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These meteors may be manmade, or, man-driven? Has a secret meteor war broke out? Our President talked about creating a Star Strike Force. My fictional characters may have been created on a dual planet via Symmetry. I am their conduit-messenger. Note the spelling of Kristensen that I morph into Christling. I had forgotten about the double mobis circle in ROSATOM that is key in solving the mystery of Adam’s Rib that I turned into a new religion, forgetting it is apocalyptic. Does God want to do away with the false teaching of John Darby and the Rapture, in order to give humanity Real Wings to escape our doom?

God has chosen a obscure author in Springfield Oregon to save the world, because he revived the ancient cosmology of Augerism, then combined it with the teaching of Amile Noether. Pontius Pilate put Jesus to the augur’s test and found no fault in him. His symmetry – was perfect!

I now get it why others want to censor me. A intuitive part of them sees that I am being focused on a coming Doomsday. They believe if my predictions are erased, or, do not reach the public, the End Time will not arrive. However, people rioting in the streets all over the world, suggests the human subconscious is picking up the peril we are in.

I suspect Putin showed Trump this peril and told him the only way Doomsday can be prevented, is the establishment of a One Rose Atomic Order. ORAO.


John Presco

Copyright 2018

The US Air Force failed to report a major meteor explosion near a military base in Greenland earlier this summer, leading to concern and confusion. 

The explosion contained 2.1 kilotons of force and occurred just above an early-warning radar at the Thule Air Force base in June, according to Hans Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists. Mr Kristensen confirmed the explosion in a tweet on Wednesday, suggesting the meteor could have been mistaken by some as a “Russian first strike”. 

However, the US Air Force did not release a statement regarding the meteor, or even tweet about the phenomena. 

When contacted for comment, a representative for the secretary of the Air Force public affairs told The Independent: “We’re not providing any comment on that, except that it didn’t impact operations at Thule.”

Chair For Telemusing



At the unveiling of the Ken Kesey mural, I asked Chuck Kesey about the mural that used to be on the wall of the Creamery. He told me the conservative leaders hated it, and was glad when it was sandblasted away. I then filmed my childhood friend, Nancy. She gave me some clues. When I discovered one of the muralists was a famous astrologer, I wove the Da Vinci Code into this blog, which Erin saw. She told me she knew the authors that sued Dan Brown. My late brother-in-law sued his friend, Gordon Getty, after his mural was destroyed in the Getty home. Robert Anton Wilson would call this a Net of Coincidence.

Erin Sullivan – Supersonic Hippie


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First of all, Erin is a public figure with biographies on the internet. Therefore, I do not need her permission to blog about her. I can not publish her copyrighted material. Her demand, is censorship! For a Super Hippie to make such a request, is to Null&Void oneself from Hippiedom, where only a Super Nova Hippie can reinstate you. Having worked for a publisher Erin knows all about ‘Fair Use’. That she attached her demand to my ‘Trouble With Crazed Women In Ken Kesey Square’ was aimed at scaring me – in a very witchy way!

“Dear John/Jon/Greg

Will you please delete immediately your entire blog where I am depicted and written about  – I was not pre-informed by you that you were going to publish anything on me, and it was inappropriate.

So I will appreciate your showing good faith, and deleting the entire blog.

Please show that you have done so.

All the best in your endeavours,

Thank you,

Sincerely, Erin Sullivan”

This is as fine of a passive-aggressive message I have ever read! Erin should charge money for a course ‘How To Be The Wounded Sparrow and Crush Your Rival’.

Please show that you have done so.” I need proof I have bullied you with my feminine wile.

“Gravy called his group the “Please Force,” a reference to their non-intrusive tactics at keeping order, e.g., “Please don’t do that, please do this instead”. When asked by the press — who were the first to inform him that he and the rest of the Hog Farm were handling security — what kind of tools he intended to use to maintain order at the event, his response was “Cream pies and seltzer bottles

Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

Chapter Five

The Rose of the World

Victoria Bond and Miriam Starfish were conducting their morning briefing. It was Victoria’s idea to have breakfast together in order to stuff as much knowledge into their day as possible. She looked pleased with herself when her cook brought her ‘The Full English Breakfast’ that Miriam declined. She said she will bring her ‘Box Breakfast’ that she put on the table as Victoria gobbled down her first sausage, and, said a silent prayer. Looking a bit chagrined, Victoria spoke in a polite manner as baked beans tried to escape from out her devouring mouth.

“Oh. You like to say grace before you eat?”

“We, is the correct word, but, I do not force my belief systems on anyone, unless I have to.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You don’t want to get a Rhos Christling angry.”

From her box…

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