Murals Destroyed

Another mural has been destroyed. This is a……..SIGN!

Look closely and you will see an old man with a white beard surrounded by dancing naked women. This is Jiryl Zorthian who was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. However, this title goes to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who died seven years after Zorthian. I might be ‘The Last Bohemian.


Jordan Betten installed “Lady Luck,” an 8-by-20-foot mural which depicts a sweeping female figure flying across a sky-blue background, on a squat two-story building across from the elevated park trail in 2013.

The only thing between the mural and the High Line was an empty lot on West 27th Street.

But in April, contractors for Related Companies, which is developing a number of new art galleries in the neighborhood, removed a large chunk of Betten’s mural without notice, he contends.

Stephanie Kesey – Art Dictator

Stephanie Kesey married Zane Kesey, the son of Ken Kesey. I didn’t know Steph was a artist until after she “blocked” (unfriended me on facebook) after I failed to heed HER ORDER, that came too late, because, I already made me some fine connections, one of them to my friend, Stefan Eins, whose work has hung in MOMA. Stefan made graffiti art a true art form. The Creamery mural was seen as graffiti that the locals wanted – gone! There was a marijuana plant growing in a milk can at the end of the rainbow. The artist was a member of the Hog Farm, and is a supporter of Winnarainbow, as is the Bill Graham foundation.

STOP trying to connect such mundane coincidences.”

Garth Sues the Gettys

I helped pass this law that Garth took advantage of. He and Christine did not know we are kin to them and Liz Taylor.

John Presco

“The capacity of some people to give back to the community is truly awe- inspiring, and as far as San Francisco is concerned, the Gettys are in a world all their own.

As if the local standard bearers of high society had not done enough in the areas of philanthropy, culture, music or family planning, now the Gettys have ventured forth in a new and unexpected arena: art education.

Their first project is to remind us that when you decide to “upgrade” an artist’s work, you may want to call the artist before getting in touch with your inner Monet. And it’s better, and cheaper, if your cubist leanings don’t involve someone else’s cube.

Recovering The Lost Magical Mural


Years ago I suggested Nazarite Queen Helena of Abiabene was the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond. I have found the remnant of the Nazarite church she founded in Iraq. The Church of the East has its roots in Adiabeni a place associated with the Magi – who followed a star! I followed this question; “What is in a name?”

“The Brothers Grimm included a variant, Briar Rose, in their collection (1812). It truncates the story as Perrault and Basile told it to the ending now generally known: the arrival of the prince concludes the tale. Some translations of the Grimm tale give the princess the name Rosamond.”

Erin Sullivan, who painted most of the starry objects in the Creamery Mural, told me she was a friend of the authors of the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’, and she felt compelled to read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ after the lawsuit.  I had not yet found Erin when I wrote this on this post;

“Where’s Ken’s copy of ‘The Da Vinci Code’? Before Ken, Homer Simpson was recruited as the Axis Mundi. Consider Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘The Cosmic Trigger’. Like it or not, we are all hurtling in space. And the mothers that born us want to be proud of all their children. For sure they don’t want us to fall in with the wrong crowd, a bunch of oddballs. Now, the bookcase makes perfect artistic sense. Do you agree?”

Wow! What a Cosmic Trigger Coincidence! Erin posted this post on this Facebook and said it was an example of her ‘Retrograde of Venus’. I am changing it, but have the original. Here is what Erin wrote me – that floored me!

“Boy, could I tell you about Dan Brown . . . I am published by Penguin/Tarcher . . . I was the editor for Arkana Contemporary Astrology, Penguin UK . . . . And, he ripped off my authors and friends, Michael Baigent and Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc.

Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. When they lost the lawsuit, Rich died of a heart attack four months later . . . Michael has since died 4 years ago from cancer . . . , When I was forced to read DaVinci, by the tine I got to page 38, I thought it was Rich Leigh under a boring pseudonym . . . AND, it is also straight out of my book on Retrograde Planets, in the VENUS chapter!!!!””

Erin asked me if I had seen the mural her and Laura Foster painted. I told her I saw it in 1986, when I went to visit my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, who worked there. We talked about the commune we lived in with the Zorthian sisters, whose father was a famous muralist who was inspired by my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton – who was the mentor of Jackson Pollock! Erin was thrilled to be placed amongst these stars of the Art World, as will Laura be when I find her.

Here is my sister. This site and these images of beautiful Rosamond women, came to be owned by a hostile outsider who tried to get me to sign a legal document that would forbid me to write about Christine – and my family!

On my visit, Nancy suggested I author the history of the hippies because I could recall so much. A year later I began ‘The Gideon Computer’. In 1989, began a theological novel ‘The Lion of God’ where I say Mary Magdalene was the real Messiah of the Jews, and thus was called Jesus, which means “Savior”. Because John was the “savior” of the Jews, and a son of a Rabbi, he would be married. In my book her marries Mary Magdalene. A parchment is saying Jesus was married.

Tale of Two Murals


There once were two Kesey Murals in Springfield. My friend Nancy described the first one and got one of names of the artists, right, so I was able to restore the lost description of the mural that was painted on the outside wall of the The Creamery that Chuck told me the town leaders hated.

“It was the only mural for a hundred miles around, and, it had to go!” Said the husband of Sue Kesey, and brother-in-law of Ken.

“There was a caldron with marijuana plants!” Nancy, of yogurt fame, added.

“Wasn’t there a Unicorn?” asked I.,666053&hl=en

The unasked question at the unveiling (as far as I know) is………

How did Ken get so big? It’s like ‘The Attack of the Fifty Foot Author’.

A Bookcase, Pennent, and Trophy

DSC02951 DSC02954 DSC02980 DSC02982 DSC02986 DSC02993 DSC03001odd-fellows-motto

There are reasons why many people want to see Ken Kesey’s mural in downtown Springfield, work. I will post on the Mayor’s speech later on. What had to be sought was permission to render this mural on a building owned by the Oddfellows. They were mentioned in what can be described as a political speech. Most everything is political these days. For sure no one that mattered was for ‘Cosmic Ken’. To render a giant mural with Saturn and a shooting star above Magi Kesey’s head, is a No-No! There can be no beatitude smile on his face while he hand-feeds a Unicorn that has just come across the Rainbow Bridge. This would not pass muster. Everyone is going to scream…..


Even though these thing were used to sell dairy and yogurt products, stuff that is good for you,  let us put these magical things in books, and put these books in a bookcase, that almost renders Ken’s mural, a still life. The revolution will not be televised. There will be no army of happy milk cans marching down the yellow-brick road to see the Wizard who promoted  a mind-altering chemical.  If folks want to see this kind of stuff they can go see the Kesey movie when it plays at the Gateway theatre, located a mile away. Will it be in 3-D? Will the audience put on tie-dyed glasses?

What I am extremely interested in is becoming a Lobbyist, because I want to see the 17% percent tax on marijuana go to Creative Bohemian ideas. That cauldron at the end of the Rainbow Nancy talked about, will soon be filled with


Many will come running to stake their claim. We are looking at a New Gold Rush!,666053&hl=en

When I read the folks who rendered the Simpson Family on the side of the Emerald Art Association, were going to do a mural of Ken Kesey, I went downtown to investigate from a skeptics point of view. I wore a funny hat, Merlin’s hat, that was full of stars and crescent moon. I brought objects with me in order to perform an Augur’s ritual. Four days later I could not believe my good fortune when Brenda invited me to come upstairs and see the Oddfellow Hall that was open to the public for the unveiling. I was going to get more than a peek behind te Curtain of Oz.

The first thing I see is a table full of magical and odd hats. I debated about bringing my Merlin hat. There were costumes. In another room there were strange three-dimensional objects in a frame. Did the Oddfellow look down on me while I performed an intuitive ceremony? Did they declare;

“He’s the Chosen One! Let us lure him up here at the unveiling!”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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