Traditional Radical Republicans

Trump says The Squad hates America. The Confederacy HATED AMERICA and took up arms against Loyal and Patriotic Americans. POTUS is trying to change history around. Millions of white red state republicans are taking credit for making America great – again! Many of their great grandfathers were TRAITORS – and killed Patriots! The brought this nation to near ruin! We were not UNITED!

Why aren’t these proud white women going after Jeffrey Epstein who hire private detective to harass women he abused?

“Lock him up!”


Rosamond Press

Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party into the Twilight Zone. We the People are guessing what reality is, and are afraid of what our President will do next. Come back to Reality! Come back to your roots! I am running for President as Radical Republican who fought Jim Crow in the defeated South, and helped elect former slaves to office.

Joseph Biden, the Vice President who served our Nation’s first Black President, said that Jim Crow is coming back. For this reason I encourage White and Black voters in the Southern Red States -whose votes do no good in the Presidential contest – to vote for me  so we can create a viable faction in the Abolition party founded to fight slavery. We want a voice at the Republican Conventions! We want to fight Jim Crow from within the party that has been taken over by Neo-Confederates –…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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