Trump Can Play Bond?

The President of half of America is on T.V. saying he is going to Russia and will make friends with the Russians. He slams the Democrats by saying they want open borders and more crime. His motorcycle gang led the way!

Russian troops opened borders – and marched in firing their weapons and killing people. Trump praises Putin for putting on good soccer matches. They he says he will be delighted to put another conservative Justice on the Supreme Court that just weakened the Unions. It is curtains for Liberal Democrats. A fake religious morality will be thrust upon them while the Republican destroy what’s left of Jesus’s teaching in America – and the world! That’s their real target! I need TWO good attorneys to help me sue the President and the Supreme Court for  BANNINING JESUS,

In the e-mail group that Tim responded to, you see me addressing the Bohemian Bank I founded. All my partners turned on me. Democrats will elect more minority women, which will drive more white males into the Trumpire camp. Donald’s power is growing! I suggest we liberals found Bohemian Sanctuaries in order to promote our ideals. Hollywood was such a sanctuary, and was the music industry. Amazon and the Bond movie makers are in a dilemma. They want to be on the Winning Side in order to break even in ticket sales. We are going to see more HOT cultural warfare in regards to Walters and Sanders being kicked out the Red Hen.

How about a Russian James Bondavich?

Bohemians do well as a oppressed minority. I suggest we make Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor our Bohemian figurehead, which other writers are doing. Who would Donald Bond go after, Nancy Pelosi and gay folks? James Bond, the Gay Basher and lover of Conservative U.S. Supreme Court, verses, Liberal Victoria Bond who believes in…..

“Live, and let live!”

I will have her put this on her coat of arms.

Jon Presco

The Crimean peninsula was annexed from Ukraine by the Russian Federation in February–March 2014. Since then, it has been administered as two Russian federal subjects—the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol.[33] The annexation was accompanied by a military intervention by Russia in Crimea that took place in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and was part of wider unrest across southern and eastern Ukraine.[34][35]

On 22–23 February 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin convened an all-night meeting with security services chiefs to discuss the extrication of deposed Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych. At the end of the meeting Putin remarked that “we must start working on returning Crimea to Russia”.[36] On 23 February, pro-Russian demonstrations were held in the Crimean city of Sevastopol. On 27 February masked Russian troops without insignia[2] took over the Supreme Council (parliament) of Crimea,[37][38] and captured strategic sites across Crimea, which led to the installation of the pro-Russian Aksyonov government in Crimea, the conducting of the Crimean status referendum and the declaration of Crimea’s independence on 16 March 2014.[39][40] Russia formally incorporated Crimea as two federal subjects of the Russian Federation with effect from 18 March 2014.

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