Blue River Revelations

I’m concerned about the Free Library in Blue River. Above are pics of my daughter, Heather Hanson, and myself, taken at the Log Cabin Inn in 2000, and the cabin where Jamie and Jeremy Dundon lived, which I believe were destroyed last week in the fire. That’s the Blue River Reservoir almost empty. I almost got Heather and her mother to come live here. She recently had a daughter she named Ember, because she was conceived after the had to evacuate the Santa Rosa fire last year.


Rosamond Press

I have more kin than I know of up the McKenzie in Blue River thanks to my little sister, Victoria Mary Presco marrying James Dundon. They found this little town and built a geodesic dome on John’s property. John owned the Log Cabin Inn until he suffered a heart attack. He wasn’t around when it burned down in 2008. The Duke of Windsor came here to fish, and stayed at the Inn, along with Clark Gable. I better add, they stayed at different times. Folks can talk, make stuff up, if you’re not careful.

Yep! I lived the life my grandpappy dreamed of living after he left it for awhile. Royal Rosamond owned forty acres in Arkansas where he talked with his friend Otto Rayburn about making a resort for poets who like to fish. I got the letter to prove it. Rayburn is the acme me of Ozark Historians.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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