Rethinking Victoria Bond’s Parade

I am a Red Hand Prophet. I am going to found a Orange Lodge in Springfield.We will march down Main Street.

Rosamond Press

Here is how Victoria Bond’s Parade was going to go.

Luey and Bluey McDonald are encouraged by their mother to assault Victoria Bond when she passes their home playing her babpipe with a dragon’s head. Sheila McDonald calls it The Orange Devil. Victoria Bond is carrying a bag of eels that she pours down the throat of Bluey McDonald after knocking him senseless with a kick to the head. She knows French kick boxing. Victoria used the pipe of her bags as a funnel.

Sheila sees her son stagger and fall to his knees, then vomit up about a dozen eels. This is a sign unto her, and her Catholic Society of Phoenucian Eels of Baal, a sectret society that is three thousand years old. There is a legend that claims Jesus took part in their ritual when his uncle, Josephy of Arimathea, came to the Isles.

A group of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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