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This is the cover on the rival book a hired ghost writer authored. I just got off the phone with Nisha Calkins-Godfrey’s mother, Marilyn. I told her I am going to seek a professional arbitrator because I still want Belle Burch to help me with my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’ because she is at the epicenter of this Labyrinth Tale. Any suggestions?

Things went south when Belle sent me her poem, and this e-mail asking me for more details about my life. I was puzzled, because I gave her the url to this blog, that are full of details. Also, at our meeting I explained how Bohemians put their tables out in the street and had dinner in defiance of the curfews occupiers put on them. Here was a perfect time to tell me SLEEPS had done the same thing in Ken Kesey Square. Because of the ten year legal battle over the legacy of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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