Murals Destroyed

After being terrorized by the Alley Valkyrie Mob, I made a concious decision to conduct business as usual. This will be The Theme I will employ with the Downtown Merchants as we launch a counter-attack against Emily Semple and her ilk. Belle Burch made an agreement to model for me in exchange for the blue bicycle I gave her. She called me and wanted to meet my at the Wandering Goat to return that bike. I told her I am hohoring our original agreement. I also did not trust her. Would her mob be lurking about, they putting the hurt on me at her command. All contact with Belle is a huge Art Piece!

Rosamond Press

Another mural has been destroyed. This is a……..SIGN!

Look closely and you will see an old man with a white beard surrounded by dancing naked women. This is Jiryl Zorthian who was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. However, this title goes to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who died seven years after Zorthian. I might be ‘The Last Bohemian.


Jordan Betten installed “Lady Luck,” an 8-by-20-foot mural which depicts a sweeping female figure flying across a sky-blue background, on a squat two-story building across from the elevated park trail in 2013.

The only thing between the mural and the High Line was an empty lot on West 27th Street.

But in April, contractors for Related Companies, which is developing a number of new art galleries in the neighborhood, removed a large chunk of Betten’s mural without notice, he contends.

Stephanie Kesey – Art Dictator

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