I Fell In Love With Belle Burch





The truth is out. I fell in love with Belle Burch almost the moment I lay eyes on her. I don’t think she knows how beautiful she is. Belle’s Beauty can wake the dead. She has the rare combo, beauty on the inside, and out. She is every man’s dream. I knew I had captured her in this video. My angel-muse told me that’s it.

“You have the end of your book ‘Capturing Beauty’. Now go! Run away! Lest something go wrong. It will never get better than this!”

I understood there was something already wrong. Belle is twenty-three, and I am sixty-seven. However, Belle doesn’t seem to notice. Is she this much of a flirt? For sure she is a model, for almost every frame is worthy of the cover of a fashion magazine. At least I think so. Maybe I am wrong. Or, I am in love?

Night before last I had a dream. I was gently kissing Belle’s long neck like Van Clyburn playing a Chopin Nocturne. I feel her resonating, her opening up. No harm in this. Now, kiss her hand, her fingers…..I woke myself up!

For two years now, I have had a untreatable sleeping disorder. My doctor told me I stop breathing many times during the night. This happens when I go into dream state, when I dream of my youth and happier days with my family. He asked me if I have a wife, who would wake me…….if? This is why I am desperate for an heir.

I am going to erase the events of our second meeting, and the truth I might have broke Belle’s heart. Because, can it be, Belle fell in love with me…..just a little?

I will make the case for older men falling love with a young woman, and vise versa, and leave it for prosperity, just in case there is ever such a meeting again. I doubt it. I know I will never fall in love again. I know there will never be a story like this one, about a beautiful princess who awakens a king – who must do all his deep dreaming in the world wide web. Belle, is my dream come true!

Stephanie at Gyzmobite taught me how to capture frames from our video. Artists have long owned this ability. Now, we are alone. Just my muse, my blue vase holding my brushes, and…..The Insprired One!

This is what I wanted. This, and nothing more.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

















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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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