast of Palestine. They were principally seamen, and it is recorded “Dan abode in ships” (Judges 5:17).
When Assyria captured Israel, these Danites struck out m their ships and sailed west through the Mediterranean, and north to Ireland. Just before his death, Moses prophesied of Dan: “Dan is a lion’s whelp; he shall leap from Bashan” (Deuteronomy 33:22). Along the shores of the Mediterranean they left their trail in “Den,” “Don,” and “Din.”
Irish annals and history show that the new settlers of Ireland, at just this time, were the “Tuatha de Danaans,” which means, translated, “Tribe of Dan.” Sometimes the name appears simply as “Tuatha De,” meaning the “People of God.” And in Ireland we find they left these “waymarks”: “Dans-Laugh,” “Dan-Sower,” “Dun-dalke,” “Dun-drum,” “Don-egal Bay,” “Don-egal City,” “Dun-glow,” “Lon-don-derry,” “Din-gle,” “Duns-more” (meaning “more Dans”). Moreover, the name “Dunn” in the Irish language means the same as “Dan” in the Hebrew: “Judge.”

The Overland Route

   But the northern colony of Danites were taken to Assyria in the captivity, and thence with the rest of the Ten Tribes they traveled from Assyria by the overland route.
After leaving Assyrian captivity, they inhabited for some time the land just west of the Black Sea. Then we find the rivers “Dnieper, Dniester, and the Don.”
Then, in either ancient or later geography, we find these waymarks: Dan-au, the Dan-inn, the Dan-aster, the Dan-dari, the Dan-ez, and Don, the Dan, and the U-don; the Eri-don, down to the Danes. “Denmark” means “Dan’s Mark.”
When they came to the British Isles, they set up the “way-mark” names of Dun-dee, Dun-raven, in Scotland and the Dans, Dons and Duns are as prolific as in Ireland. And so the “serpent’s trail” of Dan sets up waymarks that lead directly to the British Isles!

Ancient Annals of Ireland

   Now briefly let us consider what is found in the ancient annals, legends, and history of Ireland, and we shall have the scene of Jeremiah’s “planting,” and the present location of ‘lost” Israel.
The real ancient history of Ireland is very extensive, though colored with some legend. But with the facts of Biblical history and prophecy in mind, one can easily sift out the legend from the true history in studying ancient Irish annals. Throwing out that which is obviously legendary, we glean from various histories of Ireland the following:
Long prior to 700 B.C., a strong colony called “Tuatha de Danaan” (tribe of Dan) arrived in ships, drove out other tribes, and settled there. Later, in the days of David, a colony of the line of Zarah arrived in Ireland from the Near East.
Then, in 569 B.C. (date of Jeremiah’s transplanting),

Map shows Jeremiah’s trip to Ireland. He set up the dynasty In Ireland, which was overturned and planted in Scotland and later moved to England. – Ambassador College – (See PDF – Page 133-134)

an elderly, white-haired patriarch, sometimes referred to as a “saint,” came to Ireland. With him was the princess daughter of an eastern king and a companion called “Simon Brach,” spelled in different histories as “Breck,” “Berech,” “Brach,” or “Berach.” The princess had a Hebrew name “Tephi” — a pet name, her full name being “Tea-Tephi.”
Modern literature of those who recognize our national identity have confused this Tea-Tephi, a daughter of Zedekiah, with an earlier Tea, a daughter of Ith, who lived in the days of David.
This royal party included the son of the king of Ireland who had been in Jerusalem at the time of the siege. There he had become acquainted with Tea-Tephi. He married her shortly after 585 — when the city fell. Their young son, now about 12 years of age, accompanied them to Ireland. Beside the royal family, Jeremiah brought with them some remarkable things, including a harp, an ark, and a wonderful stone called “lia-fail,” or “stone of destiny.” A peculiar coincidence (?) is that Hebrew reads from right to left, while English reads from left to right. Read this name either way — and it still is “lia-fail.”
Another strange coincidence — or is it just coincidence? — is that many kings in the history of Ireland, Scotland, and England have been coronated sitting over this stone — including the present queen. The stone rests, today, in Westminster Abbey in London, and the Coronation Chair is built over and around it. A sign beside it labels it “Jacob’s pillar-stone” (Genesis 28:18).
The royal husband of the Hebrew princess Tea was given the title Herremon, upon ascending the throne of his father. This Herremon has usually been confused with a much earlier Gede the Herremon in David’s day — who married his uncle Ith’s daughter Tea. The son of this later king Herremon and Hebrew princess continued on the throne of Ireland, and

The old Coronotion Chair in Westminster Abbey, London. Under it is a stone, labelled, “Jacob’s pillar-stone.” This is the same stone, brought to Ireland by Jeremiah, and upon which many kings of Ireland, Scotland and England have been coronated. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth of England. She continues the dynasty set up by Jeremiah in ancient Ireland.- Keystone Photo – (See PDF – Page 136)

this same dynasty continued, unbroken, through all the kings of Ireland; was overturned and transplanted again in Scotland; again overturned and moved to London, England, where this same dynasty continues today in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
The crown worn by the kings of the line of Herremon and the other sovereigns of ancient Ireland had twelve points!

Queen Elizabeth on David’s Throne

   In view of the linking together of Biblical history, prophecy, and Irish history, can anyone deny that this Hebrew princess was the daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah, and therefore heir to the throne of David? — That the aged patriarch was in fact Jeremiah, and his companion Jeremiah’s scribe, or secretary, Baruch? — And that King Herremon was a descendant of Zarah, here married to the daughter of Pharez, healing the ancient breach? — That when the throne of David was first overturned by Jeremiah, it was replanted in Ireland, later overturned a second time and replanted in Scotland, overturned a third time and planted in London?
When Christ returns to earth to sit on that throne, He shall take over a live, existing throne, not a nonexistent one (Luke 1:32).
And the British Commonwealth of Nations is the only company of nations in all earth’s history. Could we so exactly fulfill the specifications of the Birthright, and not be the Birthright people?
The United States expanded rapidly in national resources and wealth after 1800, but reached world dominance among nations later than the British Commonwealth. It became a giant World Power by the end of World War I.

The United States Is Manasseh

   From the prophetic blessings passed on by the dying Jacob, it is apparent that Ephraim and Manasseh were in a large measure, to inherit the Birthright jointly; to remain together for a long time, finally separating.
In Genesis 48 Jacob first passed the Birthright on to the two sons of Joseph jointly, speaking of them both together. Then, finally, he spoke of them separately — Manasseh was to become the single great nation, Ephraim the company of nations.
And in his prophecy for these latter days Jacob said, “Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches run over the wall” (Genesis 49:22). In other words, Joseph — Ephraim and Manasseh jointly and together — was to be a colonizing people in this latter day, their colonies branching out from the British Isles around the earth. Our people have fulfilled this prophecy.
Together Ephraim and Manasseh grew into a multitude, then separated, according to Jacob’s prophetic blessing of Genesis 48.
But, how can we be Manasseh when a large part of our people have come from many nations besides England? The answer is this: A large part of Manasseh remained with Ephraim until the separation of New England. But our

At the zenith of power, the United States and the British Commonwealth possessed between 2/3 and 3/4 of the world’s wealth and industrial might. These graphs illustrate the combined wealth of the United States and the British Commonwealth in twelve strategic natural resources, or areas of production in 1950-1951. In each of these key areas our two nations possessed more than all other nations of the world combined! – (See PDF – Page 138-139)

forefathers were to be sifted through many nations, as corn through a sieve, yet not a grain to fall to the earth, or be lost (Amos 9:9). Our people did filter through many nations. Ephraim and much of Manasseh finally immigrated to England together, but many others of Manasseh who had filtered into and through other nations did not leave them until they came, as immigrants, to the United States after the New England colony had become the separate nation. This does not mean that all foreigners who have immigrated into this country are of the stock of Manasseh, but undoubtedly many are. Israel, however, always did absorb Gentiles, who became Israelites through living in Israel’s land and intermarrying.
Thus we have become known as the “melting pot” of the world. Instead of refuting our Manasseh ancestry, this fact actually confirms it.
The proof that we are Manasseh is ovemhelming. Manasseh was to separate from Ephraim and become the greatest, wealthiest single nation of earth’s history. We alone have fulfilled this prophecy. Manasseh was, in fact a thirteenth tribe. There were twelve original tribes. Joseph was one of these twelve. But when Joseph divided into two tribes and Manasseh separated into an independent nation, it became a thirteenth tribe.
Could it be mere coincidence that it started, as a nation, with thirteen colonies?
But what about the other tribes of the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes”?
While the Birthright was Joseph’s, and its blessings have come to the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, yet the other eight tribes of the House of Israel were also God’s chosen people. They, too, have been blessed with a good measure of material prosperity — but not the dominance of the Birthright.
We lack space for a detailed explanation of the specific

Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D. C. He knew that we didn’t earn the vast resources which we possess. – Kroll — Ambassador College – (See PDF – Page 141)

identity of all these other tribes in the nations of our twentieth century.
Suffice it to say here, that there is ample evidence that these other eight tribes have descended into such northwestern European nations as Holland, Belgium, Denmark, northern France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway. The people of Iceland are also of Viking stock.
The political boundaries of Europe, as they exist today, do not necessarily show lines of division between descendants of these original tribes of Israel.

Portland radio, the world & beyond » Portland Radio

Herbert W. Armstrong – His Eugene & Portland Radio Days

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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    Today July 31, 1892 Herbert Wright Armstrong was born in Des Moines, Iowa to Eva (Wright) and Horace Elon Armstrong. Herbert W. Armstrong had 2 brothers: Russell Maxwell & Dwight Leslie. And 2 sisters: Mabel (died at age 9) & Mary Lucile. The Armstrong family were Quakers, attending services and Sunday school at First Friends Church in Des Moines. Herbert attended North High School in Des Moines.

    From 1904 to 1908 Armstrong held various weekend and Summer jobs; newspaper routes, running errands for a grocery store and a dry-goods story; a draftsman for a furnace company and other odd jobs. In 1910 Herbert, at age 18, on advice from an uncle, took a job in the want-ad department for the “Des Moines Daily Capital” newspaper. In 1912 Armstrong began as an advertising agent and wrote copy for “The Merchants Trade Journal.”

    In 1915 Herbert began his own advertising business in Chicago. In January 1917 Herbert took a trip back home and met Loma Dillon, a school teacher and distant cousin from nearby Motor, Iowa. On July 31, 1917 Herbert W. Armstrong married, 25 year old Loma Isabelle Dillon (a Methodist), on Herbert’s 25th birthday. The newlyweds would live in Chicago. On May 9, 1918 Herbert & Loma welcomed their first daughter Beverly Lucile Armstrong in Des Moines, Iowa.

    On July 7, 1920 Herbert & Loma welcomed their second daughter Dorothy Jane “Dottie” Armstrong. In Fall 1920 Armstrong’s business was wiped out in what he called a “flash depression.” By July 1922 Herbert’s income had dropped too low to even support his family. The Armstrong’s moved back to Iowa to live temporarily on his father-in-law’s farm.

    In Summer 1924 Armstrong and family drove to Salem, Oregon to visit Herbert’s parents. They had moved several years earlier. Along the way, a Vancouver, Washington newspaper hired Armstrong temporarily to be a merchandising specialist for a six month period. Afterward Herbert W. Armstrong moved his family to Portland, Oregon, where he discovered a profitable niche market for his services.

    In 1925 Armstrong began a successful advertising management service for the leading laundries in Oregon & Washington. In six months Herbert’s business doubled. Then everything came to an abrupt halt. “Laundry Owners National Association” began a $5 Million nationwide cooperative advertising campaign which took away virtually all of Armstrong’s clients. Once again Herbert was beaten.

    Up until 1926 Armstrong’s early life had been devoted to selling, marketing and advertising services. During this time he adopted his distinctive copy and layout style of presentation in which upper and lower case words were mixed within the text for emphasis and impact. This writing style became his own trademark which he never abandoned throughout his life.

    In Fall 1926 while visiting Armstrong’s parents in Salem, Oregon, Herbert’s wife Loma was introduced by her in-laws’ to Emma Runcorn. Mrs. Runcorn and her husband O.J. were lay leaders in the Oregon Conference of the Church of God, Seventh Day. They introduced Loma to the Saturday Sabbath doctrine. Hearing about Loma’s new found religious fanaticism, Herbert became incensed. Loma challenged him to find biblical support for Sunday observance. Armstrong began an extensive study of scripture too prove Loma wrong.

    In Spring 1927 after spending many weeks at Portland Public Library, to his astonishment, his study revealed that the Sabbath was the seventh day of the week. As a result both Herbert and Loma began keeping the Saturday Sabbath. Armstrong frequently consulted with an evangelical minister and was then baptized in May/June 1927 by the Pastor of the Hinson Memorial Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. Herbert once said of this Pastor, “The man is the most godly man in all of Portland.” Shortly after that, Armstrong and Loma began fellowship with a Church of God (Seventh Day) group in Salem, Oregon.

    On October 13, 1928 Herbert & Loma welcomed their first son Richard David “Dick” Armstrong. The Armstrong family was living at: 1831 Klickitat St. in Portland. On February 9, 1930 Herbert & Loma welcomed their second son Garner Ted Armstrong. The Armstrong family was now living at: 839 E. 75th St. N. in Portland. In Spring 1931 the Armstrong family moved from Portland to nearby Salem (Mulino? Armstrong’s parents?).

    In June 1931 Herbert W. Armstrong was ordained by the Oregon Conference of The Church of God, which took place in Eugene, Oregon but the Great Depression was beginning and he was later temporary laid off as a Minister. In December 1932 Armstrong took a temporary advertising job in Astoria, Oregon with “The Morning Messenger” newspaper. In February 1933 Herbert got his full time ministry back but was paid only $3.00 a week salary. Local membership, mostly farmers supplied the Armstrong family with vegetables and grains for meals and paid their house rent.

    On April 21, 1933 Herbert’s father, Horace Elon Armstrong died in Mulino, Oregon at age 70, a day after his birthday on a farm Horace and his wife had owned. In August 1933 Armstrong was in Harrisburg, Oregon at a meeting of the Church of God, Oregon Conference and had a falling out, telling them to keep the $3.00 a week salary. Although he never resigned from the Conference and was never removed.

    In October 1933 Armstrong learned that KORE Eugene, Oregon, a local radio station, offered 15 minutes of free daily broadcasting time as a public service. This was an opportunity to instantly reach several hundred listeners at once. Herbert immediately went down to the station, and was given free airtime the following week.

    On Monday morning October 9, 1933 Herbert W. Armstrong broadcast his first morning devotional program over KORE at 7:45am, beginning with his trademark opening “Greetings, Friends” and was promptly seized by fear. Struggling through his first five minutes, Armstrong gradually gained comfort. After his forth 15 minute program, trouble on October 12th. That Thursday after the broadcast, Frank Hill, KORE Owner & Manager had both good and bad news.

    The good news: The messages Armstrong had broadcast were unlike anything radio listeners had ever heard before. They wanted to learn more, they made phone calls and sent in letters to the radio station, asking for literature, even though Herbert did not offer any.

    The bad news: Armstrong’s listeners had confronted their Pastors and asked them why they were preaching the opposite of what the Bible taught. Embarrassed, these local ministers got together and informed Mr. Hill that they did not want Armstrong preaching on the air anymore. And to make certain of this, one of them would be at the station every morning thereafter to take up the free airtime.

    Mr. Hill could no longer give Herbert free air time, but liked the listener response, and he thought highly of Armstrong’s broadcasting voice. Frank suggested to Herbert, they work out a half-hour radio program, broadcasting it as a public service every Sunday. Hill offered to sell him a half-hour segment on Sunday mornings for less than half of what it would cost the station, $2.50 per half hour.

    On Sunday January 7, 1934 KORE began airing Herbert W. Armstrong’s new 30 minute program called “Radio Church of God” at 10:00am. On February 1, 1934 “The Plain Truth” magazine began. Herbert had borrowed a typewriter and bought some mimeograph stencils and paper. Having free, temporary access to a mimeograph machine, Armstrong produced and published the inaugural edition. The address for the magazine was 560 4th Ave. West, Eugene, Ore. By August 1934 the Armstrong’s were still living in Salem, Oregon at: 1142 Hall St. In July 1935 “The Plain Truth” magazine ceased publishing for 2 1/2 years.

    On November 22, 1936 “Radio Church of God” expanded its reach Sunday’s at 10:00am via Postal telegraph wires to 500 watt KSLM Salem, Oregon & 250 watt KXL Portland in addition to flagship station 100 watt KORE Eugene. On September 5, 1937 “Radio Church of God” continuing on KORE with KSLM at 10:00am but switched stations in Portland to more powerful KWJJ with 500 watts. However the same time slot wasn’t available, so after the morning broadcast from KORE, Armstrong would drive 123 miles to Portland and deliver the KWJJ program live at 4:00pm. His Eugene to Portland drives would continue for many years on Sundays.

    On January 1, 1938 “The Plain Truth” magazine returned, now professionally printed. By September 1940 the Armstrong family was living at: 1608 West 6th Ave. in Eugene. On September 15, 1940 “Radio Church of God” began on 1,000 watt KRSC Seattle, Wash., Sunday’s at 4:00pm. The first Seattle broadcast was live. KWJJ & KORE audiences heard a transcribed program. The KRSC broadcasts would continue with the use of electrical transcriptions, recorded on Thursday nights.

    On Sunday December 7, 1941 Herbert W. Armstrong was live on KWJJ at 4:00pm, broadcasting a program driven by the devastating news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Within the broadcast Armstrong explained the prophetic meaning behind the earth-shattering event.

    On August 9, 1942 “Radio Church of God” became known as “The World Tomorrow” on KORE, KRSC & heard Sunday’s on KWJJ at 5:30pm. In early August 1942 “The World Tomorrow” began on 10,000 watt KGA Spokane, Sunday’s 8:00am and 1,000 watt KMTR Los Angeles, Sunday’s 9:30pm with over the air pick up via 250 watt KFMB San Diego, aired at the same time.

    On August 30, 1942 “The World Tomorrow” began on 50,000 watt WHO Des Moines, Sunday’s at 11:00pm. Herbert W. Armstrong was live at WHO delivering the program via Postal telegraph lines, he called the Liberty Network to: KMTR, KFMB, KRSC, KWJJ, KGA, KORE. Armstrong said: “For the first time in my life I was speaking from the studios of WHO to a nationwide audience!” Here now is the original announcer introduction: “The World Tomorrow! At this same time every Sunday, Herbert W. Armstrong analyzes today’s news, with the prophecies of The World Tomorrow!”

    On January 3, 1943 “The World Tomorrow” in Portland switched back to KXL, now with 10,000 watts at 8:30am. The most powerful station in Oregon. Armstrong claimed to be very poor at the time but other members of the Oregon Church of God reported, they would often see him dining in Portland’s finest restaurants as they passed by outside. In April 1943 “The World Tomorrow” added 5,000 watt KVI Tacoma, Sunday’s 9:30am. In August 1943 WHO Des Moines canceled “The World Tomorrow.”

    On August 22, 1943 “The World Tomorrow” added two stations. 5,000 watt KRNT Des Moines and fed to 1,000 watt KMA Shenandoah, Iowa at 10:15pm. In September 1943 “The World Tomorrow” was added to 100 watt KNET Palestine, Texas, Sunday’s at 9:30am, after the station had asked to run the program. On May 2, 1943 “The World Tomorrow” began on 50,000 watt WOAI San Antonio, Sunday’s at 11:00pm.

    In May 1944 Armstrong was back visiting Hollywood using its quality recording facilities as often as possible and began investigating a potential large-scale printing operation, since the Eugene printing company was reaching capacity. The idea of permanently moving to southern California was taking shape. On October 8, 1944 Rev. Herbert W. Armstrong performed the marriage for Abigail Boyd to Ensign Jack E. Hill at “Little Chapel of The Chimes” in Portland.

    On October 22, 1944 “The World Tomorrow” began on 100,000 watt Super Power XELO Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Sunday’s at 8:00pm, broadcasting to the Nation & Canada. On October 1, 1945 “The World Tomorrow” began on 50,000 watt XERB Rosarito Beach, Mexico, Sunday’s 9:00pm. By November 1945 Armstrong was driving to Portland and recording two, half hour programs each day, spending an average of three days a week in The Rose City. A telephone line had been installed in his Eugene office with the recording studio in Portland but it was not satisfactory.

    On November 25, 1945 “The World Tomorrow” began on 150,000 watt Super Power XEG Guadalupe, Mexico, directional North & Northeast. Sunday’s 8:00pm. Heard in Middle America, West & South.

    In December 1945 recording moved to Hollywood. Armstrong was beginning to see his work becoming a worldwide organization, yet the headquarters in Eugene did not reflect this. The publishing and mailing of 75,000 magazines had now grown too large for the local printing company. Producing top-quality broadcast recordings was causing the work to outgrow its Eugene facilities. Moving office headquarters to Southern California went from an idea to a necessity. But the Armstrong’s didn’t want to live in Hollywood or Los Angeles, so they set their sights on Pasadena, whose pace of life was more traditional.

    On December 3, 1945 XELO began six nights a week Monday thru Saturday at 8:00pm. On December 17, 1945 XEG began six nights a week Monday thru Saturday at 8:00pm. In December 1945 while in Hollywood recording the daily programs for XELO & XEG, Armstrong began his search for office space. Weeks turned into months. On February 3, 1946 “The World Tomorrow” new time at 4:30pm on KXL Sundays. Continued on KVAN at 10:00pm Sunday’s. On March 3, 1946, the Radio Church of God was officially incorporated within the state of California. Armstrong purchased a mansion just off of the Rose Parade route on Orange Grove Boulevard and acquired his own printing plant.

    In 1947 Art Gilmore became the official voice heard at the top of every World Tomorrow program for decades. Gilmore was a well-known announcer on national radio shows like: Amos “N” Andy & Red Ryder and later TV shows like: Highway Patrol. Gilmore began in broadcasting in 1935 at KOL Seattle. Moving in 1936 to KFWB Hollywood. Then to KNX Los Angeles. Before Art Gilmore “The World Tomorrow” used several different radio announcers. Here now is the most remembered program introduction for Herbert performed by Art Gilmore: “The World Tomorrow! Herbert W. Armstrong brings you The Plain Truth about today’s world news. And the prophecies of The World Tomorrow!” Herbert: “Well greetings friends, this is Herbert W. Armstrong with the good news of The World Tomorrow.”

    In August 1947 the Radio Church of God offices completed their move from Eugene, Oregon to Pasadena, Calif. On October 8, 1947 Ambassador College was opened in Pasadena, Calif. On January 7, 1953 “The World Tomorrow” began broadcasting to all of Europe via “Radio Luxembourg.” On Sunday October 25, 1953 “The World Tomorrow” became an ABC Radio Network program on 175 stations. Atlantic Coast time, 11:35am. Middle-West, Central Standard Time, 11:05am. Mountain States, 12:05pm, and Pacific Coast, 11:05am. On June 28, 1955 “The Plain Truth” magazine reported “Radio Church of God” had cancelled “The World Tomorrow” on the ABC Radio Network.

    On Sunday July 24, 1955 “The World Tomorrow” became a Television program. The 30 minute back & white TV version was recorded on film and was shown on a portion of the ABC Television Network. The first stations to air the program were: WABC-TV New York, 11:30pm; WBKB Chicago, 9:00am; KTLA Los Angeles, 10:00pm; KOA-TV Denver, 1:00pm; KLZ-TV Denver, 10:30pm; KLOR Portland, 9:30pm; KLTV Tyler, Texas, 10:45pm. (Because of lower rates and exceptional times offered on two of Denver’s best stations, we are using both stations).

    The following Sunday on July 31, 1955 additional TV stations began carrying “The World Tomorrow” syndicated program: KPRC-TV Houston, 11:30pm; KMBC-TV Kansas City, 10:30pm; KTNT-TV Tacoma, 10:30pm; KOVR Stockton, 10:30pm; KTVH Hutchinson, Kans., 2:30pm; KCMC-TV Texarkana, Tex., 10:30pm. On April 14, 1956 Eight radio stations in Australia began broadcasting “The World Tomorrow” once a week. On July 30, 1958 Herbert’s son Richard David “Dick” Armstrong died at age 29 in a three car pile up in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

    By March 1960 son Garner Ted Armstrong was heard occasionally on the radio version of “The World Tomorrow.” On October 16, 1960 a second campus of Ambassador College opened at Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England, On September 19, 1961 Herbert’s mother Eva Wright Armstrong died at age 95 in Los Angeles. On September 8, 1964 a third campus of Ambassador College opened in Big Sandy, Texas. On April 15, 1967 Herbert’s wife Loma Isabelle Armstrong died at age 75 in Los Angeles.

    By October 1967 Garner Ted Armstrong had taken over radio broadcasts of “The World Tomorrow” but father Herbert W. Armstrong continued to be seen on the TV version. Here now is the most remembered radio introduction for Garner Ted performed by Art Gilmore: “The World Tomorrow! Ambassador College presents Garner Ted Armstrong, bringing you The Plain Truth about today’s world news. And the prophecies of The World Tomorrow!” Garner: “And greetings friends around the world, this is Garner Ted Armstrong with the good news of The World Tomorrow.”

    On January 5, 1968 the “Radio Church of God” changed its name to the “Worldwide Church of God.” In 1968 Herbert W. Armstrong met Belgium’s King Leopold III, who was instrumental in arranging many of Armstrong’s meetings with heads of state in the future.

    In October 1969 Garner Ted Armstrong was now the voice and face of “The World Tomorrow” having taken over TV broadcasts with 40 million viewers. His radio broadcasts were heard on 229 stations and approximately 100 foreign radio stations. It was speculated that with Garner Ted’s charisma and personality, he was the logical successor to Herbert. “Worldwide Church of God” annual budget in 1969 was $34 Million. In 1970 $32 Million, and in 1971 $35 Million.

    In January 1972 Garner Ted Armstrong, 41, was taken off “The World Tomorrow” Radio & TV programs because of a “church controversy.” He had confessed to being “in the bond of Satan” and was “disfellowshipped.” (the church’s term for excommunication). Radio & TV tapes of 79 year old Herbert W. Armstrong filled the time periods and revenue reportedly dropped as a consequence. Herbert told his followers a financial crisis was facing the church. On March 15, 1972 Herbert W. Armstrong had a 40-minute meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Eisaku Sato.

    In July 1972 Garner Ted Armstrong returned to “The World Tomorrow” confirming his absence because of “spiritual as well as mental and physical problems.” In August 1972 it was reported the “Worldwide Church of God” had annual budget of $41 Million. On June 19, 1973 Herbert W. Armstrong met with Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. In 1973 it was reported the “Worldwide Church of God” had annual budget of $53 Million.

    On February 23, 1974 Six Ministers of the “Worldwide Church of God” resigned, alleging sexual improprieties, squandering of money and citing doctrinal differences. The Ministers charged that Herbert W. Armstrong concealed from the membership over a period of years the alleged adultery of his son Garner Ted Armstrong, who said: “I would not address myself to the charges, either to confirm or to deny.” John Mitchell, one of the dissidents said “the last straw” in Garner Ted’s alleged sexual misconduct was a relationship with a young stewardess who accompanied him on Ambassador College-leased jet planes.

    On May 6, 1974 Herbert W. Armstrong officiated at the dedication of the $10 Million “Ambassador Auditorium” concert hall in Pasadena. On June 23, 1974 Herbert W. Armstrong met Jordan’s King Hussein. On March 18, 1975 “Ambassador International Cultural Foundation” was created. The foundation’s efforts reached into several continents, providing staffing and funds to fight illiteracy, to create schools for the disabled, to set up mobile schools, and for several archaeological digs of biblically significant sites. On February 17, 1976 Herbert W. Armstrong met with Sir Milo B. Butler, Governor General of the Bahamas.

    In 1976 Herbert W. Armstrong moved to Tucson, Arizona. On April 17, 1977 Herbert W. Armstrong, 84, married divorcee Ramona Martin, 38. Son, Garner Ted Armstrong officiated at the wedding. On August 16, 1977 Herbert W. Armstrong suffered a massive heart attack in his Tucson home. Garner Ted Armstrong attempted to seize control. “My son assumed authority beyond that delegated to him,” Herbert charged. In 1977 it was reported the “Worldwide Church of God” had annual budget of $68 Million.

    On May 18, 1978 Herbert W. Armstrong announced his decision to return to regular broadcasts of “The World Tomorrow” and imposed a six-month banishment on his son and ordered him to contact no one outside his immediate family. Son Garner Ted & wife Shirley were barred from church owned homes in Pasadena and Big Sandy, Texas. Herbert accused his son of imitating commercial broadcasters on his radio and television programs and not having enough religious content in them.

    On June 28, 1978 Herbert W. Armstrong announced (for the second time) he had disfellowshipped his son Garner Ted Armstrong and said: “My son spread the rumor that my mind had gone senile. He is guilty of what he accuses — his mind has become filled with HATE, ANTAGONISM — and has become UNSTABLE.” He was asked to return all church credit cards. Garner Ted Armstrong said he was “bewildered” by his father’s action.

    In 1978 Garner Ted Armstrong founded “Church of God International”, in Tyler, Texas. On November 23, 1978 Herbert’s brother Russell Maxwell Armstrong died at age 78 in Clackamas, Oregon. In July 1982 Herbert W. Armstrong met Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles. In October 1982 Herbert W. Armstrong and wife Ramona Armstrong were separated. In November 1982 Herbert W. Armstrong met President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya & Spain’s King Juan Carlos I.

    On April 26, 1983 Herbert W. Armstrong divorced Ramona, after seven years of marriage. A bitter litigation reportedly cost the church more than $5 Million in legal fees. On November 6, 1984 Herbert W. Armstrong met Deng Xiaoping, top leader of the People’s Republic of China. On November 17, 1984 Herbert’s brother Dwight Leslie Armstrong died at age 80 in Sequim, Washington. On February 13, 1985 the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce gave Herbert W. Armstrong its Civic Achievement Award.

    In August 1985 Herbert W. Armstrong taped his final two World Tomorrow broadcasts and became ill. On January 10, 1986 Herbert W. Armstrong appointed Joseph W. Tkach who was Director of Church Administration, to the office of Deputy Pastor General, to succeed him, if God should take his life.

    On January 16, 1986 Herbert W. Armstrong died at age 93. Armstrong had been confined to his home on the Worldwide Church of God’s Pasadena campus, refusing to see or talk to family members. A church spokesman said Armstrong died at 5:59am while resting in the favorite chair of his late wife, Loma. On January 19, 1986 approximately 4,000 people attended his funeral, including a number of political figures from other countries. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Calif., next to his wife Loma, his son Richard and his mother, Eva.

    References: Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Nashua Telegraph, The Oregonian, The Plain Truth magazine, The San Diego Union, Torrance Daily Breeze, Wikipedia.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 12:11 AM #
  2. semoochie

    Just to finish this up, Garner Ted Armstrong died in 2003 at age 73. The program announcement that I remember, mentioned Herbert W and then introduced Garner Ted. It was on KWJJ every evening, interrupting their Country music.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 01:23 AM #
  3. shipwreck

    I used to hear “The World Tomorrow” on shortwave via the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Service in the 1970s. That old guy could really bluster.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 09:23 AM #
  4. Broadway

    First heard his radio broadcast on my 6 transister radio hooked to my waist tuned to 1120 KPNW (when it first went on the air) as I was moving 3 inch irrigation pipe as a 16 year old.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 03:23 PM #
  5. Randy_in_Eugene

    As fate would have it, just a few days ago I obtained a copy of the memoirs of Don L. Hunter, longtime Eugene audio/visual guru, titled “Growing Up in Eugene,” (c) 2011. Mr, Hunter made the very first recordings of Herbert Armstrong. Here are a couple of excerpts about Armstrong:

    “KORE broadcast a ‘Vespers’ program featuring different local ministers each Sunday evening. One minister, Herbert W. Armstrong, was eventually given a regular weekly spot. However, one week Armstrong had a conflicting trip to a church convention. He asked the station manager if there was any way to pre-record his sermon. They referred him to me. So I set up a recorder in my shop and cut a fifteen minute transcription for him.”

    “I continued to record for him from time to time. So here he was with a small stack of sermons on disc. So why not send them to other radio stations and expand his congregations? So he began airing the transcriptions on various stations up and down the Pacific Coast, later adding WOR, a 50,000 watt station in Des Moines Iowa.”

    Hunter added that Armstrong was “very business-like and was good to work with. He promptly paid his bills and never tried to proselytize me.”

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 06:38 PM #
  6. Andy_brown

    I had to suffer through that program at one of my jobs. It was so out of format it wasn’t funny. The World Tomorrow was a horrible program. I had to endure the old man and the son. The son (Garner Ted) was the worst. I swear, we had a separate audience just for that half hour. Eventually we talked ownership into dumping it, but the sales staff floundered (they never made the adjustment from the two formats earlier, they were all old and there we were playing progressive albums) and it came back about a year later. It was my undoing at that job.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 07:15 PM #
  7. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    Randy: Not WOR. That’s New York City. It was WHO Des Moines.

    I listened to Garner Ted from time to time when his topic was interesting. It was about 20 years ago when I found out Herbert W. Armstrong didn’t start in Pasadena but right here in Oregon. Always knew there was a lot on the web about him but going through all his scriptures just to find the documentation was a pain, although he was very good at dating events in time. When I began research I wasn’t sure I could make a Portland connection. Wikipedia doesn’t even mention Portland, their writing takes you directly to Eugene. If Herbert would have run transcriptions the entire time on Portland stations I was going to scrap it.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 08:34 PM #
  8. Randy_in_Eugene

    I figured “WOR” was a mistake on Hunter’s part, but didn’t have time to verify whether those calls were ever used outside of NYC.

    Posted on July 31, 2014 – 09:12 PM #
  9. Andy_brown

    WOR began broadcasting on February 22, 1922, using a 500-watt transmitter on 360 meters (833 kc.) from Bamberger’s Department Store in Newark, New Jersey. The station’s first broadcast was made with a home made microphone which was a megaphone attached to a telephone transmitter, while Al Jolson’s “April Showers” was played. Louis Bamberger’s sale of radio sets to consumers explained their affiliation with the station. The WOR call sign was reissued from the U.S. maritime radio service.

    Growing up, WOR was kind of a strange mix of news and music. Strange in that it had lots of news and less music than other full service stations.

    Posted on August 7, 2014 – 11:51 AM #
  10. semoochie

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