Jean Rougemont – Gonfalonier

Here is the Gonfalonier that I will work into my book ‘The Royal Janitor’. Victoria notices that she has one assigned to her in her job description that she struggles to understand, being a woman thrust in a male position held by 007. There is a lot of ancient fluff that went with getting gorgeous women naked and into bed. Draining the swamp is not a good idea in Britain. You do not want the Gonfaloniere Guild to turn on you. They can make your life very difficult, The Beautiful Babe source – will dry up!


The Gonfaloniere was the holder of a highly prestigious communal office in medieval and Renaissance Italy, notably in Florence and the Papal States. The name derives from gonfalone, the term used for the banners of such communes.

In Florence, the office was known as Gonfaloniere of Justice and was held by one of the nine citizens selected by the drawing lots every two months, who formed the city’s government, or Signoria. In the papal states, it was known as Gonfaloniere of the Church or Papal Gonfaloniere. Other central and northern Italian communes, from Spoleto to the County of Savoy, elected or appointed gonfalonieri. The Bentivoglio family of Bologna aspired to this office during the sixteenth century. However, by the year 1622, when Artemisia Gentileschi painted a portrait of Pietro Gentile as a gonfaloniere of Bologna, with the gonfalone in the background, the office had merely symbolic value.

Jean Gonfalonier of the Burgundy County of ROUGEMONT, Chevalier, co-founder of Rougemont, lord of Til-Châtel and Rougemont, De Rougemont

Sosa : 2,905,724Sosa: 2,905,724

  • Deceased after 1411 Deceased after 1411


 Spouses, children , grandchildrenand great-grandchildrenSpouses, Children , Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

 Photos and archival recordsPhotos and archival records

Humbert (V; Seigneur) de ROUGEMONT, De Rougemontca 1291Humbert (V; Lord) of ROUGEMONT, Rougemontca 1291 Jeanne de TIL-CHÂTEL, dame de Tilchâtel, De Tilchatel†1333/Jeanne de TIL-CHÂTEL, lady of Tilchâtel, De Tilchatel† 1333 / Guy III de Til-Châtel, seigneur de Til-Châtel, De Tilchatel†1299Guy III de Til-Châtel, lord of Til-Châtel, De Tilchatel† 1299 Isabelle de Rochefort, de Rochefort-sur-Brévon , De Rochefort†1312/Isabelle de Rochefort, Rochefort-sur-Brévon, De Rochefort† 1312 / Foulques, (Foulques de Rigney), seigneur de Ruffey, Sénéchal du comté de Bourgogne, De Ruffey†ca 1310Foulques, (Foulques de Rigney), Lord of Ruffey, Sénéchal of Burgundy County, De Ruffey† ca 1310 ?? ??
| |
8 8
| |
9 9
| |
10 10
| |
11 11
| |
12 12
| |
13 13

| | | | | |
Thibaud (V) de ROUGEMONT, Écuyer, chevalier ,seigneur de Rougemont, De Rougemontca 1311Thibaud (V) of ROUGEMONT, Squire, knight, lord of Rougemont, De Rougemontca 1311 Isabelle de TIL-CHÂTEL, De Tilchatel†1336/Isabelle of TIL-CHÂTEL, of Tilchatel† 1336 / Ferjeux de Ruffey , De RuffeyFerjeux de Ruffey, De Ruffey ?? ??
| |
4 4
| |
5 5
| |
6 6
| |
7 7

| | | |
Guillaume de ROUGEMONT ou Guy 1er de Rougemont , chevalier, Sire/seigneur de Rougemont et de Til-Châtel, sire de Ruffey , De Rougemont†ca 1375Guillaume de ROUGEMONT or Guy 1st of Rougemont, knight, Sire / lord of Rougemont and Til-Châtel, sire of Ruffey, De Rougemont† ca 1375 Etiennette de RUFFEY-sur-L’OIGNON ,dame de Ruffey-sur-l’Ognon, De Ruffey†ca 1390Etiennette of RUFFEY-sur-L’OIGNON, lady of Ruffey-sur-l’Ognon, De Ruffey† ca 1390
| |
2 2
| |
3 3

| |
Jean Gonfalonier du Cté de Bourgogne de ROUGEMONT, Chevalier, cosgr de Rougemont ,seigneur de Til-Châtel et de Rougemont, De Rougemont†1411/Jean Gonfalonier of the Burgundy County of ROUGEMONT, Chevalier, co-founder of Rougemont, lord of Til-Châtel and Rougemont, De Rougemont† 1411 /

Alvaro Pires de Castro, Count of Arraiolos, Viana, Foz, & Lima1,2

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7 Nov 2010

M, #101527, b. circa 1315, d. 11 June 1384


Pedro Fernandez ‘the Warlike’ de Castro, Senor de Lemos, Monforte, & Sarria1 b. c 1294, d. Jun 1343


Isabel Ponce de Leon1 b. c 1290

     Alvaro Pires de Castro, Count of Arraiolos, Viana, Foz, & Lima was born circa 1315.1 He married Maria Ponce de Leon, daughter of Pedro Ponce de Leon, 2nd Senor de Marchena and Beatriz of Aragon, circa 1340.1,2 Alvaro Pires de Castro, Count of Arraiolos, Viana, Foz, & Lima died on 11 June 1384 at Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.1


Maria Ponce de Leon b. c 1320



Sir Richard I, Seigneur de Clemont & Montbarrey1

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4 Oct 2009

M, #47948, d. circa December 1259


Sir Thiebaut I, Seigneur de Neufchatel1 d. 1268


Petronille (Perrette) von Pfirt1

     Sir Richard I, Seigneur de Clemont & Montbarrey married Marguerite de Mompelgard, daughter of Dietrich III, Graf von Mompelgard, Herr zu Porrentruy, Vogt von Lutzel and Algearde (Adelheid, Alix) von Pfirt, before 1255.1 Sir Richard I, Seigneur de Clemont & Montbarrey died circa December 1259; Buried at Lieucroissant.1


Marguerite de Mompelgard d. a 1259




Hugues de Rougemont, Seigneur de Villersexel1

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M, #63927, d. after 1227


Humbert II de Rougemont d. 1227


Sibille de Besançon2

     Hugues de Rougemont, Seigneur de Villersexel married Beatrice de Faucogney, daughter of Aymon II de Vesoul, Sire de Faucogney and Clemence.2 Hugues de Rougemont, Seigneur de Villersexel died after 1227.2,3


Beatrice de Faucogney d. 1225



Petronille (Perrette) von Pfirt1,2

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F, #40610

     Petronille (Perrette) von Pfirt married Gerard, Seigneur de Vadans, son of Girard I, Comte de Macon and Maurette de Salins, before 1200.1 Petronille (Perrette) von Pfirt married Sir Thiebaut I, Seigneur de Neufchatel, son of Fromond de Dramelay, Seigneur de Frasne & Neufchatel and (Miss) de Rougemont, before 1238.3

Family 1

Gerard, Seigneur de Vadans d. a 1200

Family 2

Sir Thiebaut I, Seigneur de Neufchatel d. 1268




Ferrette (German:  Pfirt (help·info)) is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace in north-eastern France.

It is situated close to the Swiss border. Its main attraction is the Château de Ferrette.

County of Ferrette[edit]

The County of Ferrette came into existence in the 11th century and consisted of a large part of southern Alsace. In 1324, the County was acquired by Austria through the marriage of Jeanne, Countess of Ferrette, with Albert II, Duke of Austria. The County was part of the dowry for Catherine of Burgundy upon her marriage to Duke Leopold IV.[1] Upon Leopold’s death in 1411, his brother, Frederick occupied Ferrette.[1] Austria ceded it to France in the Peace of Westphalia of 1648.


Petronilla von Pfirt




circa 1190


1238 (44-52)

Immediate Family:

Daughter of Richard von Pfirt, Graf von Pfirt and Marie de Brienne
Wife of Thibaut I, vicomte de La Baume
Mother of Richard de Neufchâtel
Sister of Simon de Saissefontaines

Added by:

Justin Swanstrom on May 10, 2009

Managed by:

Donald Gordon Robinson



Thibaut de La Baume, vicomte de La Baume




circa 1195


1268 (69-77)

Place of Burial:

Abbaye de Lieucroissant, L’Isle-sur-le-Doubs, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France

Immediate Family:

Son of Fromond II de Dramelay, seigneur de Neufchâtel and Ne de Rougemont
Husband of Petronilla von Pfirt and Élisabeth de Jonvelle
Father of Richard de Neufchâtel


Thiébaud/Théobald de Ferrette, (? – vers 1311/16), comte de Ferrette18, seigneur de Florimont, châtelain de Rougemont-le-Château1.

Mariages et succession :
Il épouse en premières noces Catherine/Katharina, (? – 1296), fille de Walter de Klingen et de Sophie de Froburg, puis en secondes noces Marguerite de Blamont. Du premier mariage il a :

  • Ulrich III qui suit,

  • Thiébaud/Thiebald, (? – 1311/12), seigneur de Rougemont-le-Château,

  • Jean, (? – 1309/12), seigneur de Rougemont-le-Château,

  • Herzelande, (? – 03 avril 1317), elle épouse Otto V d’Ochsenstein,

  • Sophie, (? – 25 mars 1344), épouse en 1312 d’Ulrich III de Wurtemberg,

  • Ermengarde, (? – 1329), elle épouse Eberhard II comte de Landau.

Ulrich III de Ferrette, (? – Bâle 11 mars 1324), comte de Ferrette19 et seigneur de Rougemont-le-Château1.

Mariage et succession :
Il épouse en 1303/09
Jeanne, (? – vers 1349/50), dame d’Héricourt, fille de Renaud de Bourgogne et de Guillemette de Neufchâtel. Après son décès son corps est inhumé dans l’église de Thann et son cœur à l’abbaye de Lucelle. Il a :


de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Richard I
    Père : de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Louis I (? – 1189)
    Mère : de HABSBOURG Richenza (1145 – 1180) (Age à la naissance de l’enfant : 15 ans)
    Freres/Soeurs :
       de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Helwide (? – 1188)
       de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Louis II (? – 1189 Croisé)
       de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Ulrich I (? – 1197)


de HABSBOURG Richenza
Père : de HABSBOURG Werner III (1104 – 1167) (Age à la naissance de l’enfant : 41 ans)
Mère : de THIERSTEIN ; de TIERSTEIN Ita (1110) (Age à la naissance de l’enfant : 35 ans)
Freres/Soeurs :
de HABSBOURG Albert III le Riche (? – 1199)
Naissance :
Date : 1145
Décès :
Date : décembre 1180 (35 ans)
Note :

Source : JPMasson – hg85.460; Auréjac

    Prénom : Richenza
          Nom de famille : de HABSBOURG
    Information de famille :
          avec de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Louis I (? – 1189) :
                Note :

Source : JPMasson – ds01.38 et 226; ds06.146

                enfants :
                   de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Richard I (1160)
                   de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Helwide (? – 1188)
                   de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Ulrich I (? – 1197)
                   de FERRETTE ; de PFIRT Louis II (? – 1189 Croisé)

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