The “Disgruntled” First Biographer


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Months ago I asked Larry Sidle to read Tom Snyder’s book, and as a expert surfer, I wanted him to give his opinion on how his ex-wife died. He refused to read the book. If he had shown he was capable of working with me, I was going to ask him to find the court documents wherein Christine sues Ira Cohen in order to keep her images off the crap the first Rosamond biographer said she would put on “throw pillows”.  Susan Faulkner says “Dunkin the Frog” was rendered by Rosamond. She lied! She said she had interviews with Christine just before – she drowned.

I sent a letter to special executor informing him of this FRAUD, and, Faulkner – is out of there! Vicki Presco said she absconded with a $5,000 dollar advance. I bitterly complained about this evil INVASION OF PRIVACY, where our tragedy has been turned into a Carney Show attraction, where outsiders pay for three hard balls to toss at the iron milk bottles. How dare these parasites title me “disgruntled”.

My best friend tried to stop me from going down into that trench where waves broke into, where Christine Rosamond Benton allegedly took her nine year old daughter. What mother in her right mind – would do that?!!!

Here is my fictional treatment of Rosamond’s Rouge Wave.

I asked Larry to look for the “party” Pierrot was going to where Christine was going to be there. I suspect ten family members and friends were there Friday night, the day before Rosamond ended up in what she had nightmares about, most of her life. There is a Kesey connection.

I hereby make null and void any agreement I have with Larry Sidle. He has been a hindrance, and no help!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“Pierrot later bought the business from the estate, royalties
from which go to Rosamond’s daughters, Drew now 11, and Shannon, 28.
Pierrot has a determined vision of where she wants the business to
go. A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be
distributed to children in hospitals. T-shirts and tote bags will
also be produced featuring the whimsical character, Pierrot says. All
manner of upscale merchandising is contemplated using the images from
Rosamond’s paintings…bed linins, throw pillows and other elegant
household items.”



This frog is the creation of Sandra Faulkner, but, they are putting Rosamond’s name on it as the creator. I saw Dunkin on Faulkner’s webpage in 1997 and wrote a letter to the executor, Sydney Morris, telling him I doubt my sister painted a frog, and, gave Faulkner an interview, and if she did, those intervierws belong to my nieces. I also informed him Christine filed a lawsuit to keep her artwork off tote bags.

Here is Morris; “By September 2000, however, plans were underway for a biography of Decedent, which Petitioner hoped might create interest in her work. The book was published in 2002. Although the book did not spur the hoped-for interest in Decedent’s life and work, efforts continued to market the concept of a screenplay based upon Decedent’s life.

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