Witches Launch Thug With Bag of Rocks

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Freedom of the Press took a beating from a thug with a bag of rocks – who could not spell! What need he, or she, to be able to spell, when you got leaders who are witches with spells? What is interesting is this Deed that dictates the use of Kesey Square.


Instead of stoning a witch to death, Wiccans like Alley and Gwendolyn incited a goon with  their other-worldly rhetoric, who armed with Yule Log Power, stoned the Chamber of Commerce because it printed an idea for Kesey Square – they didn’t like, because – it was not THEIR WITCHY IDEA!  Not bringing their own paper, they grabbed copies of The Eugene Weekly – and wiped their fecal ideas all over it. The Bundyites forgot to bring vittles, and these dictators forgot to bring something to write on. So they use a free newspaper, like the one I own, to give a warning.

If any developer builds a lovely building made of glass – THERE ARE PLENTY MORE ROCKS WHERE THAT ONE CAME FROM! This is what anarchy looks like – a bag of rocks. This is what gave Belle goose-bumps, she and her ANONYMOUS thugs – have been getting results! What I suggested on OCCUPY Portland, is, every food kithchen in Oregon withhold food from the hungry until the ‘Can’t Spell Thug’ is handed over to the law! The person who does not hand over anyone – is the culprit!

Alley is a Feri initiate and Witch who runs a small local gift and clothing business in town called Practical Rabbit, and has become a central activist regarding how the homeless are treated in Eugene, Oregon. – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/2012/12/alley-valkyrie-and-the-magic-of-activism.html#sthash.2VPVKnUz.dpuf


“Mayor Kitty Piercy denounced the vandalism, saying it goes against the city’s history of residents expressing strong differences of opinion without resorting to property destruction.”

Here is Alley Valkyrie trying to keep me away from City Hall. I called the Eugene Police and they never heard of me. Someone offered the homeless $400,00o dollars days before I ran into SLEEPS bogus art fest. They were afraid I would run into this donor – they thought could be me!

Alley Valkyrie; ” I will also say that going downtown would be a mistake, as EPD is quite aware of who and what you are, and they have nine uniformed officers downtown. But then again, you said you were going to City Council and you didn’t have the balls to do that, and…See More

Alley Valkyrie: And if you do go downtown, you will have to deal with me personally, by the way.”



I told Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie I will not remove anything from my newspaper because they demand it, because they made threats – they carried out.

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

Did you catch that? Who is she – THE LAW – in them here parts? Did she supply the bag? The Bad Speller could have said the same thing, but with miselled words of course!

and wend you fuck with my frends, you fuck with me.

Alley Valkyrie: And if you do go downtown, you will have to deal with me personally, by the way.”

Zondie Zinke, a Eugene mother of two, was one of the last to speak. She informed the council that she was a sexual abuse survivor.

“Please do not privatize Kesey Square, and if you are going to do it, don’t do it in the name of vulnerable women,” Zinke said. Several public emails the city has exchanged with the public claim that women are being harassed in the square.”


I just got finished watching ‘No Country For Old Men’. Is Valkyrie head of ‘The Wiccan Posse’ ? Is she going to give me a coin toss? What if I don’t want my picture posted all over town, just samples of my writing. I am writing a book! This would have made great PR – and a great book cover! I can go on talk shows.

“Where were your first published, Mr. Presco?”

“On a telephone booth at Fifth and Blair, during a full moon! They had to use silver tacks!Hooooowl-ooooo!”

Here I am at a rest home doing a painting to the Grand Canyon Suite in front of twenty seniors. One gentleman wanted to buy it before it was dry! Once a month I attended family night and took my friend’s mother to Synagogue. I dated the director who was the head of a mental hospital. I can bring a thousand Christians to court and have them testify that Witches are of Satan, and are the cause of very evil acts. Being a Witch, Alley knows what a Witch Hunt looks and feels like. She and her ilk, have conducted a modern day Witch Hunt, against a member of a Artistic Dynasty. Alley is acting like Nurse Ratched.

Here is my ancestor defending Erasmus. He was a member of the Swan Brethren who hired Hieronymus Bosch. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor and I share the same great grandfather. My Rosemondt ancestors knew what the Inquisition looked like, because they were right in the middle of it. Nicolas Baechem Egmondanus was the head of the Dutch Inquisition who is going after the Great Erasmus who inspired  Martin Luther. I sent Belle Burch this blog, and she asks me to put my biography in her e-mail. That’s when I suspected SLEEPS was after this amazing history to apply to the Kesey Square Revival. They stalked me, and tried to get around my copyright. This is why this Deed thing is so huge. Belle, Alley, and Gwendolyn, are Pretenders to the real Art World! Imposters! Here is Pretty-Belle working me like a Street Walker! We owned windmills in Holland. Consider the Moulin Rouge!

“I’d like to hear more of your personal life story. “When I got sober”, “When I was homeless”, “When I was fighting cancer”……. these are words you drop and then let flit by without much detail or explanation or storytelling. I want those details and stories. Please.

Tell me what you thought of my poem. Did it make you feel anything? Did it make you think? If so, what?

cf Ep 1162s1162/ To Thomas More Louvain November? 1520

This letter give a spirited account between Erasmus and Nicolas
Baechem Egmondanus before the rector of the of the university of Louvain,
Godschlak Rosemondt. Printed in the Epistle ad diverse, it was no
doubt composed with a wider public in mind; Thomas More, to whom it
is addressed, need not have been told at length an episode of which
he was himself a protagonist. Erasmus also described the
confrontation with Baecahmen in Ep 1173:29-109




Here is Alley threatening to unleash her flying monkeys, who will shit all over our town, if the elected officials don’t do as they say. The Bundyites dug two big trenches and shat in them, a whole lot! This would not have happened – if they had nothing to eat!

Because of this vandalism, and an egregious event that came out of a church, I reluctantly identity the person that took the photograph that I put on my FB, that Alley Valkyrie stole, and used it to slander me. She wanted the Whiteaker Neighborhood Council to pass a rule that would ban me, and plaster this photo all over town. This photo was taken by Virginia Hambley the day I proposed marriage to her. A week earlier, she proposed marriage to me – down on one knee! Because she was in a terrible accident and coma for twenty-five days, she suffers from memory loss. I was afraid SLEEPS would come and harass her.

Alley posted her slander on Kitty Piercy’s FB, and when it was removed she found the abuser site – where she needs Belle’s permission to post it. I doubt she gave it. I asked our Mayor to protect me, and give me police protection so I could attend a City Hall meeting. I got no reply. Now, the wolf is in the house!

I told Belle and Alley Valkyrie I am a registered newspaper in Lane County, and I owe it to my peers not to cave to threats and demands. On Alley’s facebook I read physical threats made by her friends. Not one word have I removed. I am in solidarity with the People of France and Paris who had a memorial concert yesterday.


“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Are any of The Six good at throwing rocks? How about, spelling? We should round up the “many people” and conduct a spelling bee!

Alley has several attorneys who read this,”my threat” and refrained from telling her the truth;

“You’re a moron! A threat is a threat is a threat!”

And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim.

Give that witch a spelling test!


a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.
“members of her family have received death threats
synonyms: threatening remark, warning, ultimatum

“Maggie ignored his threats”
  • Law
    a menace of bodily harm, such as may restrain a person’s freedom of action.
  • 2.
    a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger.


This is CONSPIRACY! We must take away the poor and hungry from these criminal anarchists. Once they know these witches are hurting them, rather then helping them, they will not let them speak for them – or hurl a rock for them. How many of Alley’s “friends” have bought as much as a donut for a hungry man? They got better things to spend their money on. They will lead you to the citizens who got money – and build shiny things!

I am going to the Washington Post with my story. I will tell them – the other OCCUPY – is out of hand! Someone is going to get hurt. You can not take a city hostage without repercussions. I have been in contact with the FBI. I encourage all Churches to not feed the hungry, until THE STONER is caught!

These threats by members of SLEEPS and OCCUPY denied me use of Ken Kesey Square and thus null & voids any clap-trap these anarchist are applying to this Deed that forever renders the Square a Public Place. This article identifies Zachery Quale as the founder of ‘Save Ken Kesey Square’ when I have proven it was Gwendolyn Maeve Iris and Alley Valkyrie, who found the Ken Kesey Square Revival two years ago. To employ deceit in claiming public land – will not do! I am seeking an attorney in order to contest these bogus claims. These are not players in the real art world! They never met a Kesey!

“The City Council “may act as the Urban Renewal Agency to remove the restriction,” city spokeswoman Jan Bohman wrote in an email to the newspaper.

But others who want to keep the square public say the deed helps them.

“We have to look into what it actually means,” Zachery Quale, who started a social media campaign to preserve the area, said after finding out about the deed restriction. “We have to figure it out. If that is so, it changes the work we need to do, it changes our approach. That’s tremendously exciting.”

What happened to the Persian carpet guy? What if ‘The Rock of Street Justice’ sees Emani as a THREAT to the hidden agenda of these covert founders – which has to include the homeless considering they both are with OCCUPY? Who wants a rock thrown at your place of business – or worse! I told the Mayor I want to see a Newspaper Museum in the Square – and, I saw he make a note!

“Emami, who is also an instructor of finance at the UO, says he first made his offer to open up the walls of the buildings that currently house Voodoo Doughnuts and Northwest Persian Rugs and Imports back in 1995. He renewed his offer in 2004, but, he says, the city told him if it was done, it would be revocable. He pointed out that might result in his spending thousands of dollars, only to have the work undone. He says he’s still willing to make the changes to keep the property public and make it more usable”.



Dean Alterman, a land use and real estate lawyer with a Portland law firm, said the deed restriction could pose problems.

It would be “very difficult I think to justify the city selling it to a developer with that restriction in there,” he said.



Here I am talking with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, about the lost Creamery Mural which I recovered. Nancy was the first girl I ever kissed. We were twelve.

This is one of the family castles Virginia told me she stayed in after graduating from High School. She told me her kin made wine at their Chateau. When I found this photo, she said she slept there.

“But, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m an American. We believe in democracy!”

Virginia did not need OCCUPY to tell her what to believe in. WE did just fine without them, and they can’t handle this truth! Rabid revolutionaries cut off the heads of hundreds of Virginia’s blood-kin so they could own FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

bourmon2 bourmon3


Two years ago I gave my fiancée the Western United States. The Bundyites, and the Wiccanauts, are – TRESPASSERS! Anybody can claim anything. But, when you employ guns, a bag of rocks, and human fecal matter to stake your claim, you will lose your credibility – sooner or later! Every dog has their day!

Published December 19, 2008
Wall Street Journal

More than two centuries after the French cut off their king’s head, a pretender to France’s throne is planning a royal wedding.

Prince Jean d’Orléans, Duke of Vendôme, announced earlier this month that, at the age of 43, he will soon marry, with the hope of extending his royal line. His descendants would then be ready if the French monarchy — which was toppled by the bloody Revolution of 1789 — is ever brought back.

Love conquers all! I foresaw the coming claims and trespasses of the Bundyites, and the coming fight over Ken Kesey Sqaure! They say true prophets – are mad!

“With the coming union of Virginia Hambley, and John Presco, we also have the purchase of the Oregon Territory as promoted by my kindred, Senator Thomas Benton who son-in-law. John Fremont co-founded the Republican Party and was its first Presidential nominee.”


Long live the King!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

A vandal threw a large rock through the glass entrance door of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce’s office early Saturday, apparently to protest the organization’s support of a company’s bid to buy and develop city-owned Broadway Plaza.

At the chamber’s office door, atop the shattered glass, were several copies of Thursday’s issue of Eugene Weekly, each with an arrow pointing to an article about Hauser’s remarks related to the plaza debate. Scrawled next to the story were two messages: “Greedy Capilist,” and “the Colinishen of Public Spase.” The writer apparently misspelled capitalist, colonization and space.

The Eugene Weekly story reported comments from Hauser in an email he sent earlier this month and noted that the chamber voted in November to endorse the re­development project.


Here is Gwendolyn Maeve Iris.

She has been proactive
in organizing events from the
beginning of Occupy Eugene. “The
homeless issue is something we’ve
been aware of since the second day
of Occupy Eugene. I wanted to
bring awareness to that issue, since
we’re going into winter.”
Many unhoused individuals
and homeless activists feel frustrated
that the state can take away
a person’s right to exist, “simply by
making it illegal to sleep without
paying for a place, making areas
and resources unavailable that
should be basic rights,” says Iris. She thinks it’s ridiculous
that city government and the community act like solutions
to the problem are not simple. “They’ve convinced themselves
and a lot of people that it’s not an easy fi x, and it is:
decriminalize being homeless. They’ve done it in countless
other cities.”
When asked about her future plans in activism, Iris
stated, “I want to give a lot of support to SLEEPS. I think
they’ve got a valid purpose. It is direct action and civil
disobedience, providing support to people in need. It’s this
amazing combination of different approaches to activism.”
“Other than continuing working in the area of homelessness,”
Iris continued, “I want to start focusing more on the
No Coal issue and some of the environmental issues that
we’re seeing and dealing with in Oregon, because that is
also directly affected by corporations and the loopholes that
we as a society give them.”
Iris says she used to have a long list of people who
inspired her, her “heroes”, but, the more she has been with
Occupy, the more she is “amazed at what everyday people
can do when they come together



It was all I could to not go to Burns on my gallant white steed, and drive out the Bundy Boys, evict them from the promised land owned by my fiance’.

Here is a Christian Witch putting a hex on us citizens of Oregon.

“Shawna Cox, one of the last militants to be arrested for occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge last month, has filed a counter-suit against the U.S. government and others in which she alleges “damages from the works of the devil in excess of 666,666,666,666.66.”

While she invoked the number of the beast in her request for damages, Cox listed a wide array of people she plans to subpoena, including: ranchers in the western U.S.; judges and prosecutors; Oregon’s current and former governor; local and state police officers; FBI agents; and “various law professors.”

Cox said she plans to ask a jury to deliver civil and criminal penalties against many of those same people, who she says have worked to subvert the constitutional government and impose “socialism, communism and imperialism types of government onto the people of the United States of America.”

“As a wedding present I will gift unto her the Oregon Territory that was established and protected by my kindred. For the reasons set forth by Jean-Baptise Say, this territory should not have been purchased by the Government of the United States, and is now under the protectorate Virginia Hambley de Bourmont ‘Queen of the House of Bourbon in America’.


Today, October 1, 2013, I John Gregory Presco, the fiancé of Virginia Hambley de Bourmont, claim what was the Lousiana Territory in the name of the House of Bourbon, wherein said Territory, will be established a Democratic Monarchy, as was established by the Ligitimists of France.

Three generations of de Bourmonts, personally accompanied the Duchess Du Berry in her families efforts to claim the throne of France in the name of the Bourbons.

Today, the President of the United States claimed our Democracy was shut down by Republican Congressmen who were conducting a “ideological crusade”. I have identified this crusade as coming from the economic ideology being pushed upon this nation by Libertarianism and libertarian Republicans who site the economic philosophy of Jean Baptiste SAY, who is the brother of another economist philosopher, Louis (Augustin) SAY, who is Virginia’s great great, great, grandfather.

This is to SAY, if Libertarians believe they own the right to shut down the Government of the United States of America in the name Jean-Baptise Say, and are the true owners and rulers of this Democracy, then, it stands to reason this is a Family ‘‘ideological crusade’’, owned by the linear descendants of the Say family.

It is my intent to apply the de Bourmont Family Ideology to the formation of the Democratic Bourban Monarchy, and make a claim to the Louisiana Territory, declaring this sale null and void because it went against the very philosophy of the Say Economists who promoted ‘Small Government’ and no Government Involvement in Economic Matters. This so happens to be what the opponents of the Louisiana Purchase believed in, as it drastically affected the adventure capitalist pioneers who had a right to exploit the land and resources as they saw fit. This right has been held by royal families in Europe and America.

With the coming union of Virginia Hambley, and John Presco, we also have the purchase of the Oregon Territory as promoted by my kindred, Senator Thomas Benton who son-in-law. John Fremont co-founded the Republican Party and was its first Presidential nominee.

Whether there will be a hereditary monarchy established in the New Bourbon Monarchy in America, remains to be determined – by fate? If this is what was meant to be, then I hereby recognize Virginian Hambley’s siblings, Caroline, Heloise, and Mark Hambley – and their children – as Heirs to the Democratic Throne of New France in America.

It is my desire to see a marriage between the rulers and subjects of New France, with the Arts and the New Enlightened Business Man, who will take the very best from the Say Brothers in order to keep this Economy going forward, and give a base for all Americans to reunite.

Above is a photograph of me holding on to the root of the grape vines Clarke Hambley planted in frot of his daughters’ house seventeen years ago. He built the trellis. I believe he felt guilty for denying his children their French Heritage by marrying Elizabeth de Bourmont. He had seen the Bourmont castle surrounded by vineyards.

Because Clarke was born in a Democracy, and his wife was born in France, here is the Root of the Bourbon Democratic
Monarchy in America brought to this Democracy to take hold.

On this day, I hereby declare Virginia Hambley de Bourmont ‘Titular Queen of the Bourbon Democratic Monarchy in America’. May she rule with dignity and grace.

As a wedding present I will gift unto her the Oregon Territory that was established and protected by my kindred. For the reasons set forth by Jean-Baptise Say, this territory should not have been purchased by the Government of the United States, and is now under the protectorate Virginia Hambley de Bourmont ‘Queen of the House of Bourbon in America’.

As for Religious Permission, I am a Nazarite after the Prophet Samuel, known as ‘The King Maker’.

So be it!

Yours Truly

John Gregory Presco

Founder of New France



Not the arts” My newspaper, was founded as a protector of the arts. Members of OCCUPY are trying to take over the arts in Eugene. My kindred constitute a Artitistic Dynasty in Amerca. Virginias kindred have been THE ARTS of Europe. Why OCCUPY thight it deserved the arts reminds me of Hitler sending his goons to gather the art of Europe. I am authoring a book ‘Capturing Beauty’. Much of it will be about OCCUPY.


Chamber President Dave Hauser said the vandalism occurred about midnight at the office at 1401 Willamette St. He released digital photos of the damage. Hauser characterized the vandalism as a “random act” but said it’s disheartening.

“Community engagement is an important value in our community,” he said. “It’s frustrating when having a point of view means you get a window broke out of your building.”

Mayor Kitty Piercy denounced the vandalism, saying it goes against the city’s history of residents expressing strong differences of opinion without resorting to property destruction.

“At the national level, we unfortunately see more of those whose words are used to incite others to violence and uncivil debate,” Piercy wrote in an email. “We are better than that here in Eugene. … We must be very clear that everyone here has the right to express opinions without fear of retribution.”

The vandalism occurred as the City Council is set to discuss next week the future of the public plaza, also known as Kesey Square.

A local development group, 2EB LLC, has offered to buy the square and build a mixed-used building atop it. The council also will discuss two other ideas for the plaza.

The 2EB offer has touched off a community debate between residents who want to preserve the public space in the heart of downtown and residents who support redevelopment.

Dozens of residents have written emails to Piercy and the City Council to weigh in on the debate. About 100 people held a recent march and rally to drum up public support for saving Kesey Square.

At the chamber’s office door, atop the shattered glass, were several copies of Thursday’s issue of Eugene Weekly, each with an arrow pointing to an article about Hauser’s remarks related to the plaza debate. Scrawled next to the story were two messages: “Greedy Capilist,” and “the Colinishen of Public Spase.” The writer apparently misspelled capitalist, colonization and space.

The Eugene Weekly story reported comments from Hauser in an email he sent earlier this month and noted that the chamber voted in November to endorse the re­development project.

“One would hope that city leaders are not buying the narrative that Kesey (Square)is a wonderful community gathering space, rich with positive activity. Anyone who has visited our downtown knows that is not the case,” Hauser wrote.

Downtown business owners have complained about transients who congregate at the plaza using drugs and alcohol, harassing customers and engaging in other illegal and nuisance behavior.

Hauser said the rock was thrown with enough force to break the double-paned, reinforced glass and dent the frame of an inner door.

Hauser said employees found a bag of rocks left in the parking lot. The chamber’s business manager filed a police report, he said, but no suspects have been identified. The building isn’t equipped with security cameras, but Hauser said the chamber may look into purchasing them.

Employees covered the damage with plywood until workers can replace the glass next week. No damage estimate was immediately available.

Over the years, Hauser said the chamber’s office has been subject to vandalism from people generally opposed to its pro-­business stance.

Vandals have tagged the office with graffiti and set its trash bin on fire.

But the chamber president said it’s rare for the organization to be targeted for its position on a specific issue.

“There’s typically not a political message attached to those other efforts,” he said.

Follow Christian on Twitter @RGchill. Email christian.hill@registerguard.com.

FBI agents investigating the scene of the Oregon wildlife reserve occupation this week found a trench full of “significant amounts of human feces” that was apparently left by Ammon Bundy’s band of antigovernment militants. According to a court filing reported by Reuters, the shit hole was either on top of or next to “grounds containing sensitive artifacts” of the Burns Paiute Native American Tribe.

Shortly after the start of the six-week occupation, members of the Burns Paiute Tribe claimed that the militants were desecrating sacred ancestral lands and advocated for law enforcement to intervene.

“The land on which the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is located is in the heart of our tribe’s ancestral territory,” tribe chair Charlotte Roderique wrote in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch last month. “This is sacred place to the Burns Paiute Tribe. The refuge and the refuge buildings hold invaluable, irreplaceable and endangered aspects of the tribe’s cultural heritage.”


The FBI announced Friday that it would work with members of the Burns Paiute Tribe to determine whether artifacts or burial grounds were damaged in the occupation, and the discovery of the poop cache apparently came during this investigation.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams wrote in a federal court filing that agents discovered the feces on or near a “sensitive cultural site.”


“Occupiers appear to have excavated two large trenches and an improvised road on or adjacent to grounds containing sensitive artifacts,” Williams wrote.

In a way, you have to admire the occupiers’ audacity. What better way to stake a claim to land you believe is rightfully yours than to literally shit all over the history of the people who got there before you?

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I have a very big book to complete and send to publishers. The crux of my story is now centered around Belle Burch, who along with other homeless advocates hid themselves and their agenda within the agenda of Eugene’s First Art Walk that is advertised as such. If SLEEPS had put up a sign, and advertised WHO they are, than – BUYER BEWARE! They wanted it both ways. They wanted it all. I treated Belle like a fellow poet, and she agreed to model for me. She offered to edit my book ‘Capturing Beauty’. I am a artists, poet, writer, and journalist. I acted like one minutes before Belle – approached me! Her two attorneys are my witnesses. My attorney was not with me – in my creative undertaking! Why should she be?

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