Fairy Fire

Making magic can be a danerous thing. Once a magician – always a magician? Much is expected of you. When you can’t produce, people want to hurt you. Best make no magic, and encourage others close to you, to follow suit. For millions of Christians POTUS is a very magical being. Has the magic gone out of Voting Time, or, has it never been there?

Rosamond Press



Fairy%20background_fullAt the Delta campgrounds, Thane, Wylie, Jasmine, Ben, Michael, and myself, went on a Vision Quest that began with the finding of Hrothmund, the Dragon Slayer Axe of the Fairy Council. Once we found Hrothmund, we could see the good dragon, Campe, asleep under the ground, only her humped back was visible. We were not sure what we were looking for, or what we would find, but after finding of the missing eye of Arges, the good Cyclops, we were led deep into the dark forest where we found Fox Fire, otherwise known as Fairy Fire.

So as to not alarm the unbelieving adults out there, here is the scientific explanation about what we came upon. But, what can’t be explained, is, why we found Fairy Fire and the end of our Quest. Fairy Fire is extremely rare! It is said that those behold it, are gifted with an unlimited…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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