King of Oregon and California

The photo Alley Valkerie took from my FB was taken by my dear friend, and ex-fiancé, Virginia Hambley. We have been like a married couple for fifteen years. After we broke up, she forgot we had done so because she is head-injured due to a car accident when she was twenty. I have been her fix-it man, gardener, decorator, and cat sitter. I change the lightbulbs and the battery in the smoke-alarm. Folks in the head-injured community know me. Virginia’s family adores me. She might propose to me, again, like she did a week earlier at this restaurant. I wanted to return her proposal. I prepared a genealogy and a proclamation that was overcooked on my end, but, I knew no one had proposed to this illustrious person whose French ancestry put her in line for the throne, if the monarch is ever restored. Virginia had already forgot she proposed to me. I showed her the video evidence. We will never not love each other.

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Proposal 019

berry-d9Proposal 006

Proposal 015

Proposal 017

Proposal 020On October 1, 2013 on the day the Government of the United States ceased to exist due to the successful take-over of our Democracy by the Tea Party secessionists, I, John Presco, proposed to, Virginia Hambley de Bourmont, and she accepted.

With this proposal, I presented to my fiancé the Louisianans Territory as held by her illustrious French Ancestors.

Let it be known, that on this day, October 2, 2013, that I John Gregory Presco lay claim to the California and the Oregon Territory as it was known to my illustrious ancestors the Benton and Fremont family, who egregiously ignored the Constitution and the Economic Idealogy of Jeane-Baptise Say, who married into the de Bourmont Anjou family, who are this very day trying to restore the Monarchy of France. Good luck!

I believe the only chance the Orlean de Anjou claimants have, is to back the New Found Kingdoms in…

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