The Examination of John Presco

Someone who has my best interests at heart, wants me to give references about my friends here at McKenzie Meadows in particular. What kind of person am I? I made an inventory of four residents I interacted with, that have died here. I have a couple of pics of us playing poker in the rec room that I will have to find.

Then Brembe-Colt came to mind and the video of us taking our walk that was almost a daily happening. Many tenants marveled at how a cat would follow a human. I tried to rescue Colt from his abusive owners. He was becoming my Service Animal. I was struggling using a decapheter until Colt insisted on being a part of the procedure. He was doing a healing. I spent $200 dollars getting him repaired. My vet said he would always bee a outdoor cat. Then began the attack of the No-Neck Gutgobblins.

The No-Necks are a mother and daughter team of Meanness. They moved in four years ago and do not like to say hello. They pride themselves on giving you hard looks. That’s the daughter with Kim Hafner, my tormenter. This Gutgobblin brings her cat outside and is trying to get it used to Colt. She tells me my service cat, and her cat, fought when she brought Colt inside. She tells me she wants to make Colt – her cat! She has seen us walking together ad this is what she deserves – not me!

I tell her I just got Colt fixed and neutered,  and do not want him to get in a fight with your cat. This No-Neck tells me her mother told her she can take my cat because I do not keep it inside. I told her no one could keep that cat inside. A couple of months later, Kim Hafner is threatening to get rid of Colt. He disappears.

Jonathan Gall might have been my best friend – after his father, Mark Gall. Mark and I used to go fishing on the McKenzie quite a lot. We used to play golf. The Galls all have degrees in psychology.  They and the Corbin family have been friends for forty years. Ed Corbin was my good friend. I got Ed into Serenity Lane. He is a Harvard graduate. Jonny graduated summa cum ladi.

I drove my dear friend to many doctor appointments in my yellow Toyota. I took Ed shopping, and to his appointments. I took Sandy and three others to dinner at the C Street Church, or, The Kitchen. I took Hollis and others to do volunteer work at the Youth Farm. I took Virginia to her doctor appointments in the Mustard Mobil.

One day after I had dinner with Jon and his mother, they dropped me off. Jon wanted to come up and see my appartment. Joy asked me to get a towel to put before John as he scooted himself up the stairs. He could no longer walk. Jon never lived anywhere but his parents home. He sat down in a big chair and looked out on my balcony. He was trying my space on for size. It was very moving, because it looked Jon was going into a home. I saw him in a home. He could not speak, and made grunting sounds. He pulled the tube out of his stomach, twice, when I was there. They wanted me to go in the ambulance.

My neighbor Sande gave me a call and was in much pain. She wanted me to take her to emergency. She scooted down the stairs on her butt. When I picked her up, I was working on a luggage carrier to see if I could carry Sande upstairs. Then my neighbor, Terrell Turner drove up and took our neighbor upstairs. See news article below.

Jon’s grandmother was brought from back East and put in a home. It was love at first sight. For three years I attended dinner at Fox Hollow. I was asked to come do a painting to music in the rec room. Grand Canyon Suite was my choice. I dated the director for awhile. I took Ray Gall to synagogue.

I took Alberta to Cowboy Church. We played poker in the rec room with Cliff, Owen, Ray, and Sande. Alberta had a crush on me, and when she took me to see her burial plot, she wanted me to purchase the plot next to her.

Above is a pic of me and my childhood sweetheart at show at the Emerald Art Association where I volunteered. I married Thomas Pynchon’s lover, and adopted Hollis Williams when he died because we could not find any family. There is a Christian group here at McKenzie Meadow. Joy is close with Genie, who was close with Sande. There was a woman who rented a gargae here that lived with the Galls. Bill died. He rented a garage and was a good friend of the Galls. Mark knew Cheryl Walton when she lived next to Ed. She had to move when she angered a woman neighbor.

I proposed to Virginia Hambley, after she got down on one knee. Virg has memory loss due to a horrific accident. I was there for her, to so all those little things she could not do. I went to Head Injury groups with her.

That is my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, of yogurt fame. She was at my graduation from Serenity Lane in 1987. She got me on the bus with her friend Ken Kesey who I believe wanted to help him own what I got….33 years of sobriety.

Then there is my good neighbor, Dorene. I fell in love with her and her very old dog that was blind, but sensed I was coming to check my mail.

Ashley Hicks and I have been facebook friends for six years. She was threatened by anarchists and has allowed me to post the threats of Alley Valkyrie who is in France being on her best behavior so she can get citizenship, according to Don Kahle who writes for the Register Guard.

Last night a great cloud rolled in from the sea, and like Baal was full of thunder and rain. I washed down my deck with buckets of water then cleansed and blessed my plants in the name of John the Baptist who was a Nazarite like myself. My ex-neighbor Will invited me to the Convict Christian meetings he held in the rec room. I introduced him to my dear friend Kenny Reed who passed away recently.

Below is my group where you can find a video of me bringing the wrath of God down upon my enemies, because, I am the minister of the New Radio Church of God, founded by Herbert Armstrong. Religious folks are taking themselves way too seriously. Marilyn has come over to find my face all aglow. The beloved McKenzie Meadow Mascots saw this.

John Presco

Jonathan Gall

jongApril 11, 1976 –
August 20, 2013

Jon died of pneumonia with his loved ones by his side. At the age of 27, he developed a progressive neurological disorder, adrenomyeloneuropathy, but continued to live a rich, challenging life aided by his devoted caregivers-Erica, Jessie, Kasia, Kristen, Michele, and Xondra.

Jon was born in Eugene, the only child of Mark and Joy Gall. He attended Edgewood Elementary School, Spencer Butte Middle School, and South Eugene High School. He then earned a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Oregon’s Honors College. He graduated summa cum laude and accepted an invitation to join the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Subsequently Jon engaged in rewarding work with distinguished researchers at the University’s College of Education for several years.

Jon was an accomplished pianist and loved learning, sports (especially basketball and tennis), and travel. He lived on Guam with his parents while in fifth grade; he enjoyed snorkeling there and serving on his school’s military drill team. In high school he pursued his love of Spanish by staying with a family in Spain one summer and a family in Mexico another summer. Jon’s travels also took him to Bali, Canada, Israel, Japan, and much of the United States. A special memory was his trip to the 1995 Rose Bowl game.

Jon is survived by his parents, by his aunts Judi, Darlene, Diane, and Susan, and by his first cousins Darin, Jocelyn, and Kheir. He also leaves behind his good friend Gerard and his “second family”- Nitza, Benny, Nurit, and Amir. The Schwabskys warmly opened their Eugene home to Jon for ten years before they returned to Israel. Memorial contributions to United Leukodystrophy Foundation.


Published in Eugene Register-Guard on August 27, 2013
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