Jean Rougemont – Gonfalonier

Britain is on the brink of ruin. Can anyone named Bond, be of help?

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Here is the Gonfalonier that I will work into my book ‘The Royal Janitor’. Victoria notices that she has one assigned to her in her job description that she struggles to understand, being a woman thrust in a male position held by 007. There is a lot of ancient fluff that went with getting gorgeous women naked and into bed. Draining the swamp is not a good idea in Britain. You do not want the Gonfaloniere Guild to turn on you. They can make your life very difficult, The Beautiful Babe source – will dry up!


The Gonfaloniere was the holder of a highly prestigious communal office in medieval and Renaissance Italy, notably in Florence and the Papal States. The name derives from gonfalone, the term used for the banners of such communes.

In Florence, the office was known as Gonfaloniere of Justice and was held…

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