Angry Witch of a Neighbor

My neighbor Kathy and her daughter had to have heard Kim Haffner, and our neighbor, Krista, wrongly accuse me of being a sex pervert, and-or, a stalker of young women. Half-ton read the fake abuser report on a fake site, that has a woman into S&M ratting on a married man, because HE LIED TO HER about having his wife’s permission to – BEAT HIM BLACK&BLUE! This passion play – with a bullwhip – will be in my series…..Boxing Day.  The day after Christmas, many people went insane – and stayed that way. There is no return trip.

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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

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“When I tried to help you once!”

“No one cares about your book!”

My neighbors are egregious liars! Sue Haffner and her husband went to Reseda High with my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton, who is famous for his murals. He is in my book. Garth successfully sued Ann and Gordon Getty when they painted over his mural. I used Kim as a model for my detective series I am going to try to sell to Netflix. But, she wanted to be the make-believe Head Psychiatrist of McKenzie Meadows.

Kim Haffner is employing her skills she acquired when she worked on the Johnson Unit for many years. She informs the invisible group that THEY are not interested in my famous sister’s biography, and, I should take my meds and go back to my room. Why is management allowing this abuse…

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