Black Mau Mau’s Killed Our Friend’s Family

Joan Corbett was a good friend of my ex-wife and myself. She suffered from severe alcoholism due to her PTSD she acquired after coming home for Thanksgiving, and finding her family slaughtered. These latest shooters have targeted people of color. The Mau Mau Murders should be be labeled a ‘Hate Crime’.

Joan was at my wedding. Mary Ann allegedly was the wife of Thomas Pynchon, whose novel ‘Inherent Vice’ swirled around the Manson murders. It is clear I have been doing battle to the Real Bad Guys. I survived a hit by a Mafia associate.

I am going to contact Quentin Tarantino and see if he wants to co-author a story on the Mau Mau Murders.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

CHICAGO, Oct. 15 — Eight members of a group called‐“De Mau Mau” gang, which was formed by dishonorably discharged black veterans of Vietnam, were charged today with nine murders, including the mass slayings of two white families.

The police said that the murders, which date to last spring, appeared to have been racially motivated and were linked by ballistic tests.

Six of the eight accused men, wearing Army fatigue jackets, were arraigned early today. The suspects, described by Cook County Sheriff Richard J. Elrod as “the gang leaders and the triggermen,” were held without bail in Cook County jail. Two other suspects were being sought.

Several of the suspects were expelled last spring from Malcolm X University, a city university on Chicago’s West Side where one official described them as “bitter and full of hatred.”

“We are hopeful we can solve a number of other terrible killings in the area,” Mr. Elrod said.

He identified the six arrested men as Reuben Taylor, 22 years old; Donald Taylor, 21; Michael Clark, 21; Nathaniel Burse, 23; Edward Moran Jr., 23, and Robert Wilson, 18, all of Chicago.

The six were charged with the slayings of Paul Corbett, a retired insurance executive, and his wife, stepdaughter, and sister‐in‐law in their Barrington Hills home near Chicago; three members of the Stephen Hawtree family in Monee, Ill.; Army Specialist 5 William Richter, in Highland Park, Ill., and Michael Gerchenson, a Southern Illinois University student whose body was found near West Frankfort, Ill. All the victims were white.

Dr. Charles G. Hurst Jr., president of Malcolm X, said that members of the gang were expelled from the school last spring after they had beaten up students and intimidated teachers.

‘It Was Pure Terror’

“It was pure terror,” Dr. Hurst said. “Members of the Mau Mau would intimidate and beat up students and teachers. They were just frustrated, bitter young men.”

In the spring members of the group were expelled from the college. The ritual hand clasp of the gang was barred from the campus.

Dr. Hurst said that the group had formed in Vietnam and that the men got together when they returned with dishonorable discharges to the United States. He said that he had no idea how many members were in the gang.

“There never seemed any motivation in their violence. They were desperate men venting their frustration within the school. They had no way of living, no way to make money, no saleable skills,” Dr. Hurst said.

‘Disqualified From Society’

“The men had been disqualified from society,” he said. “They were into drugs. The Mau Mau was just bitter men left to wander aimlessly.

“It was never a political group. I don’t think it had to do with color or race. It was just plain hatred.”

At a news conference earlier, Sheriff Elrod told newsmen that four members of the gang had been previously arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

“We had a good tip these linen might be involved in some of the unsolved crimes in the state,” he said. “After questioning, one lead led to another and we were able to charge four more members of the gang. We expect more arrests.” The sheriff added:

“We have the ringleaders and the triggermen now. We are hopeful we can solve a number of other killings in the area.”

Two of the men arrested were karate experts, the police said. The two had been arrested earlier by task force policemen after they attacked an undercover decoy in the subway, the police said.

“There’s not much I can say,” Dr. Hurst said. “I don’t know if these men are guilty. But it is all so tragic.”

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