Garden Belle

Garden Belle


John Presco


Come to the garden Belle

in the springtime of more


Will we plant again

in seperated peace

Will the police be summoned

and the Mayor


Again smell the lilac

from different plots

in the besieged city.



fondles his bluebelles

that make his heart sing

the droning of the bees

the blue

coming out the top

of your head

the Maid of Notre Dame

Paris is burning

with love


Come to the pasture


be the Goat Lady

make war

pitch tents

recall our Idle Hands

For time does slip away

new homeless faces

making compost

with our dead ends


The old man is gone

who fell in love

with a violent Milkmaid

doesn’t happen everyday.

And now you know

now you know

Belle in her garden

with her seeds


exotic cheeses

for crazy anarchists

with Molotov Cocktails

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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