The Revelations of the Son of Man

How are Rapture Ministers chosen? Are they elected by a body of believers? There is no Christian traditon for the Rapture Rats. I will now show you the real Men of God I am kin to, and the churches they built, or, ministered from.

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I conclude it was Jesus who authored The Book of Revelation, often known simply as Revelation, or The Apocalypse of John. This destroys Christianity and the false Doomsday Clock they made. I do not see the world ending, nor do I want it to end. I want to destroy all terrorists who employ an Apocalyptic weapon of terror.

Early Church tradition dates the book to end of the emperor Domitian (reigned AD 81–96), and most modern scholars agree, although the author may have written a first version under Vespasian (AD 69–79) and updated it under Domitian.[11] The beast with seven heads and the number 666 seem to allude directly to the emperor Nero (reigned AD 54-68), but this does not require that Revelation was written in the 60s, as there was a widespread belief in later decades that Nero would return.[12][

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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