Blue River Revelations

I have more kin than I know of up the McKenzie in Blue River thanks to my little sister, Victoria Mary Presco marrying James Dundon. They found this little town and built a geodesic dome on John’s property. John owned the Log Cabin Inn until he suffered a heart attack. He wasn’t around when it burned down in 2008. The Duke of Windsor came here to fish, and stayed at the Inn, along with Clark Gable. I better add, they stayed at different times. Folks can talk, make stuff up, if you’re not careful.

Yep! I lived the life my grandpappy dreamed of living after he left it for awhile. Royal Rosamond owned forty acres in Arkansas where he talked with his friend Otto Rayburn about making a resort for poets who like to fish. I got the letter to prove it. Rayburn is the acme me of Ozark Historians.

I don’t talk to any of my River Kin, because they DeFolked me. Its what folks do up river, sometimes. I was ‘The Odd One’ not from around here. I came on a train in 1987 to get sober at Serenity Lane. I stayed in a trailer on Michael and Diane”s property.

One evening, I read the all of Luke one night, and saw Jesus. He said this to me…….. He was right there, in my tiny trailer. There was just enough room for the both of us. It was 4:00 A.M. I put him to the test, and asked him to come into the darkness I was born in. I never read the Bible before;

“I and my father in heaven are already working on these matters. Be not afraid. Spiritual Courage will be met with Spiritual Courage.”

Wow! Sounds like authentic Jesus-Speak to me!

I wandered outside, and beheld a pine tree filled with stars, and crowned by a crescent moon. Being an agonistic, I thought it best I get me some religion. I was forty-two years of age. It was kind of required in my Third Step. I joined a Bible study at Cindy and Greg Mel’s house, but was soon asked to leave for asking too many good questions. I didn’t want to tell Gary, our minister, that I was getting prompts from Jesus. I was in enough trouble.

Greg and I started studying in his little movie video shop. Blue River People would pull up in those great long squarish cars they don’t make anymore, rent a movie, and lay gravel as they headed home to feed the boredom of their brood. In those days, real loggers thought this was fake plastic stuff. They preferred to watch a kerosene lamp till their kids dosed off. Being authentic, being the Real McCoy, was the local ambition.

When I came to visit, the Dundon’s were on pins and needles. They had waited for days to ask me a question.

“Have you seen the movie ‘My Dinner With Andre’?”

“Yes I have!” I beamed, happy to hear my kin got them some culture.

“What did you think of it?”

“It made my top ten favorite movies of all time!”

The Dundon clan broke out in uproarious laughter.

“I knew it! Told you so!”

Michael had found the VCR lying along Highway 126. He took it home. Put it in the VCR, and after thirty minutes, took it out of the VCR, got in his car, and returned it where he found it. He pulled over and tossed it out the window. We didn’t know about my authentic roots. Those were the salad days. Our Blue River Diner Conversations will be the new catechism.  Come time to celebrate John’s birthday, plastic images of the Dundons will be put out on your lawn – with glowing white sheep!

One day, while I was walking to Greg’s from the Blue River Free Library, I was struck on the head. Some desicribe it as being dived upon by an eagle. I asked myself this question – out of the blue:

“If John was the greatest prophet born of woman, where is his prophecy so we can read it, compare it, and see it is true – for our own damn self?”

BAM! I knew I was on to something, because I detected a transference from Judaism, to the ambiguous Christian teaching of Paul, who hardly mentions Jesus. It is all about Paul and the New Christian Laws he invented – as if they were going out of style! There were folks arguing with him in the background. We don’t hear their side of the story. Paul ‘The Fox’ and Donald Trump; if that one doesn’t work – invent another one! Scholars call it “Peculiarity”

John was supposed to be the last of the Old Testament Prophets, who I assume were “born of woman” while Jesus was born of God, via the virgin womb of a mother who had to be extremely confused about what happened to her. However, her cousin, Elizabeth, had no confusion. She compares her holy experience to Hannah, the mother of Samuel, the Nazarite. Sounds like old fashioned family tradition, stuff. What the hell is the “Promise”?

“His preaching was the end of the Law and the beginning of the Promise. He was the last in the long line of prophets who predicted Christ.”

This Liar For Peculiarity says there was nothing special about John. What God showed me, was John spoke as an eight day old infant. And he wrote on a slate!

The “greatness” that Jesus refers to concerning John has to do with John’s unique position in history, not with any special talent, holiness, or personal merit. In fact, immediately after stating that John is the greatest “among those born of women,” Jesus says, “Yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Matthew 11:11b). More on this paradox later.

At 12:58 P.M. on April 25, 2019 I found what I was looking for…..The Lost Prophecy of John The Baptist. My study of the Nazarites can now be published!

Above is a image of me in a blue cape that Gloria Ehlers made for me. After we broke up I went to live in Blue River. My drinking was getting bad. On Halloween Eve the manager of the Hub Trailer Park asked me to stay up and stop the Miller Boys from toilet papering the park. I went drinking at the Log Cabin, and noticed I was late. I headed out the door, and across the ditch. I stepped off a drop and went flying down a fifteen foot drop. I couldn’t get my hands out from under my cape, and landed on my face. I lay there for awhile laughing. There was blood all over my face. The Miller brother TPeed the camp as I lie there, laughing!

“Save the park. I’m counting on you! Don’t let me down!”

This was the first time I knew I had hit bottom. I was not…………Trustworthy!

One day Blue River will be a Mecca for the Johnites and Nazarites. There will be two ice-cream shops and a miniature train that runs through town up to the Gold Mine. I found a pic of the blue bike I gave Belle Burch that I christen ‘Bluebelle’. As to all those folks you see in the old photographs, they have all been DeFolked. We don’t live forever.

I was puzzled by these weak putdowns of John. Everyone is lesser that someone who made it to heaven – and dwells in the Kingdom of God. Why isn’t Jesus correcting this dialogue. Paul claims Jesus is speaking to him, just him. Why didn’t Jesus whisper in Paul’s ear;

“Hey good buddy. You got it wrong. John and I were kin – and neighbors! We loved God and each other since we were kids, as God commands. I loved John the Baptist.”

BAM! There it is! No “holiness, gift, personal merit” – MY ASS! John was loved by Jesus, who some claim is God. God spoke to John. John Baptized – God! John, spoke to God, and was heard. Too bad Jesus is not God! Do you see the trick they done here? They thought if you render John – LESS THAN – Jesus is more like God. Does not compute!

John is assigned the title of being a Complete Jew, while Paul, the Jew, is something else. Many scholars believe Paul, and his scribes, invented anti-Semitism. Why? What was their motive? God, is the God of the Jews.

In the video made by a homeless man, he speaks of his great project of shortening the foam he sleeps upon. Then, he shows us the outlet where he recharges his phone. He can watch many movies – for free! He points to the library down the road, but, he has way more words, in his hands. He might go there to keep warm. It used to be open 24-7. John lived in the wilderness on locusts and wild honey. That great prophet was – plugged in – to the real God!

Forced out of Bible study, and the Church, I went camping at Delta. I was the only one there. In my tent I wrote on a piece of paper “I am a Nazarite”. I then headed to the McKenzie River where I baptized myself.

Going back to my tent, I was shocked to see Michaël and Jamie Dundon. They recognized my Cadillac, and went looking for me. What are the odds? One is not supposed to be baptized alone. Since I read all of Luke that night, I have never been alone. My questions, are not empty birds with no spirit, and no message. John was a Messenger of God!

“Seek, and thou shall find!”

Let me remove the word “among” so you can get – The Message’ – alas!

“Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist”

“Truly I tell you, those born of women, there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist……………….for he was born of the Holy Spirit of God!

Seer John


The Life and Teaching of John the Baptist according to the Mandaean Book of John


18-Portents of the Birth of John the Baptist

In the name of the Great Life. May transcendent Light be exalted!
A child was planted from on high,
a secret/mystery was revealed in Jerusalem.
The priests had dreams.
Murmuring falls into (the place of) Wickedness –
Murmuring falls into Jerusalem.
He went to the temple early in the morning
He opened his mouth and uttered heinous things,
and spoke lies with his lips.
“In my night vision, I saw in my vision.
When I lay down I did not sleep, and I did not lie down,
and sleep did not overtake me in the night – And I did not lie down.
Because a star came and stood over Elizabeth
fire burned upon Old Father Zechariah
three lamps appeared
the sun set and lamps appeared
the house of the people was set alight
smoke billowed in the temple
In the Merkabah (throne-chariot) there was groaning
so that the earth trembled from its place
a shooting star flew over Jerusalem
The sun appeared in the night
and the moon rose during the day.”,_Oregon

John Speaks As Infant – Not Jesus!

The Koran has Jesus speaking the moment he is born. Why is there no mention of this miracle in the New Testament? There is, in the birth narrative of John the Baptist, but it has been altered and concealed. I have come to open your eyes, your ears, and your mouth to the Truth!

The Koran got it wrong! John was the second coming of Elijah preaching about the coming Judgement Day – that never came because John was beheaded.

Jon Presco

Coyright 2007


The Glowing Eye of the Cyclops

busk2 BUS50 009

A year ago I bought a eyeball that lights up in order to get the kids at the family campground involved in a fantasy game. With no T’V or computer, they were bored out of their wits!  At a nearby yard sale, I bought an old loggers axe, and put it in the water. I told the children it belonged to the blind Cyclops who is in the woods looking for his lost eye so he can find his lost magical axe. This play went on most of the day. I promised the kids pieces of the moon are going to land in the forest during the partial eclipse. Some parents mocked me. One demanded I tell her child I was making it all up. This mother demanded I confess to the children there is no such thing as magic.  Then, one of the older boys found it, in the woods, where he went to take a pee.

“I don’t know what’s going on. But, there are glowing things all over the forest floor!”

The uncle of these kids made the tracks of a dragon. Earlier, a father staged a mock battle against a costumed monster, for his son. In this video I give the operator of the Kesey Time Machine the Evil Eye, and he puts it under his goggle. A Magical Friend suggested this is where it came from. Of course! He is wearing goggles to hide the truth, he only has one…..lost….eye… found! Returned to the owner, I enter………

Zane Kesey made it clear this was a LSD-free event.

To Be Continued


Question: “In what way was John the Baptist the greatest (Matthew 11:11)?”

Answer: In a discourse about John the Baptist, Jesus honored the prophet with these words: “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist” (Matthew 11:11a). John certainly did not see himself as “great”—he did not see himself as worthy enough to baptize Jesus (Matthew 3:13–14) or even to carry His sandals (Matthew 3:11).

The “greatness” that Jesus refers to concerning John has to do with John’s unique position in history, not with any special talent, holiness, or personal merit. In fact, immediately after stating that John is the greatest “among those born of women,” Jesus says, “Yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Matthew 11:11b). More on this paradox later.

One reason that Jesus called John the Baptist the “greatest” was that John held the honor of being chosen by God as the forerunner to the Messiah. John’s mission was to personally prepare the world for Christ’s arrival. John’s ministry was predicted in Isaiah 40:3 and Malachi 3:1. After Jesus came, John introduced Him to the world as the Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world (John 1:35–36). John was the herald who introduced to the world the Hero of all history. It was this introduction that accredited Jesus before the Jewish crowds and leaders, some of whom believed on Jesus, and many of whom did not.

John was also the “greatest” in that he preached with the power of Elijah (Luke 1:17; 3:7–18). John shared many qualities with Elijah, including calling a nation to repentance, rebuking the king, and persevering in the face of public misunderstanding and malicious persecution (Matthew 11:16–18; Mark 6:14–19).

John was also the “greatest” in that God had chosen him to break the 430 years of divine silence that had existed since the prophet Malachi. John was the Spirit-anointed bridge from the Old Testament to the New. John was the last of the Old Testament prophets and stood on the cusp of a new dispensation. His preaching was the end of the Law and the beginning of the Promise. He was the last in the long line of prophets who predicted Christ, yet he was the only one who could actually see Christ in the flesh. Moses, Isaiah, and the rest of the prophets had pointed to a far-distant personage they could see only faintly. John pointed at an actual human being who stood directly in front of him. No other prophet had that privilege.

Jesus’ full statement in Matthew 11:11 is paradoxical: “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” How can John be the greatest, if even the “least in the kingdom” is greater than John? Again, the answer has to do with the Christian’s unique position in history, not with his personal merit. John died without seeing the fullness of God’s plan in Christ (see Mark 6:17–29). John never saw the crucifixion of Christ or His glorious resurrection. Yet even the “least in the kingdom of heaven” knows of these events and understands their meaning.

The baptism of John was insufficient to save (see Acts 18:24–26; 19:1–7). The disciples of John in Ephesus needed to hear the whole gospel, not just what John had taught. They needed to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, the one John had predicted. They needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit. John was truly the greatest prophet of his era—the Old Testament time—yet all Christians today have a fuller perspective on the work of Christ.

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