Inspirational Gospel Sounds


Two years ago I founded the Facebook group “Inspirational Gospel Sounds” so I could post the photographs and videos I took of this choir as their 30th. Annivesary Concert and Celebration. Marilyn Reed invited me to this event and asked me to bring my camera. I have made some videos of her singing in front of her husband, Kenny, the drummer for Stone Cold Jazz. I had taken videos of the Jazz & Poetry Reading event at the Granary around five years ago.

I talked with Eric Richardson at the MRG gathering about my long history with this choir. In 1988 I suggested to my minister at the McKenzie Bridge Christian Church that he invited them to come sing in the beauty grove of trees at the side of our church. The look on his face and his “no” told me he was with those Good Ol Boys who owned the logging companies that Mr. Mims talks about, that made a pact not to hire blacks, and ate at the same table in the White Water Inn.

I told Eric about my neighbors who have founded a Neighborhood Exercise program, and they would like him to come speak in our recreation room. He told us to come by his new office located in the Mims house.

Two weeks ago I told Marilyn my regret, that I had not taken up photography after we met, because we did not have time for our Music and Art, we too busy being in love. It occurs to me it is not too late. Indeed, I am going to apply for a grant from MRG so I can use more professional video equipment so I can continue to provide images for this beautiful choir, and, make a first rate video of this old man working out with my neighbors of all ages.

Jon Presco

Choir2 022

Like you all, I was concerned about this show. I felt you were jumping out of a plane without a chute. A hundred things could go wrong, starting with just a handful buying tickets. Right away, I was surprised by how many were in the audience. They brought a good vibration with them, and when the curtain opened they poured energy onto the stage. They were behind you. The young boy on drums was a good welcoming. The book broadcast over you was a great idea, as were the seated children. You gave the audience something to do and focus on. This created good tension. It put the audience up on the stage. Everyone spoke well. The timing was good, the pace. Your first song was fantastic! You were full of energy. Singing as the curtain closed was a great touch. When Eric came out and got (______) off the stage, before the curtain closed on her, put the show on a loving human scale. We bought it then. We got it, now……..Freedom is a work in progress!

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    I posted this on Marilyn Reed’s facebook back in June, and may have posted it on Kathy Vrzak’s facebook. There was no outrage – with threat! What changed? I bleive when I posted on Greg Black’s facebook, the “friends” knew I discovered a hidden agenda.

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