The Angelic Tomb of Sophie and Carlotta

“Orlandi was reportedly last seen at a bus stop in Rome, and the circumstances of her disappearance have remained a mystery in the decades since she went missing.

According to the report, Orlandi’s family received an anonymous tip with a cryptic message along with a photograph of a marble angel statue looking down on the tombs of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe, who reportedly died in 1836, and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklemburg, who died in 1840. Both tombs are at the Teutonic Cemetery, the only graveyard within Vatican City walls.

“I received a letter with a picture in it,” Orlandi family lawyer Laura Sgro told CBS News. “The letter said: ‘If you want to find Emanuela, search where the angel is looking.’”

I am having trouble finding the genealogy for Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe who may be kin to Queen Victoria, the Protestant Queen of England. Her German kindred were traditionally Catholic. There was the switching of ones faith. If you married a Catholic, you could not sit on the throne of England. This may be her ancestor and namesake.

Sophie von Hohenlohe (von Hohenstaufen)

Death: 1135 (44)
Hohenlohe, Germany
Immediate Family: Daughter of Conrad III, King of Germany and Gerberge von Hohenstaufen
Wife of Konrad, Graf von Weikersheim
Mother of Konrad, Graf von Hohenlohe and Count Albrecht of Hohenlohe
Half sister of No name; Agnes Liubava of Germany; Heinrich VI, römisch-deutschen Mitkönig; Bertha Hohenstaufen and Frederick IV Duke Of Rothenburg & Franconia & Swabia, Herzog zu Swaben

I had cyber-battles with members of the Sinclair family who came to believe they descend from Jesus and his daughter, Sarah, thanks to Dan Brown and Baigent and Leigh. When I and others pointed out British Royalty descends from the German House of Saxe-Coburg, they had to listen to me and my question, being, this family married into most, if not all, the royal families of Europe, something the Jesus Line would want to do, verses hang out in Scotland and cling to small-time history. They banned me.

I have compared myself to The Phantom of the Opera. I have been called a “Lunatic”. Trump did not know the German connection between Queen Elizabeth and the Germans – who he insulted! Putin has studied these genealogies because he wants to restore the Russian Monarchy. Follow the Reuss Line! The Sinclair did not enjoy me pointing out King Henry the second’s grandmother was Matilda of Scotland, whose life should be a cable series. Herbert Armstrong missed the German connection and is one reason I took over his ministry. I am a genealogist of renown who a Rose Line in my family.

The Stuttmeisters graves were dug up. Many tombstones were thrown in a seawall. Judgement Day – has arrived! I own…………The Story! I am kin to Heinrichs Reuss, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.

Here I am slipping a angel coin in the crack caused by the last great SF earthquake. The Stuttmeisters were Teutonic Knights. Because of this angel I conclude I am of Noble German Heritage. This is a – SIGN!

John The Phantom Seer

“Exhumation work began after a morning prayer in the Teutonic Cemetery, a burial ground just inside the Vatican walls used over the centuries mainly for Church figures or members of noble families of German or Austrian origin.”ß_von_Plauen

‘Search where the angel is looking’: Cryptic message about teen who vanished 36 years ago leads to shocking discovery in tombs of princesses

Seer John

Two tombs were opened; the “Tomb of the Angel,” of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe who died in 1836, and the tomb of Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklemburg, who died in 1840. Members of their families, Orlandi’s, and forensics scientists and Vatican police were all present as the tombs were unsealed.

In a statement released after just a couple hours of work, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said the operation had “produced negative results: no human findings or funerary urns were found” in either of the tombs — neither any remains appearing to belong to a teenager from the 1980s, nor any belonging to the 19th century princesses.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican opened two tombs on Thursday to see if the body of a girl missing since 1983 was hidden there and ran into a new mystery when nothing was found, not even the bones of two 19th century princesses supposed to be buried there.

Experts were looking for the remains of Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican clerk who failed to return home following a music lesson in Rome. Her disappearance has been the subject of wild speculation in the Italian media for years.

Exhumation work began after a morning prayer in the Teutonic Cemetery, a burial ground just inside the Vatican walls used over the centuries mainly for Church figures or members of noble families of German or Austrian origin.

Officials were expecting to find at least the bones of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe, who died in 1836, and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg, who died in 1840, but there was no trace of either.

“The result of the search was negative. No human remains or funeral urns were found,” Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said.

Gisotti said the Vatican would now examine records structural work done in the cemetery at the end of the 19th century and again about 60 years ago to see if they could shed any light on the new mystery.

Princess Sophie’s tomb led to a large empty underground room and no human remains were found in Princess Carlotta’s tomb, he said.

Theories about Orlandi’s disappearance have run the gamut from an attempt to secure freedom for Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk jailed in 1981 for trying to assassinate Pope John Paul II, to a connection to the grave of Enrico De Pedis, a mobster buried in a Rome basilica. His tomb was opened in 2012 but nothing was revealed.

Last year, bones found during ground work at the Vatican embassy in Rome sparked a media frenzy suggesting they might belong to Orlandi or to Mirella Gregori, another teenager who disappeared the same year. DNA tests turned out negative.

The Orlandi family later received an anonymous letter saying Emanuela’s body might be hidden among the dead in the Teutonic Cemetery where a statue of an angel holding a book reads “Requiescat in Pace,” Latin for “Rest in Peace”.

The two tombs were opened in the presence of the Orlandi family and descendants of the princesses, who were all equally shocked.

Police in 1983 did not exclude the possibility that Emanuela Orlandi may have been abducted and killed for reasons with no connection to the Vatican or been a victim of human trafficking.

Stuttmeister Tomb in Colma

A curator for the Oakland Museum called me yesterday and asked me to e-mail him the photograph of my kinfolk having a picnic in the Oakland Hills. I had just returned from Dot Dotsons in Eugene where Jo framed a enlargement of this historic event in a antique frame I purchased. She did a splendid job!Thanks to the Trust my uncle Vincent Rice left me, I have more funds to investigate and record my lost family history. Being poor I have had to endure hardship in order to visit my newfound daughter and newborn grandson in California. Tyler’s father was not there for his son, so when I went to see him for the first time I made a point to ground him in the history of my father’s people whom I and my cousin had just discovered were in a tomb at Cypress Lawn in Colma.

We three were the first kin to enter this tomb in many years. Tyler took an early lunch when Heather breast-fed her son on a marble bench facing the Tiffany window. Afterwards we went atop a hill and had a picnic next to these beautiful angels. Heather told me Tyler remembers being there. I was amazed when I saw his eyes follow a plane in the sky, and then smile.

My friend, Joy, had given me a special AA coin with the image of an angel on it for my late sister, Christine Rosamond, that I slipped into a crack made by an earthquake.

When we drove through San Francisco on our way home, I told Heather this was her and Tyler’s town now, for the Stuttmeisters are listed as a pioneer family, and made the Blue Book. In some respects, this was a Baptism.

Heinrich Reuss – Grand Master Teutonic Knights

I am kin to Heinrich Reuss.



Thumbnail for version as of 21:23, 16 March 2014    Image result for Heinrich Reuß von Plauen    Thumbnail for version as of 21:23, 16 March 2014
Hochmeister Heinrich Reuß von Plauen
 Heinrich Reuß von Plauen (died 2 January 1470) was the 32nd Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, serving from 1467 to 1470. He was the nephew of the previous Grand Master, Ludwig von Erlichshausen, and a distant relative to the 27th Grand Master, Heinrich von Plauen.  Reuß von Plauen came from the Reuss family from Plauen, Thuringia. Incidentally, the family named every male child Heinrich (Henry). Earlier, the brothers Heinrich Reuss von Plauen the Elder and Heinrich Reuss von Plauen the Younger had served in the Thirteen Years’ War.

Reuß von Plauen joined the Teutonic Order at a young age. He was first a brother in a monastery in Germany. Reuß von Plauen arrived in Prussia in the 1420s when he became the Vogt of Dirschau. In 1433 he became the Komtur of Balga and in 1440 the Vogt of Natangia. From 1441, Reuß von Plauen held the position of the Grand Hospitaller and the Komtur of Elbing (Elbląg). As the Grand Master’s nephew, his influence in the Order grew and he advanced quickly. He took control of the Order’s army during the Thirteen Years’ War and became famous for destroying the Polish army in the Battle of Konitz. After the Second Peace of Thorn in 1466, Reuß von Plauen became the Komtur of Preußisch Holland.

Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (4 December 1784 – 13 July 1840), was the first wife of King Christian VIII from 1806 until 1810, before he became King of Denmark. She was a daughter of Frederick Francis I, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, the seventh of the couple’s surviving children born at Ludwigslust‘s court.


Charlotte Frederica painted by Lisiewski during her childhood.

On a visit to Mecklenburg Prince Christian Frederik of Denmark stayed at his uncle’s court in Schwerin where he fell in love with his cousin, Duchess Charlotte, and two years later he married her.


The young couple took residence first at Amalienborg royal complex, and partly at Sorgenfri, but married life was unhappy. Charlotte’s character was thought to be capricious and frivolous. In 1808, she gave birth to her husband’s only surviving son, the future King Frederick VII of Denmark.

Charlotte Frederica’s alleged affair with her singing teacher, Swiss-born singer and composer Édouard Du Puy, led on to her removal from the court. For this reason, her husband divorced her in 1810, sent her into internal exile in Horsens, and prohibited her from seeing her son again.

Later life[edit]

After her divorce, Charlotte Frederica spent the next years of her life in a palace in Horsens, in Jutland and partly in Aarhus, where she cultivated social circles among the local bourgeoisie and had affairs with officers.[citation needed] In 1829 she moved from Denmark to Karlsbad under the name “Mrs. von Gothen.” In 1830 she traveled to Italy, finally settling in Rome and later converted to the Catholic faith.

Charlotte Frederica died in Rome in 1840. Her death was described as a relief to the court in Copenhagen as she dreamed of someday returning as the King’s mother. Frederik VII, who was only one year old when she had to leave him, showed great reverence towards the memory of his late mother: he collected portraits of her in his rooms at Jægerspris Castle, and when he visited Horsens on Sept. 1857 he officially thanked the city “for the love and kindness that was shown to her.”

to search

Princess Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Princess Reuss Younger Line
Princess Elise of Hohenlohe Langenburg (1864-1929), Princess of Reuss.jpg
Born 4 September 1864
Langenburg, Kingdom of Württemberg Germany
Died 18 March 1929 (aged 64)
Gera, Reuss Younger Line Germany
Spouse Heinrich XXVII, Prince Reuss Younger Line
Issue Princess Viktoria
Princess Luise Adelheid
Prince Heinrich XL
Prince Heinrich XLIII
Heinrich XLV, Hereditary Prince Reuss Younger Line
Father Hermann, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Mother Princess Leopoldine of Baden

Princess Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (German: Prinzessin Elise Victoria Feodora Sophie Adelheid zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg; 4 September 1864 – 18 March 1929) was Princess Reuss Younger Line as the wife of Heinrich XXVII. She was the eldest daughter of Hermann, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and his wife Princess Leopoldine of Baden.


Elise was born in Langenburg as the second child and first daughter of Hermann, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and his wife Princess Leopoldine of Baden, daughter of Prince William of Baden. She was a grand-niece of Queen Victoria, as Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, who was also the mother of Queen Victoria, had been previously married to Emich Carl, 2nd Prince of Leiningen with whom she had two children, one of whom was Elise’s paternal grandmother.

Elise had one elder brother Ernst who, at their father death, succeeded to the title of 7th Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg), and one younger sister Princess Feodora, who in 1894, married Emich, 5th Prince of Leiningen.


On 11 November 1884, Elise married in Langenburg, Heinrich XXVII, Prince Reuss Younger Line eldest child of Heinrich XIV, Prince Reuss Younger Line (1832–1913) and his wife, Duchess Agnes of Württemberg (1835–1886). They had five children:

Princess Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg with her children.

In 1913, Henry became the reigning Prince Reuss Younger Line, Elise becoming Princess consort. Prince Heinrich XXVII abdicated in 1918 after the German Revolution of 1918–19, when all German monarchies were abolished.

After the death of Heinrich XXIV, Prince Reuss Elder Line in 1927, the titles passed to Heinrich XXVII and became Prince Reuss.

Elise died on March 18, 1929, surviving to her spouse by six months

Imperial County of Reuss

Putin is considering restoring the Russian Monarchy. Karl Scwarzenberg and I are kin to the Romanovs via Kaiser Wilhem, the cousin of Nicholas. King BoBo’s  Bosom Buddy wants to get his hand on some Royal Romanov Seed. If God made everything, then He made DNA. Evangelicals claim BoBo is the embodiment of King David, whom the Jews have paid special attention to because of his DNA.

The way it looks, thousands of members of the Rosamond Family, are linked to the House of Schwarzenberg. We’re talking about Real Rednecks – the Real McCoy – who may own America. How many of my kin see Russia, and Putin as the world leader of Christianity?

Here is a good article on early religions in America. There is a Hidden Deed and Seed. God has to have a hand in all this.

It is a fact Russia used a farm of cyber-warriors to attack the American Elections as part of their plan to restore the Monarchy – and Christianity in Russia. These attacks can occur again, thus the Cyber Content War between Mega Meg and Oprah Winfrey, is vital. My Barrel Company is about preserving DNA. The Da Vinci Code – is fiction!


Since Nicholas and his family were sainted by the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia in 2000, churches, chapels and shrines dedicated to the so-called ‘Holy Imperial Martyrs’ have appeared across Russia.
In conformity with Orthodox practice, icons (devotional images) of these sainted Romanovs are for sale in a variety of poses, from mass-produced laminated cards to lavish diptychs housed in soft red velvet cases. Their former palaces and places of exile and execution have become pilgrimage destinations. A hundred years next year since the 1917 revolution, public memory has turned full circle. Where Russians were once encouraged to repudiate the Romanovs as ‘oppressors of the people’, today they’re encouraged, quite literally, to worship them [Of course, we cannot agree with nor endorse this exaggeration—O.C.].

Rosamond Press

I am kin to Kaiser Wilhem who married Hermine Reuss. Below are castles owned by the Reuss family. The name Reuss means “Russians”.  Trump, of German extraction,  knows Putin wants to bring back the Russian Monarchy. Kaiser Wilhelm was in Czar Nicholas’ cousin. They share similar DNA. They and their grandmother, are in my family tree, that usurpers tried to snip.

I gave my friend, Amy, a lesson on how DNA carries TRUTH. History keeps repeating itself because the royals mix their genetic truths together. This is why a prophet born into a royal tree, can predict their moves. John the Baptist was of two priestly line, and Jesus of two Davidic lines. It is like owning psychic powers. It is more like own – The Truth!

The Rapture Usurpers put Trump and Putin together – years before he ran. Demand to see the Mueller Report so We the People…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Being a genealogist of renown I google Sophie and could not find her. I did find Sophie the daughter of King Conrad, who went on Crusade. Dan Brown intercept the study of man authors and researchers – for money! Alas I found a way for the Seekers of the Holy Grail to get around the gaping Brown Hole. Follow me!

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