Here’s Your History Lesson – Derschowitz!

In 2014 I e-mailed the Mayor of Eugene, located in Lane County, a proposal for renaming our County. Joseph Lane was in the democratic ticket with the Confederate General, John Breckenridge.

I am going to try to get Attorney Alan Derschowitz to launch a lawsuit against Ed Ray, the President of OSU for “educational malpractice”.

But first he needs to be educated on the history of liberal and far-left ideals in America that led to the founding of the Socialist Nation of Israel.

Let me begin with the patronage of the artist, John Gutzon, by my kindred, Jessie Fremont. He carved Mount Rushmore. Our kin, Thomas Benton, saved Albert Pike’s library during the Civil War. Pike is the founder of Scottish Rite Freemasonry that I just learned has a goddess. Twenty years ago the evangelical loon, Pat Robertson, bid his viewers to write Congress and bid them to pass a Bill to tear down the Statue of Liberty because “she represented goddess worship.”

Ed Ray said a revised history of Benton will be put down in the hall named after him by Freemasons. There will be a display. Ed’s historians overlooked the fact Benton’s wife came out against slavery, as did her daughter, Jessie, who married John Fremont a co-founder of the Abolitionist Republican Party – and its first Presidential Candidate. John was the first to emancipate American slaves. He kept foreign royalty from invading the U.S. during the Civil War.

I am going to suggest many of these Confederate statues be moved to Oregon State as part of a settlement. We will call this place ‘Jessie Fremont Park’. I will be sending a letter to the American Ambassador of Israel informing him of Jessie’s Family History that includes the Radical Repulbicans, and the Marxists that put Lincoln in the White House.

“re-writing it to serve current purposes”

What does Dershowitz mean by this? I am kin to Robert E. Lee and Christopher Lee. It can be said the Confederacy re-wrote American history to serve their current – and long-term purposes – which is to declare the ownership of another non-white human being – NON-RACIST!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Ed Ray renamed Benton Hall personally after saying he would let the community of

DERSHOWITZ: Of course there’s a danger of going too far. There’s a danger removing Washington and Jefferson and other of our founding fathers who themselves owned slaves. Look, we have to use this as an educational moment. We have to take some of the statues that were put up more recently, for example, during the Civil Rights Movement and perhaps move them to museums where they can be used to teach young students about how statues are intended sometimes for bad purposes, to glorify negatives and to hold back positive developments.

But the idea of willy-nilly going through and doing what Stalin did: just erasing history and re-writing it to serve current purposes, does pose a danger, and it poses a danger of educational malpractice, of missing opportunities to educate people, and of going too far.

In the photo above we see a portrait of John Fremont painted by the famous artist (John) Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum who rendered Mount Rushmore. Jessie was Gutzon’s patron. You will find an image of Rushmore in your American Passport.

In the photo above we see a portrait of John Fremont painted by the famous artist (John) Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum who rendered Mount Rushmore. Jessie was Gutzon’s patron. You will find an image of Rushmore in your American Passport.

Bear in mind that we are not just talking about solar mysteries and ‘death and resurrection’ here. That would be too general. What makes them Pansophic is the ‘gift of the goddess.’

That earlier post compared the initiation cycles of King Arthur, with Isis and Osiris, and Christian Rosenkreuz, pointing out certain symbols and objects. It also examined our subject of today: Hiram Abiff the Masonic hero who met with the goddess Isis after all.

Today we’ll look at the Pansophic symbols present in the Hiram story, and although Masonry has its own ideas about Hiram, this post will offer an initiated Rosicrucian view.

But Wait, What Was the Pansophic Legend Again?

Let’s briefly recap on the Pansophic Secret of the Rosicrucians. We are dealing with symbols here and it may help if you’re familiar with mythologies quite well. Essentially:

A hero is slain and at some point a Virgin appears and grants a gift.

It is as simple as that. That is a one sentence explanation of the Pansophy Secret.

The gift handed over by the goddess is always a symbol of the ‘New Will’ of the spiritually-realized initiate, indicating that the New Self was created with Virginity and Intuition.

The old will has died and this New Will is the compass needle pointing us towards a spiritual north. We are renewed with spiritual invigoration, and have the power of our higher calling.

The goddess, as Virgin, normally gets pregnant, and delivers a heroic redeemer.

Let’s take a quick look at the classic examples, because we all do love a good tale:

President Donald Trump put forth an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory Tuesday that Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old Amherst, N.Y., man injured in an incident with Buffalo Police last week, could be an “antifa provocateur.”

The Constitution, quite surprisingly, is silent on the issue of martial law and emergency powers. Martial law and emergency powers were not actually uncommon at the founding of the nation, and several state constitutions provided for them in cases of emergency. That silence, however, has not stopped presidents from exercising such powers, generally upon the request and with the cooperation of states.

My Benton Kindred Saved Masonic Library



Christine 1986 Garth & Drewthomashb

thomashbentThe nephew of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose daughter was, Jessie Benton, saved Albert Pike’s Masonic Library. Benton’s grandson, of the same name, was the cousin of my late brother-in-law, Garth Benton, who married my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton.

I want to thank Amy Sargent Oles for coming to my aide. Her father, James Dickenson Sargent, was a 33rd. Degree Mason in the Detroit area.

Jon Presco

By Bro. JOSEPH FORT NEWTON, Litt. D.The Master Mason – May 1925

IN AN ADDRESS entitled “Albert Pike, the Mason,” delivered beforeIowa Consistory, No. 2, celebrating the centennial of his birth, inDecember, 1909, I made the following statement, in reference to anincident during the Civil War: “When the Union Army attacked LittleRock, the commanding general, Thomas H. Benton, Grand Master of Masons in Iowa, posted a guard to protect the home of Pike and his Masonic library.” The statement has been called in question a number of times, most recently by Brother Charles E. Rosenbaum, Lieutenant Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, in the following letter:


I have repeatedly seen in print sketches of the Life of General AlbertPike that have been credited to you. In each one of these occurs thestatement on the printed sheet which I enclose. I have underscored that part of it that I would very much like confirmed by you if you can give me any authority for the statement therein contained. Several times I have intended writing you on this subject to ask you the source of your information, but other and more important things intervened, and I deferred doing so.

The truth about the matter as I understand it is that the only Thomas H. Benton that we know anything about of national reputation was aSenator from the State of Missouri during the Civil War period. Thegeneral who took possession of Little Rock and its vicinity for the Federal Army was General Steele. These are undoubted facts. So far as the surrounding of General Pike’s home with soldiers to protect his library is concerned, that all reads very well, but it is likely as near the truth as Senator Thomas H. Benton being Grand Master of Iowa at the time and general in command of the Federal Forces in Little Rock.

Of course I realize that I am treading on dangerous ground to ask one as noted as yourself for information on a subject on which, no doubt, you are much better informed that I am, but if my information is wrong I certainly want the facts straight.

Thanking you in advance for any consideration you will give the subject, I remain Sincerely and fraternally yours,C.E. ROSENBAUM.

NATURALLY one does not keep in mind the authority – chapter andverse – for a statement made sixteen years ago. I referred the matter to the Library of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, where I first read it. The Grand Secretary, Brother C. C. Hunt, has been good enough to furnish the following brief of the facts, giving the reference where they may be found in the Proceedings of the Supreme Council:

In regard to Brother Rosenbaum’s letter questioning your statement regarding Thomas H. Benton, Grand Master of Masons in Iowa posting a guard to protect the home of Pike and his library, I would refer you to page 127, Proceedings of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction for October 25, 1895. On that date the Supreme Council went in a body to Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, District of Columbia, to hold appropriate services over the grave of Albert Pike. T.S. Parvin gave the memorial address and in reference to a remark of the Library of the Supreme Council there is printed the following:
“It is due to history and to the memory of a dear friend and Brother that an incident, of no little importance, touching our great Library, the gift to the Supreme Council of General Pike, be placed upon our records, that honor may be given to whom honor is due.

“I had the facts, first by letter, and then, upon his ‘return from the war,’ from the lips of Colonel Thomas Hart Benton, Jr., at the time Grand Master of Masons in Iowa (my superior officer). Thomas H. Benton, Jr. (“nephew of his uncle” of that name), ex-State Senator, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Grand Master 1860-’63, entered the Union Army as Colonel of the 29th Iowa Infantry and was later promoted to the rank of brevet brigadier-general, and in command of a division encamped for a time at Little Rock, Arkansas.

“It was at this period, when the passions of the Union soldiers werearoused against General Pike, who was at the head of the Indians in the Confederate (Rebel, as they said) Army, that the soldiers of his division determined to burn the house and everything, including the valuable library of General Pike, wherever found. The Grand Master, Colonel Benton, hearing of this, rushed to its rescue, and to guard against, any further attempt at its destruction, made the General’s house his headquarters and placed a guard over his library.
“But for this noble deed of Iowa’s Grand Master, my bosom friend for half a century, this Supreme Council would today be without, instead of possessing, one of the most rare and valuable libraries in the land.

“General Benton was too modest to publish this, save to his intimatefriends. Of him we may say, in General Pike’s own words, “He has lived – the fruits of his labors live after him;” and you, my Brothers, are enjoying them, as it was this service that made it possible for General Pike in later years to place his library in our House of the Temple and dispose of it, as he did, for his honor and our good.”

There is, however, one mistake in the statement which Brother Rosenbaum criticizes, and that is in calling Thomas H. Benton the commanding general. At that time our Thomas H. Benton was a colonel, commanding the second brigade of a the third division, under General Steele. (See page 471, part 1, Volume 29, Series 1 of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.) Also, the Thomas H. Benton referred to as colonel at the time the Federal troops took possession at Little Rock, was at that time Grand Master of Iowa and was serving his second year. He was in the army at the time of the Grand Lodge communication in 1863 and his deputy acted for him in presiding over the Grand Lodge.

Thomas H. Benton was a nephew of the Senator Thomas H. Benton, to whom Brother Rosenbaum refers.

Every Grand President and President throughout the universe is bound to summon and convene his Knot on the 17th of March in each year, that being the anniversary festival of St. Patrick, the patron of the Order, except it fall on a Sunday, in which case the meeting shall be convened for the following day.

No Friendly Brother may quarrel with or affront another Brother. If,however, through the frailty of human nature a member of the Ordershall so far forget the love he owes his Brother and the obedience due to the statutes as to proceed to anger with him and to disturb the peace and tranquillity of the Order, he is not to decide his own quarrel according to the laws of pretended honour by the barbarous practice of duelling, but with due obedience he must submit his differences to the decision of the Knot who will cause the offender to make sufficient and honourable payment for his error. Any great breach of the known rules of friendship to a Brother or generaldisrespect for the rules of the Order will be punished with perpetualdiscontinuance and no person so totally discontinued may ever again be admitted to the Order.

The Friendly Brothers profess themselves to be lovers of all mankind, and are therefore to endeavour by their advice and example to promote and encourage among men the practice of all the social virtues.
Although there was no settled system of relief it was readily andhandsomely accorded to any Brother who might be in distress and want.

My Letter to Ed Ray

To Ed Ray: President of Oregon State

Several months ago I began my response to you about giving a new name to Benton Hall that was named after my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. My sister was a world famous artist that married Garth Benton. The artwork of Christine Rosamond Benton is found all over the world. As fate would have it, the beautiful images of Rosamond are very similar to the beautiful women Philip Boileau rendered. Philip is the son of Susan Benton, who held a salon in Paris, while her sister, Jessie, held one in San Francisco.  Jessie wrote the journals of her husband’s mapping of the Oregon Territory.

John Fremont ‘The Pathfinder’ was the first to emancipate slaves. Fremont and his father-in-law, Senator Benton, may have been behind the Bear Flag rebellion, because the British were prepared to deport tens of thousand of Catholics in Ireland to the San Juaquin Valley, where they would secure a new colony with the help of the Emperor of Mexico and his bride, Carlotta, who was a cousin of Queen Victoria. Then, there was the threat of an French invasion of California by the Emperor of France. There was a world war brewing for the Oregon Territory.

It had been a year since I took a DNA test. I am kin to Robert E. Lee, Robert and John Wilson, the founder of Harvard who was the Puritan Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  John presided over the trial of Anne Hutchinson. My great-grandfather is found in Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’. My cousin is Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose son married a Getty, and thus is kin to the author, Ian Fleming.

Wow! Let me pause and take a deep breath! Did you ever wonder if Senator Benton had any relatives before you and your team of History Anarchists, dragged him out of Benton Hall, and put him in your flimsy pillory, that my Puritan ancestors would mock? There is a saying in AA……….”Half measures availed us not!”

Indeed, your contraption, your juggernaut is a balsawood affair, that now crumbles under the weight of – REAL HISTORY – that can not be, judged, nor deterred, down some dirty back alley near your campus in order to please the take-out orders of half-baked Anarchists, like the ones who came after me! See my letter to the Eugene City Council about the tyranny of the Anarchist Witches to silence me, and destroy the reputation of my newspaper. Royal Rosamond Press. I am crushing them with my juggernaut, my learned rhetoric that is in my DNA!

I assure you I am not a violent man. Senator Thomas Hart Benton was involved in several duels, one with Andrew Jackson. Benton wrote an essay ‘In Defense of Dueling. What you and your history panel do not mention, is, the white man has long made sure they are well armed, and own superior fire power so they can go conquer other peoples and other lands. Why didn’t you point this out in your revisionist history and come out in favor of gun control, which might have got you the applause of most of the student body? Do you think they care about that tinker-toy display you put in Benton Hall – that they will never read?

Putting an end to Gun Violence, and ending Homelessness, should be the united goal of every university. This is what the children of the future want. If you need a good reason to remove the Benton name, post some quotes from this manifesto. Perhaps white men were not driven by hatred of other races, but by – love of Violence!

As an original Hippie, I faced club wielding police on horseback charging into peaceful demonstrators. Why didn’t your crack team of experts give their judgement on the Vietnam War? Instead, you went after a man who you though, had no family. How cowardly. Being seen as a coward, is huge! I saw brave women take on the National Guard in Berkley, called in to protect a little patch of land called ‘People’s Park’.

Benton looked to a merger of the white and yellow race. My generation was never given a plan for being in Vietnam. Where were our college historians and presidents explaining it to us? Now we are in a trade war? Perhaps the problem is not that we have had enough of Benton, but, we have not had enough! Roll on Columbia! Of course he has to sell it to his people, who don’t want equals, nor do they want to be seen as inferiors. This is one of the greatest politicians in American History. Benton knew the people – had a choice! He knew there were really bad choices out there.

The sun of civilization must shine across the sea; socially and commercially the van of the Caucasians, and the rear of the Mongolians, must intermix. They must talk together, and trade together, and marry together. . . . Moral and intellectual superiority will do the rest; the White race will take the ascendant, elevating what is susceptible of improvement-wearing out what is not. . . . And thus the youngest people, and the newest land, will become the reviver and the regenerator of the oldest . . . .

It is in this point of view, and as acting upon the social, political, and religious condition of Asia, and giving a new point of departure to her ancient civilization, that I look upon the settlement of the Columbia river by the van of the Caucasian race as the most momentous human event in the history of man since his dispersion over the face of the earth.”

Wow! Is Benton rooting for Oregon! He’s wearing all the colors; the green, the black, the yellow, and the orange! But, he’s terribly flawed! He is a racist by definition. Imagine if there were people who came to Oregon, saw the Native Americans, and, headed back to where they came from. Are these Ed’s people? No. Ed’s people would have gone South, kidnapped slaves, brought them to Oregon, and then committed Hari Kari because they didn’t trust their cruel instincts. To codify this Fantasy Trip, the name of Benton is removed from two college buildings.  This resembles a Star Trek episode.

I happen to know where Ray’s folks come from – Switzerland! They are kin to the Rougemonts who may be the source of the Rosamond name. Ed went on the attack! He aggressively attacked my dead kinfolk. Ed is white! Ed has gone to the top! He stuck a flag in the heart of Benton, which so far, is his claim to fame! You see, this is how white people are. Not being ambitions, is the unspoken white sin. Ed, tossed the agitators a bone. The Leg Bone of Benton………….that will got down in infamy!

“Go round, Lawrence!”

“Take no prisoners!”

Ed, all people want to feel safe walking on campus and in our downtowns. We are not looking for a duel, yet, the Wild West is much wilder, and more lives have been lost – than in a gunfight. Schoolchildren are taught to fight back – with bare fists! Where do we the people begin to look for solutions, if not in our hallowed halls of learning. Why did my ancestors found Harvard?

“With some 17,000 Puritans migrating to New England by 1636, Harvard was founded in anticipation of the need for training clergy for the new commonwealth, a “church in the wilderness”. Harvard was established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.”

“Certainly it is deplorable to see a young man, the hope of his father and mother–a ripe man, the head of a family–an eminent man necessary to his country–struck down in a duel; and should be prevented if possible.  Still this deplorable practice is not so bad as the bowie knife and the revolver, and their pretext of self-defense–thirsting for blood”

Prepare to be boarded! I have recently found proof one of my great grandfather was Captain of the U.S.S. Constitution. Isaac Hull was not supposed to have have any children, but, my grandfather in one of his books, said there was a Rose. I am a descendant of the Webb family, the only family where through one can claim a blood tie to Shakespeare.

Now, I will let go a withering  salvo! What are you and your university doing about the homeless that were camped down by the river, like Native Americans, and runaway slaves? These people who are living in the present, and are disenfranchised, like the peoples you and your gaggle of historians – Championed! Your defacing of my family history did not come to the aid of the dead, because – they are dead! However, these poor homeless people wait patiently for someone of your caliber to come along and champion – their cause – and give them hope for a better life!


The Glory That Was Garthland





garthland666Jessie and John Fremont appear to have named their son, Frank Preston Fremont after Francis “Frank” Preston Blair whose daughter, Elizabeth Blair, was very close to Mary Todd. Elizabeth married a cousin of General Lee. The Todd family were prominent in Kentucky where the Preston family reigned. Mary Todd was a Scarlet. Mary and Sarah McDowell, the mother of Jessie Benton, have grandfathers named Samuel McDowell. Whether they are related, needs to investigated, because Jessie and Mary are mirror images of each other, and were Flowers of the South. How they came to wed two abolitionist candidates for the Republican Party – connected to the Blair family – needs to scrutinized, because the Fremonts had a falling out with the Blair family that led to their ruin.

I suspect Mary Todd saw the Fremonts as usurpers, and when Jessie made her anti-Slavery views public record, the Southern Bells who are close kin, turned their back on her. Did they do the same to Mary Todd? I suspect not because Abe was for a slow ending of slavery and the deportation of blacks to their own country he would help found. Lincoln was into nation building for blacks. Were all those Kentucky Colonels behind Lincoln’s secret plan, thanks to Mary’s kindred?

When Fremont emancipated the slaves of Missouri I am sure the Preston family went ballistic and came to Mary Todd for solace. The idea these Belles would be surrounded by freed blacks, must have been revolting. Surely they talked amongst themselves. Surely Abe overheard their conversations, and shuttered. Jessie and her husband were drummed out of the South – and the North. Their power in the West was stripped from them. But Lincoln;s hand was forced. The Radical Republicans, and the foreign Forty-Eighters, could muster votes.

My kindred erected a monument to James McDowell whose family fled Ireland to America. The McDowell family are of the Clan McDougal. They appear to be Peckerwoods, redheads, Irish-Scotts. The captain of the ship they were on tried to starve the McDowells to death in order to get their money. Like the Rosamond family, the McDowells fought at the battle of Boyne. They backed William of Orange.

I think I will wear the McDowell Clan Tartan at the coming Scottish games. I am a tireless supporter of the Fremonts and their lost history.

Above are the ruins of Garthland, ancestral home of the McDowells. There is a O’Hara clan that mentions Scarlet O’Hara in the fiction ‘Gone With The Wind’. Jessie and her mother were the real Scarlet. Was Garth Benton named after Garthland. I will try to get a fund going to save Garthland.

Above is a portrait of Elizabeth Graham of Airth, Wife of William MacDowall of Castle Semple and Garthland by William Mosman.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

This Monument
is erected to their grandparents, James and Sarah McDowell, by the surviving children of Susan P. Taylor, Elizabeth Benton, and James McDowell, in the year 1855.

Ephriam McDowell was descended from Somerled (or Somervil), Lord of the Isles, then from his son Dougall who founded the Clan of Dougall or MacDougal, one of the eldest of the fifty-two Highland Clans proper. In the coat of arms of the McDougals or McDowells ins quartered the lymphiad or ancient four-eared galley found in the armorial bearings of the clans of the western part of Scotland.

Ephriam’s family fled from Scotland to Ireland and settled near Londonberry. Ephriam was born in 1672 in Londonberry County. He was only sixteen years of age when on December 9, 1688, McDonell of Antrim approached the walls of Londonberry. Ephriam went to the defense of the heroic town and assisted in closing the gates against the intruders. He also fought against the forces of James II at Boyne River.

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