Mural Connected to Hog Farm

Here is Erin Sullivan who painted most of the starry objects in the Creamery Mural. She told me she was a friend of the authors of the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’, and she felt compelled to read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ after the lawsuit.  I had not yet found Erin when I wrote this on this post;

Erin was a member of the Hog Farm and a good friend of Wavy Gravy. Homer Simpson was recruited as the Axis Mundi. Consider Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘The Cosmic Trigger’. Like it or not, we are all hurtling in space. And the mothers that born us want to be proud of all their children. For sure they don’t want us to fall in with the wrong crowd, a bunch of oddballs. Now, the bookcase makes perfect artistic sense. Do you agree?”

Wow! What a Cosmic Trigger Coincidence! Erin posted this post on this Facebook and said it was an example of her ‘Retrograde of Venus’. I am changing it, but have the original. Here is what Erin wrote me – that floored me!

“Boy, could I tell you about Dan Brown . . . I am published by Penguin/Tarcher . . . I was the editor for Arkana Contemporary Astrology, Penguin UK . . . . And, he ripped off my authors and friends, Michael Baigent and Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc.

Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. When they lost the lawsuit, Rich died of a heart attack four months later . . . Michael has since died 4 years ago from cancer . . . , When I was forced to read DaVinci, by the tine I got to page 38, I thought it was Rich Leigh under a boring pseudonym . . . AND, it is also straight out of my book on Retrograde Planets, in the VENUS chapter!!!!””

Erin asked me if I had seen the mural her and Laura Foster painted. I told her I saw it in 1986, when I went to visit my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, who worked there. We talked about the commune we lived in with the Zorthian sisters, whose father was a famous muralist who was inspired by my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton – who was the mentor of Jackson Pollock! Erin was thrilled to be placed amongst these stars of the Art World, as will Laura be when I find her.



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