A Real Pre-Rapture Experience?

Above is a photograph of members of the Plymouth Brethren who inspired John Darby, the inventor of  The Rapture. My friend’s great grandfather, Francis Cavenagh, might be in this photo. Accounts of Divine Contact is extremely rare! Rapture Rat Leaders are very interested in this history, because they want to establish religious hegemony.  Because of this contact, and because I am a theologian, my opinion matters – a lot! Perhaps I am getting some divine guidance – and may not know it? Or, maybe I took LSD as a youth, and am prone to hallucinate?



“‘Soon after Francis Cavenagh and I were left alone for the night, a
mist seemed to come round me like the mist of hell, and one was sent
to me. I thought I had known him before, he was clothed in white. He
denied the truth of Scripture. I took the Word in my hand, and bolted
one passage after another at him, but still he held his ground. “The
moral glories of Scripture a lie!” I said; “they are as true as
heaven and earth.” The temptation still continued; and I felt weak.
But I cried to the Lord for help; and gradually I rose out of the
mist into a calm atmosphere; and I was with my Evangelists again. But
it was dreadful while it lasted, That is a plain, unvarnished tale.’

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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