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Long live the Red Hand of Ulster , and KORE!

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ben-orangeIn Rena Easton’s letter to me, where she come out of the darkness where she lurk, she hardly says a word about me. She apologizes for being a “abusive girl”, and she bids me to be civil towards “Red-Necks”, a name she misspells because she doesn’t know what a Redneck is. I correct her. Is this what really piss-off the Monster of the Id?

Rena asked me to be respectful of her Red-Neck husband, but, I wondered why she isn’t using his surname – if they are married! Hmmmm! Maybe sheriff Dan Mayland should start asking some real questions.

What was really missing in Rena’s letter was any account of our time together, and, she never speaks of me being her Knight in Shining Armor – who rescued her.

Above are images of Saint George slaying…

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