A Bookcase, Pennent, and Trophy

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There are reasons why many people want to see Ken Kesey’s mural in downtown Springfield, work. I will post on the Mayor’s speech later on. What had to be sought was permission to render this mural on a building owned by the Oddfellows. They were mentioned in what can be described as a political speech. Most everything is political these days. For sure no one that mattered was for ‘Cosmic Ken’. To render a giant mural with Saturn and a shooting star above Magi Kesey’s head, is a No-No! There can be no beatitude smile on his face while he hand-feeds a Unicorn that has just come across the Rainbow Bridge. This would not pass muster. Everyone is going to scream…..


Even though these thing were used to sell dairy and yogurt products, stuff that is good for you,  let us put these magical things in books, and put these books in a bookcase, that almost renders Ken’s mural, a still life. The revolution will not be televised. There will be no army of happy milk cans marching down the yellow-brick road to see the Wizard who promoted  a mind-altering chemical.  If folks want to see this kind of stuff they can go see the Kesey movie when it plays at the Gateway theatre, located a mile away. Will it be in 3-D? Will the audience put on tie-dyed glasses?

What I am extremely interested in is becoming a Lobbyist, because I want to see the 17% percent tax on marijuana go to Creative Bohemian ideas. That cauldron at the end of the Rainbow Nancy talked about, will soon be filled with


Many will come running to stake their claim. We are looking at a New Gold Rush!


When I read the folks who rendered the Simpson Family on the side of the Emerald Art Association, were going to do a mural of Ken Kesey, I went downtown to investigate from a skeptics point of view. I wore a funny hat, Merlin’s hat, that was full of stars and crescent moon. I brought objects with me in order to perform an Augur’s ritual. Four days later I could not believe my good fortune when Brenda invited me to come upstairs and see the Oddfellow Hall that was open to the public for the unveiling. I was going to get more than a peek behind te Curtain of Oz.

The first thing I see is a table full of magical and odd hats. I debated about bringing my Merlin hat. There were costumes. In another room there were strange three-dimensional objects in a frame. Did the Oddfellow look down on me while I performed an intuitive ceremony? Did they declare;

“He’s the Chosen One! Let us lure him up here at the unveiling!”

Why am I the Chosen One? Here is a photography of me and my two siblings, Christine and Mark. Our mother, Rosemary, has lined us up for a photo-op so she can brag on me. Above the antique bookcase is a watercolor I did of a sailboat that was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. I painted it in Mr. Luzmore’s class. My best friend to be, came and stood behind me, and said;

“That is a fine work of art!”

Bill Arnold and Nancy Hamren were very close. Nancy knew my family and had been to our house. We went to McCheznie Junior High.

“We played at being Beatniks!” said Nancy at the unveiling with a chuckle.

It was Bill who discovered we Prescos owned a rare book collection that was compiled by my great-grandfather, William Oltman Stutmeister, a successful Dentist. William was a Oddfellow who rescued the graves of his kindred when the Oddfellow cemetery was desecrated. His book collection was decimated when my kin came barging into our front door after school, with cardboard boxes, and began to shovel our books into them. I was thirteen. He knew my mothers was at work.

“Why didn’t you stop him!” Rosemary cried!

Stopping a Book Thief was not on my To-do list. How would you go about it? If there had been a heavy trophy around I could have hit him over the head.

I asked several people that mattered what was up with the pennant and the trophy resting atop the bookcase – just a hair above Ken’s head. I did not receive a good answer. A few blogs back I posted on a scholar who declared ‘One Flow Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ a modern Grail story. Note how the banner with the name Springfield points to the Grail that has been described as a Horn of Plenty, a alchemists object that can produce gold.

Where’s Ken’s copy of ‘The Da Vinci Code’? Before Ken, Homer Simpson was recruited as the Axis Mundi. Consider Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘The Cosmic Trigger’. Like it or not, we are all hurtling in space. And the mothers that born us want to be proud of all their children. For sure they don’t want us to fall in with the wrong crowd, a bunch of oddballs. Now, the bookcase makes perfect artistic sense. Do you agree?

As to Ken’s, size, let me quote Robert.

I heard there is a secret button on Ken’s bookcase, and when pushed, it opens to a hidden world, a place humanity has sought long before Ken was born. I may be the only one who went upstairs, where they gathered. I paid my respects to – the host!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Prescos 1961 Mark, Greg & Christine on tablegregartgoodfell8goodtemp4



Consider the Grateful Dead that rose to fame in San Francisco.

In the early 20th century, San Francisco voted most of its cemeteries out of existence, ostensibly for public health reasons; after decades of further dispute the transfer of Lone Mountain’s forty-seven thousand inhabitants began, primarily to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in the city of Colma, immediately south of San Francisco. In what writer Harold Gilliam has described as “an act of civic vandalism,” thousands of crypts and mausoleums were unearthed, the granite and marble dumped along the Pacific shoreline to reinforce seawalls.[



Patrick Stewart guest stars as “Number One”, the leader of the Springfield chapter of the Stonecutters. It features cultural references to Freemasonry and films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Emperor.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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